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Bob Holly:    Hello?

TrueGodImmortal:    Hey, Bob.

Bob Holly:    Hey, what's going on?

TrueGodImmortal:    How's it going, man?  How's it going?  How's your day going?

Bob Holly:    Oh, it's good.  Good. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah, we got you here.  Everybody, this is "Hardcore" Bob Holly.  We got him now here on WrestlingHeels Radio.  I want to just thank you, man.  I know we've been trying to, you know, get you on here for a while now.  I'm just glad we got you on.  I know you got a lot of stuff going on.

Bob Holly:    Yeah, no problem at all, man.  And I just – I thank you guys.  I really appreciate you guys having me, you know, 'cause if it wasn't without – if it wasn't for you guys, I really – I wouldn't have a platform, you know, to get my story out there and stuff like that.  So, you know, I really do appreciate you guys having me on.  And I really do – I'm very grateful for that.  Thank you.

TrueGodImmortal:    Oh, man.  No, thank you.  And I got to give you a plug.  For the book The Hardcore Truth that's out now.  It hasn't been out very long, right?  It's been out about a like or so now?

Bob Holly:    Right.  It came out April 1st.  So it's been, yeah, a month and a couple weeks so far, you know.  And then it – actually, it releases today over in Europe. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Wow.  Okay.

Kanabrewski:    Perfect timing.

Bob Holly:    Yeah.  Yeah.  So it's been – you know, it's been pretty positive so far, you know.  Of course, you know, you got your haters out there and stuff that'll always hate.  But that – you know what?  I'm okay with that because it's just part of it, you know.

TrueGodImmortal:    Oh, definitely.

Kanabrewski:    One of the things I've been reading, I started on the book – the wife has the Kindle, so I had to steal that from her for a little bit [Laughter].  So she's not happy with me right now.  I said, well, give me a few days.  I'm trying to read it as fast as I can.  And I work, you know, fourteen hours a day at my regular job too.  But the best thing I've been reading is it's unscripted, feels unfiltered, and I love the path that it takes, taking you all the way from the beginning, bars and fighting and stuff like that.  And taking you into that path, into the WWE.  So it's been interesting to read so far.

Bob Holly:    Yeah.  Well, I – yeah, and the thing is, too, it's like, you know, I actually never thought about writing a book.  And, you know, because, you know, I'm not in WWE anymore, which, you know, I'm very happy to be happily retired 'cause I actually can [laughter], you know, be my own person.  And, you know, without being, you know, in the company that they don't have control of the book or control of anything I say.  And, you know, my book is my opinion, you know, my feelings of the way I felt things were and stuff like that.  And, you know, I just want people to understand that. 

    And I wanted people to get a chance to know me, not the character, you know, because, you know, I've been vilified over the Internet for so many years because of, you know, the character I portray on TV.  And, you know, now I wanted people to understand how I really am when I'm not, you know, wrestling. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  Yeah, definitely.  And it's funny you mention about being away from WWE because you were working with them for so long, right?  You were there.  You'd gone through, you know, like various character changes.  I remember you as like "Sparkplug" Holly. 

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    And then what was it like when you first got to the company, like when you first got there, like how – was it, I guess, like really excitement or was it kind of just like oh, let's see how it goes?  'Cause at that time you still had, you know, WCW was around and, you know, a couple of different territories.  But when you first got to the WWF, like what was it like for you then?

Bob Holly:    Oh, gosh.  It was actually intimidating.  It was exciting all at the same time.  You know, I was nervous as hell, you know, because, you know, here I am working a regular job, you know, back at home.  And then all of a sudden I'm in the locker room with all these guys that I'd been watching on TV week after week, you know.  And it was kind of surreal.  And it was like almost a pinch-me type moment, you know. 

    And, you know, when I first got there, it was like, you know, say hi to everybody, make sure you speak to everybody, of course, but I just – I found me a spot and sat down and, you know, just watched and listened and spoke when I was spoken to.  But, you know, it was just – it was almost surreal.  It was exciting, but I was very intimidated and very nervous, you know.  Rightfully so too.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  And the "Sparkplug" character, knowing what we know about you, that had to be your brainchild, right?  You know, the NASCAR thing?

Bob Holly:    Yes.  Yeah, and the thing is, too, with that, you know, it was almost – it was a silly kind of a gimmick.  And people – you know, to this day, people still make fun of it, and which that's cool because I'd make fun of it too.  But it gave me my start.  And that's what I want people to understand that laugh and joke about it, you know, and people still call me Sparky and laugh and, you know, stuff like that.  But they've got to understand if they were in my shoes, they wouldn't turn it down just to be in WWE.  'Cause I guarantee they wouldn't tell Vince, you know, whatever character they gave 'em, silly character or whatever because back then it was – everything was cartoon characters, basically.  And I guarantee to this day nobody would have ever turned them down [Laughter].  And I wasn't about to, you know.

