WWE house show report 5-26 Lethbridge, Alberta

By Adam Jury

Crowd was pretty hot despite the size. Results were similar but not identical to the Red Deer show:
R-truth beat Cesaro
Bray Wyatt beat Zack Ryder
Shield interfered in Kofi vs Ambrose, Team Hell No comes out for the save, Vickie makes it a six-man match. I think the Shield lost by DQ, and Daniel Bryan and Kane both chokeslammed Shield guys after the match. Then they argued about who had the better chokeslam, and hugged it out, with Kofi too. This whole thing was about a half-hour long, but good.
Kaitlyn beat Tamina
New Age Outlaws (w/ Shawn Michaels) beat Rhodes Scholars after a HBK super kick on Rhodes. Lots of comedy including Billy Gunn accidentally hip tossing both Road Dogg and Michaels, then the three of them hugging the ref.
Ryback beat Jericho in a no DQ match, then tried to put Jericho through a table and Jericho moved. Felt a little short.
Show started promptly at 5:02 and ended at 7:31.

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