    And I thought, you know, this is what I've been working for, you know, all my life, to get in the WWE, WWF at the time, you know.  And I darn sure wasn't gonna turn it down.  And I thought you know what?  Just take it a step at a time.  And hopefully, we can evolve to something else, in which, you know, fortunately, it did for me.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  I know there was a time like where you weren't "Sparkgplug", you know.  I think it was the – man, was it the "Midnight Express" that you were in?  Was that – if I remember?  Or was it –

Bob Holly:    Yeah. 

TrueGodImmortal:    _____.

Bob Holly:    Well, eventually, I ended up in "Midnight Express".  Eventually, it did turn into that, you know. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah, 'cause I remember like the "Sparkplug" character went on for a few years.  And then it seemed like they kinda didn't know what they wanted to do with you at the time.

Bob Holly:    Right.

TrueGodImmortal:    And it seemed like they did it a lot with a lot of the guys.  And then you became "Hardcore Holly".  Like what happened to become "Hardcore Holly"?  Was it just – was that your brainchild like "Sparkplug" or was it like Vince and the guys in the back were like – who came up with the  "Hardcore Holly" character?

Bob Holly:    Actually, it was Vince's idea.  See, I'm gonna back up a little bit here.  When the whole "Sparkplug" gimmick came along, after I had been there for about six months, between six months and a year, I actually went to Vince and asked him if we could change it.  And he did not have a problem with it at all, you know.  So he just – I just said, hey, do you think we could just drop, you know, the Thurman, and we'll, you know, take baby steps and go, you know, Bob "Sparkplug" Holly?  And so we did that.

    And then eventually, you know, they put me in with the "Midnight Express".  So then they completely dropped that whole "Sparkplug" gimmick.  And, you know, of course, I was "Bombastic" Bob.  You know, and that was another thing I wasn't too proud of, but I was still in WWE and I was still working [Laughter]. 

    Yeah.  And so I thought you know what?  Something better's gonna come along.  And then when they did the whole Brawl for All, you know, that kind of changed people's opinions quite a bit.  And so then they stopped the "Midnight Express".  And then the whole "Job Squad" thing came along.  And then I was just Bob Holly then.

    And then when they started the whole Hardcore Match, you know, and have the Hardcore Title and everything, and when I was introduced to that, that's when Vince said, we're gonna start calling Bob "Hardcore Holly".  And so that's how that how that whole hardcore thing evolved for me.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  Now, I mean, 'cause I know a lot of people, when I talk to 'em, "Hardcore Holly", it seems like it's a name that everybody identifies with when you talk about like the – especially the attitude era.  It seems like it's like a representative of the attitude era.  Like at that time, you know, you're like a veteran in the locker room and everything.  Like what was it like being a veteran during that time?  'Cause it was like a big, you know, booming time for the business, everything.  You know, I'm pretty sure bigger checks were coming in and merchandise.

Bob Holly:    Oh, yeah.  Oh, yes, they were.  Yeah.  No, that was a great time in the locker room because everybody was happy, everybody was making money.  I mean, from opening match to the main event, I mean, that was a huge deal because everybody was making tons of money.  And it didn't matter where you were on the card, you know.  If you were opening match, which I was, you know, several times, even back then, which I was perfectly happy with because I was making money, you know.  And that's the whole thing. 

    As long as you're making money, pretty much everybody's happy.  And they don't care where they are on the card.  Yeah, they want to eventually get to, you know, main event status, but, you know, everybody was content doing what they were doing because everybody was in a storyline.  You know, the locker room, it was fun to be in the locker room because everybody was joking and kidding around with each other.  And, you know, we never had any issues in the locker room with anybody.  And it was just the attitude era was just a great time, you know.  And mainly because we had competition and everybody was making money. 

    So, you know, that was – the attitude era was the best time ever to me, you know, in my opinion.  And that will never, ever – I don't think they'll ever see that again.  I really, really don't. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah, we've talked about this on the show before.  And I've said myself I don't think it's possible.  I think sometimes the stars just align perfectly.  And I think the attitude era was the – it has to be the greatest stretch in the history, especially business wise, you know, _____.

Bob Holly:    Oh, absolutely. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  It was an amazing time.  And you funny you mention that everybody was happy.  You guys had competition.  Was there ever a thought to go to WCW at the time when, you know – 'cause they were neck and neck with the WWF at that time.  Was there ever a thought to maybe, you know, try your hand in the WCW during that time?

Bob Holly:    No, no.  There really wasn't, you know.  My loyalty – you know, to me, my loyalty laid with Vince.  And, you know, I just felt committed to him because he's always been so good to me.  He really was.  And so, you know, it didn't matter.  Money to me didn't matter.  My happiness and my comfort where I am was important to me and my loyalty.  So, you know, it was never a thought to go to WCW, no matter how much money they offered me, you know.  Because like I said, you know, Vince was always good to me.  So that's why I stayed loyal to him.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  Yeah.  And I know once you got past – once the attitude era kind of slowly came to a close, you had a couple of injuries that happened.  I know – I think one came against Kurt Angle.  And then the other, I believe, was a Brock Lesner.

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    And how long were those rehab times?  I know 'cause you were out for a while.  I remember the Brock Lesner one, I think you were off over a year.

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    How was that?

Bob Holly:    I was out with Kurt – with my broken arm, I was out eight months with that.  And then with Brock, I was out thirteen months with that.  And, you know, it was just a lot of – you know, it was almost like starting over, having to work out all over, you know, to gain your, you know, size and everything back.  So that was a lot of work in itself, getting back to that, you know.  But as far as getting back in the ring, you know, it was just like riding a bicycle.

    But, you know, as far as the, you know, rehab and everything, it was not that bad, you know.  I never really had that, you know, many issues, you know, with the rehab end of it, coming back.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  And I remember when you came back with the Brock situation.  You kind of got like inserted right into the championship picture.  And I remember you guys had a match, I believe it was Royal Rumble 2004.

Bob Holly:    Yeah, that was it.

TrueGodImmortal:    Now, was there ever – because I know you came back, I think it was Survivor Series 2003.  You guys had a nice little feud going.  Was that ever talk of actually putting the title on you at that time?  'Cause I know there was some controversy about it from Brock's book, I think.  He mentioned it.  Was there ever talk of actually putting the title on you at that time?

Bob Holly:    Yeah, you know, I really don't think so.  I don't think there was, you know.  I just think the whole – the match was just a lead-up to as far as just blowing off the whole angle, you know.  But I just – I don't think that – honestly, in my opinion, that I was World Title material.  I wasn't ready for that, you know, because of where I was in the company and stuff like that.  I just don't think I was ready for that.  So I really honestly don't think there was any talk of, you know, putting the title on me, you know.  And rightly so, you know, because honestly, you know, I wasn't ready.

TrueGodImmortal:    Wow.  Wow.  And that's interesting.  Do you think there was ever a time in your career in the WWE, at that time, do you ever think you felt you were ready?  'Cause I know you started doing some – you were doing some more stuff.  I know you eventually, you know, Tag Team Title with Rhodes and things like that.  But was there ever a time in between that period after that Brock thing where you felt like you were ready ?

Bob Holly:    Yeah, I honestly don't think I ever was.  I think the time leading up to my broken arm with Kurt – because they were grooming me, you know, to work on top back then, you know.  And then I just never gained the momentum back.  And it was just a matter of where I was on the card and, you know, in the situations where they needed me to help – use me to get other guys over that they were bringing in.

    So I never, ever gained that momentum back, you know, because of the role that I was playing at the time as far as needing me to put guys over, you know.  So I just don't ever think there really was a period that I would have been ready, you know, unless they really had a good storyline for me and got good momentum behind me.  But other than that, I just, you know – I just – in my opinion, I honestly wasn't ready ever.  I don't think I ever was, you know.  And I was cool with that because, you know, there's only room at the top for so many, you know.  And I understand how everything works.  I understood how everything worked, you know.  And I was cool with that.

    You know, it would have been nice to be World Champion.  Don't get me wrong.  Because along with being World Champion, you carry the company and you make tons of money [laughter], you know.  So it would have been really nice, you know.  But it just wasn't in the cards for me.  And I was cool with that, you know. 

    So it is what it is.  And I still had a great career, you know.  I had a great run.  I made tons of money, you know.  So, you know, I have no complaints whatsoever, you know.  But it would have been nice to be World Champion.  Yes.

TrueGodImmortal:    Now, one thing I saw on Twitter, I think one of your followers had mentioned something about like the politics backstage.  And I think he said you alluded to some of that in your book.  I can't remember off the top of my head.  I think he was maybe referencing like HHH or something like that.  Like did you, yourself, actually experience any politics as far as like, you know, any – I don't want to say any issues with HHH, per se, but have you experienced any politics?  You said Vince was good with the – you know, good to you always, but have you experienced any issues of like the politics backstage, you know, throughout the career?

Bob Holly:    You know, everybody runs into politics no matter what you do.  And I was the kind of guy that I wasn't gonna get in the middle of playing political games and, you know, just sucking up to people just so I can get somewhere in the company.  I wanted to let, you know, my talent, you know, do the work for me.  I didn't want to have to do it by playing political games.  You know, I've never been like that.  Even before I got in WWE, you know, working regular jobs and stuff, you know, I just – I would work my ass off, and hopefully, that would be enough to get me where I needed to be.

    And, you know, a far as the politics, you know, I wasn't gonna become buddy-buddy with somebody and hang out with 'em just to get the upper hand, you know, to get on top or anything like that, you know.  And let me tell you something.  HHH has got the – he has probably got one of the best minds for the business [Laughter].  He really does, you know.  And I commend the man for that.  And he knows – to me, he knows what he's doing.  I mean, he's still got a lot to learn, you know, especially if he's gonna take over the company, but, you know, I wasn't gonna just try to befriend him just to, you know, get ahead, if you know what I'm saying.

    I wanted my work to speak for itself.  And, you know, that's the way I've always looked at things.  You shouldn't have to, you know, suck up to somebody just to get ahead, you know.  You know, whatever work you're in, whatever type of business you're doing, I think your talent and your hard work and dedication, you know, should say something, you know.  And that's just the way I've always looked at stuff.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  Definitely.  I 100% agree with you there.  And one thing I think – 'cause I don't know.  Do you watch any of the current WW products that they have now?  Do you watch any of it at all or catch any of it?

Bob Holly:    I honestly really don't.  I'll flip it on here and there and watch it and stuff.  And, you know, I like [laughter] – you're gonna probably laugh at me when I say this, but I actually enjoy watching Fandango.  And Dolph Ziggler –

TrueGodImmortal:    _____.

Bob Holly:    Yeah, I know [Laughter].  Funny.  I know it's funny.  You know, here I am this, you know, "Hardcore Holly", you know, and I'm enjoying Fandango.  And I really do.  The guy, to me, is so entertaining.  And I love what they're doing with him.  And I hope they keep doing that, you know, 'cause the guy is very talented.  And Dolph Ziggler, this guy, to me, has more talent that anybody in that locker room right now.  I mean, this – I can't say enough good things about how good this guy is, you know.  And another one, you know, CM Punk, you know.  And when they bring him back, I hope they treat him right because this guy, he should – honestly, he should be their number one guy.  And that's just my opinion, you know. 

    But, you know, in getting back to your question, I really don't watch much of it, you know.  But if I'm flipping through and I see Dolph on there or Punk or, you know [laughter], Fandango, I will watch what they do, you know.  But I really don't – as far as watching it, watching it, I really don't.

TrueGodImmortal:    And I don't think you'll get any disagreement from any of us on the show either with anybody you mentioned whatsoever [Laughter]. 

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    We are huge fans of pushing the right people with all the right talent, is about the best way to put it.

Bob Holly:    Yeah. 

TrueGodImmortal:    And –

Bob Holly:    And the thing is – oh, go ahead.  I'm sorry.

TrueGodImmortal:    No, I was gonna say I can't laugh at you for being a fan of Fandango 'cause we've started some of our shows with his entrance music.  So –

Bob Holly:    Oh, nice [Laughter].

TrueGodImmortal:    – we're huge fans.  I find myself humming his theme music at times too.  So I can't laugh at you at all [Laughter]. 

Bob Holly:    I love it.  That's good.  That is good stuff.  That's good stuff.  That's good.

TrueGodImmortal:    You know what it is?  I think – we were talking about this before.  And it's like a lot of us were so – like wrestling fans sometimes were so serious about, you know, guys with talent.  The sad thing, it's actually entertaining, but it's not entertaining – it's not – you know, like some of the gimmicks they've had were kind of like cringe-worthy, like, yeah, this is not working.  And that –

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    – and in this case, it's just fun.  It's fun.  You get to participate in the experience, participate in – and I think he's hilarious in everything he does.  And it actually feels good, especially in this age, to have something that's fun and entertaining, you know.  It actually works.  We have a lot of gimmicks that we don't like on the show, but I can definitely agree.  So nobody's gonna laugh at you.  We're gonna all agree "Hardcore Holly" is put over Fandango.  He puts over Fandango. 

Bob Holly:    Hey, you can tell the whole world I am a huge Fandango fan.  I really am.  I'm a huge advocate of this guy.  And I really hope they do him right.  And you said it yourself.  I mean, you couldn't have said it any better.  The fans want to interact with these guys.  And that's another reason why, I think, people are getting with Fandango because they can interact with this guy.  And that's why people buy a ticket because they want to interact with the wrestlers, you know. 

    And if you have something to where they can interact like Fandango, I think it's gonna go over well, you know.  And see, that's one thing I never had that gimmick where fans could really interact with me.  And I think that's where I missed the boat too, you know. 

    But as far as Fandango, that's why people enjoy interacting with him, you know.  But you couldn't have said it any better.  I mean, that's what they want to do.  That's why people buy a ticket.  Because they want to interact.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah. 

Kanabrewski:    And I think that's where the Indy product kind of has the advantage over the WWE right now.  You get a little bit more of that small venue fan interaction in some of these Indy shows.  And that's why these Indy shows are doing rather well in the sense of the product that they have and the interaction with the fans.  I mean, I've done some of these Indy shows and gone to these Indy shows to do reporting.  And I'm sitting as close to the ring apron as you can get to where, literally, you can put your feet on the ropes.  You're sitting that close –

Bob Holly:    Right.

Kanabrewski:    – in some of these shows.  And the interaction and just the energy difference in some of these Indy shows were huge.  And I think when this whole Fandango thing came about in Jersey after Wrestle Mania, the biggest thing was, I mean, you had a lot of European fans who love the interaction in all their sports.

Bob Holly:    Yep.

Kanabrewski:    And you had a lot of these fans who were educated fans who, literally, the whole reason why this all came about is because they were not happy with the WWE listening to a wrestling poll that they did on Twitter, of all things.

Bob Holly:    Right.

Kanabrewski:    So they ignored the fans.  So the fans were like all right, well, if you're gonna ignore us, we're gonna do something totally different for us to get your attention.  And if the WWE would listen to that again, I think you'd have a little more of a spark in the product. 

Bob Holly:    Yep.  I agree. 

Kanabrewski:    So, I mean, it'd be – the fan interaction is where they're missing the boat right now.  But I mean, they can do whatever they want as far as manipulating that.

Bob Holly:    Right.

Kanabrewski:    But the true fans –

Bob Holly:    And fans know what they want.

Kanabrewski:    Exactly.

Bob Holly:    Fans know what they want.  And that's the thing.  And you're right, they need to listen to the fans.  And sometimes I don't understand why they don't.  And that, again, you know – and I talked about this in my book.  And I think a lot of it is personal feelings towards a certain person instead of, you know, the guy's over, let's do something with him, you know, because that's what the fans want.  But yet, because somebody in the office has, you know, personal feelings against this person, they're not gonna use him properly.

    And, you know, I'm a big believer in that too, that that actually does happen, you know.  It really does.  And it's sad because, you know, you take a guy like Fandango, you can make a ton of money with this guy.  A ton of money with this guy.  But they need to listen to the fans because that's what this is for.  It's for the fans. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  And it's funny because with Fandango, I think he has a bit of an advantage over every other guy that has talent because the rumor is that he's like Vince's pet project, like the gimmick, the whole idea came from Vince.  And I would only – I can only achieve it if you got Vince on board with your character and you're over – you should be – I think you should be good to go.  So I think he –

Bob Holly:    Oh, yeah. 

TrueGodImmortal:    – ____.

Bob Holly:    No, you're right.  You're right.  If you're Vince's pet project, you pretty much – you know, you're a shoe-in there, you know.  And all you got to do is just listen to him and do what he asks of you, and you'll have it made, you know, because he'll make sure that you get over.  He will.  Just do what he says, you know.  And listen to him.  And you will get over, you know.  So yeah, if he's got Vince behind him like that, that guy's got it made.

    And another thing I love about what he does too is the way he gets in the ring.  After he makes his entrance, watch the way he gets in the ring.  He does that.  Nobody's ever done it that way.  And to me, that's different, and I like that, you know.  But yeah, you know, if he's Vince's pet project, the guy's got it made, you know.  He just has to make sure he listens to him and doesn't, you know, get the attitude well, I'm gonna do what I want to do, despite of what he says.  Because then that'll be the demise of him, you know.  Which hopefully – I think he's smart enough and he knows who to listen to.  So, you know, I wish the guy all the best.  I really do, you know.  I really do. 

TrueGodImmortal:    And it's funny, though, because I think like out of those three guys you mentioned like Ziggler, Punk, and Fandango, like where Fandango it seems like he's Vince's pet project and, you know, he's got Vince on board, I think those other two guys, it seems, at least from, you know, what we've heard, those two guys had to come up a little bit tougher than Fandango.  Like with Punk, I mean, his whole story's kind of been, you know, put out into public and how he's unhappy.  And he kind of – he's kind of – like what you're saying, like he kind of just wants to do what he wants to do.  But somehow, that still works for him.  Like he's tremendously over – because I know you guys had some interaction, I think, in like HEW, well, the WWE version of HEW. 

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    Like did you guys have any like, I guess, backstage interaction?  Did he seem like, during that time when you were there, that he might have been unhappy?  Or were you guys, you know, not that close to actually talk about stuff like that?

Bob Holly:    To me, he seemed like he was happy.  He really did.  You know, it's hard to tell, you know.  He wasn't one to complain at all.  You'd never hear him complain.  So you wouldn't know, you know, if something was wrong, you know.  I mean, I talked to him.  We talked all the time in the locker room, just, you know, talking about anything, in general.

    And one thing I will say – and I have a ton of respect for Punk.  I really do.  And he was always happy for me whenever, you know, they would start doing something for me, you know.  'Cause he always said, you know, you deserve it, and stuff like that.  And he was one of the guys who always told me, you know, he was happy for me whenever anything good would come along for me, you know.  And that meant a lot to me, you know.

    And I've always had tons of respect for him, you know.  And especially after I started working with him, you know, because here's a guy that, you know, he brings it.  He will bring it to you.  And I respect that out of him because whatever I did to him, he did back to me.  And I really enjoyed that.  That's what I like out of guys, you know, that'll bring it.  And I always enjoyed working with him.

    You know, the first time I worked with him, it was kind of – you know, we had kind of a different style, you know.  But after we started working a couple times, I really enjoyed working with the guy.  I really, really did, you know.  But he was always very kind.  Always very kind in the locker room.  And, you know, anywhere you'd go and talk to him, he was always really, really nice.

TrueGodImmortal:    Wow.  Wow.  And I think I remember seeing a couple of matches with you guys.  And one thing that actually sticks out, so your HEW run was ____ – they basically put it on there like don't try this at home things.  I think you had a match with RVD and you had like this huge gash down your back [Laughter].  I remember this because I remember seeing it, and I was like there's no way that's humanly possible.  I was like there's no way you'd get up and you'd fight again after that 'cause that was terrible when I saw it.  And you came back.

Bob Holly:    Honestly, I didn't know how bad it was.  Yeah, honestly, I didn't know how bad it was because I couldn’t see my back.  All I –

TrueGodImmortal:    Wow.

Bob Holly:    – you know, when I was on the floor, all I could see was all this blood running down my side.  And I've always had the attitude no matter what – like when I broke my arm, I kept wrestling.  And when I cracked a vertebrae in my neck, I kept wrestling.  And I've always had it in my mind that if I can walk and I'm still of sound mind, I'm gonna keep wrestling.  And that's always been my attitude, you know, no matter how bad I get hurt.  As long as I can walk, I can finish doing what I'm doing, you know.

    And to be perfectly honest, I did not have any idea how bad it was, you know, until I was in the ring and I was on all four selling for Rob, and I just happened to catch the Titantron at a close-up of my back.  And that's when I realized oh, my God, I've been cut pretty bad, you know.  But I've just always had the attitude, you know, no matter how bad I've had the crap kicked out of me or, you know, what injuries I sustain during a match, as long as I can get up and walk, I'm gonna finish the match.  And I've always been – well, I've always lived like that. 

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  Yeah.  I mean, everybody's heard, you know, "Hardcore Holly", Bob Holly, he's such a – he's a really tough guy.  And I think you proved it throughout your whole career.  Like coming back from the injuries you've come back from, I mean, in a lot of different – even outside of wrestling, some not-as-physical sports, you know, people retire from some of those injuries, you know, the neck injury and even the broken arm.  Some people, you know, they retire.

Bob Holly:    Oh, yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    So I think it's a testament to how tough you are.  And you said earlier that you're happily retired now.  I think you mentioned something about you did something with TNA.  Is that – did you do like – is it a match you were doing with them or did you just work out something with them or is that –

Bob Holly:    Yeah, I –

TrueGodImmortal:    – was that just a –

Bob Holly:    – did a match.  I want to back up real quick, and I'll get right back to your answer – your question.  But when I did that – you know, when that accident happened with me and Brock, the doctor really – he didn't want me to wrestle anymore.  And I wasn't gonna let that stop me, you know.  And once I realized that I was gonna be fine, you know, that's why I kept wrestling, you know, 'cause I love wrestling.

    And another myth too that people seemed [laughter] – you know, some people want to believe is that I sandbagged Brock on that power bomb move.  Number one, it wasn't gonna be a power bomb.  It was supposed to be where I flipped out, landed on my feet, he throws a clothesline, I duck underneath, and I dropkick him.  That was the move.  And, you know, I get some people on Twitter saying that I sandbagged Brock and I deserve what I got. 

    But the thing is these people that say that aren't too smart simply because, number one, if Brock can belly-to-belly Big Show, and Big Show is 500 pounds, and throw him half across the ring, do you really think, you know, that I could sandbag Brock?  Hell no.  There is no way in hell I could sandbag Brock [Laughter].  So I just wanted to clear that up, you know.  And, you know, me and Brock have always been friends, you know, we're cool with each other.  And so, you know, I just wanted to throw that out there.

    But as far as your question about TNA, I went down there and did – they wanted me to do a match for their "Hardcore Justice" Pay Per View.  I'm not sure when that's coming up, but I did a six-man tag with – it was me, Magnus, and James Storm against "Aces and Eights".  And I really enjoyed working for them.  I really, really did.  They were a great group of people.  It was great seeing a lot of the guys that I've worked with in the past.

    But as far as the talent, they got a bunch of good guys.  Everybody seems to be happy.  Nobody seems – you know, there was no stress whatsoever.  And, you know, everybody, you know, wasn't job scared.  And it's just – it was nice being down there in an environment like that.  I mean, it was a really good time for me.  And, you know, we're working on something for me to come back and do some more for 'em, but, you know, I really enjoyed it.

TrueGodImmortal:    Wow.  So you said you guys are working on some other stuff.  I mean, are – could that be – I want to say a full-time ____ 'cause I don't know.  Is that a possibility, maybe coming back and actually being like a reoccurring character on like TNA Impact and working some of the Pay Per View?  Is that a possibility for you in the future?

Bob Holly:    Yeah, it is.  It's possible.  I mean, I don't want to wrestle full time anymore simply because I'm enjoying doing what I'm doing now because I get up every morning, I don't know what I'm gonna do throughout the day, you know.  I just get up, and it's like – and I don't even live by a clock, you know.  Half the time I don't even know what time it is, unless, you know, of course, I have to do interviews and stuff like that.  But, you know, I 'm just enjoying living life on my terms, you know. 

    And if I do go back, if I do go do something for TNA, you know, it'll be on a part-time basis.  And, you know, so I just really don't want to wrestle full time anymore.  I really don't.  And I appreciate, you know, my fans wanting me to come back full time, I really, really do.  And I thank the fans a bunch for, you know – my Twitter followers, everybody that's been supporting me.  You know, I'm very grateful to you all, I really, really truly am.  But I just don't want to, you know, wrestle full time.  And I hope everybody understands, you know.  Because, you know, I had my day in the sun, and I really don't need to, you know – I just – you know, I don't need to wrestle full time anymore.

    And because, you know, I just enjoy, you know, getting up every day and just okay, what am I gonna do today?  You know what I'm saying?

TrueGodImmortal:    Hey, hey, I think you definitely earned that right.  I'm pretty sure all the fans _____.  I mean, you mentioned on – like you get – on Twitter, you get people who are like oh, you sandbagged Brock and you got what you – it's like those people are basically idiots.  You're gonna get that on Twitter anyway.

Bob Holly:    Oh, yeah, yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    I get that myself just on a daily basis from doing this show.  So I guess [laughter] – so I mean, you know, you're gonna get that anyway.  And I think one thing – I guess the reason why I asked you about TNA being a full-time thing is it seems like with TNA, you don't even have to work full time, but you're still seen as a full-time talent because they do maybe like two or three tapings at once.  So if you work one day out of the month, you're basically set for the, you know, entire month on TV.  And I thought that was ____.

Bob Holly:    Yeah. 

TrueGodImmortal:    And that's why I as kind of asking because, I mean, if they could keep you on the storyline, you know.  And I think it'd be interesting.  I mean, you got – you mentioned a lot of guys that you used to work with before.  I mean, obviously, there's "Bully Ray" down there and Jeff Hardy, all these different guys.  And I think, you know, with you being out of the WWE system, I think ____ TNA, everybody we've had from TNA on this show, they seem to say the same thing you're saying.  Like it's kind of, you know – everybody's happy.  It's really a chill environment, you know, backstage.  So I think all of your fans, they think TNA's the place for you 'cause I've seen – since we announced we were gonna air – you know, have you on the show, everybody's like man, ask him if he's gonna, ,you know, go to TNA.  Like man, he needs to go – he should go to TNA.  I would love to see him on TNA.

Bob Holly:    Honestly, I think I would fit in really well with TNA.  I really do.  And you know what?  It is true.  Like you said, it – you know, the shows that they do, basically, it wouldn't be full time like WWE, you know.  So, you know, that is another thought, you know, which I really haven't thought of 'cause I'm not sure of their schedule.  But, you know, that is a thought.

    But you never know.  You just never know what's gonna happen, what the future holds for me and TNA.  But I think I would fit in good.  And another thing, too, something I've always took pride in is staying in shape, even after my wrestling career.  And see, that's another thing.  I'm still in great shape.  You know, I still work out five days a week.  I still eat six times a day.  And so, you know, I'm always ready.  Just, you know, so my fans know when they see me that I'm not, you know – I don't want them to be disappointed because they're not gonna see somebody that's out of shape.  So, you know,  I've always been one of those kind of guys where – I don't want to be one of these guys where you retire and then let yourself go.  And then people see you a couple years down the road and go oh, gosh, what happened to him?  You know what I'm saying?

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.

Bob Holly:    And so I've always – plus I love working out anyways.  I love working out.  And so, you know, I'm always ready.  Just a phone call away, and I'm always ready to get back in the ring, you know.  So, you know, if the time does come and TNA wants me, I'll definitely be ready, you know.  So, you know, you never know.  You never know what the future holds.  Never say never.

TrueGodImmortal:    Now, I wanted to ask your really quick 'cause I know that WWE they do like one-off appearances for like special shows and, you know, for like the Royal Rumble.  Have they ever contacted you?  'Cause I know they had like all these milestone shows.  Have they contacted you to come back for any of those milestone shows, any Royal Rumbles, anything like that?

Bob Holly:    Yeah, yeah, they have.  And, you know, I respectfully declined 'cause I just – you know, I just don't – really have no desire to go back, you know, to WWE.  But yeah, they did contact me, and, you know, I just didn't want to go back, you know.  I was happy doing what I was doing.  And so – but, you know.  And I appreciate them calling and stuff like that.  Don't get me wrong, you know.  But I just thought, you know, I didn't want to do it.

TrueGodImmortal:    Yeah.  Now, we were talking about your love for wrestling.  I know there's something else that you just as much, if not maybe more, and that's NASCAR [Laughter].

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    And I'm –

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

TrueGodImmortal:    – ____ I'm not really well versed in the NASCAR.  I don't – I know a few drivers.  I don't know a lot.  I don't get to spend enough time to watch it.  But I guess my question would be who's your favorite driver?  Who's your favorite driver ____?

Bob Holly:    Brad Keselowski.  Well, first of all, let me tell you this.  If you talked to me and hung out with me, I guarantee you, you would know everything about racing 'cause that's – I am a racing fanatic.  I mean, I used to race, of course, and I'm still working on doing a deal where I can race, but I am everything racing.  That is my life right now, you know.  It's just racing, racing, racing.

    But Brad Keselowski is my favorite driver.  He was the champion last year.  But yeah, he is my favorite.  I like Jeff Gordon, I like him, you know.  And like last week at Talladega, of course, the underdog team, David Ragan, and which I was very happy for and I think everybody else was too.  But yeah, I am a racing freak.

Kanabrewski:    Speaking of racing, I know one of your other favorite drivers, I think you've mentioned previously in the past, was Kevin Harvick. 

Bob Holly:    Yeah, you know what?  I used to like him.  I used to like him [Laughter].

Kanabrewski:    Yeah.  Okay.

Bob Holly:    He just kind of – he's one of these kind of guys that I've started to figure out if you do something to me or, you know, he does something to another driver, the other driver does it to him, he gets pissed off, you know.  So it's like he's a huge double standard.  And, you know, I just – you know, I'm not too crazy about him anymore.  I just like guys that are standup guys, you know, that hey, you know, if I do it to you, you can do it to me.  I'm that kind of guy, you know.  And he's kind of a double standard.  And I started realizing that.  And so he's not too – one of my favorites.

Kanabrewski:    Understood.  Yeah.

Bob Holly:    I think what it is with him and I think – like Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, especially Denny Hamlin now, they're just mad because they've been in cup, in NASCAR for about, you know, between five and ten years, and they haven't won a championship yet.  And Brad Keselowski came in in his third year – actually, it was his second full-time year, I believe, and he was the NASCAR champion.  So I think, you know, Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are a little bit jealous of that, you know.  And I think that's why those guys don't like Brad so much, you know. 

Kanabrewski:    Yeah.  It was funny you mentioned Brad Keselowski.  I'm actually in Mooresville just outside of Charlotte.

Bob Holly:    Oh, nice.

Kanabrewski:    So, yeah, I mean, to give you an idea of how small of a world it is, Kevin Harvick is sponsored by Rheem the number 29 car.

Bob Holly:    Yep.

Kanabrewski:    Let's see.  Rheem's CEO is JR – I think – is it JR Jones? 

Bob Holly:    Uh-huh.

Kanabrewski:    Or excuse me.  JR Jones.  Excuse me.  JR Jones.  JR Jones, his son is Brandon Jones who's fifteen.  I don't know if you've seen anything about this kid yet.

Bob Holly:    Yep.  Yeah, he drives a late model.  Yes.

Kanabrewski:    Yeah.

Bob Holly:    I know who he is.

Kanabrewski:    Yep.

Bob Holly:    Yep.

Kanabrewski:    And guess who my neighbor is?  Brandon and JR Jones.

Bob Holly:    No way.

Kanabrewski:    Yep.

Bob Holly:    Are you serious?

Kanabrewski:    So to give you an idea just how small of a world this is, RCR –

Bob Holly:    Wow.

Kanabrewski:    – Racing gave him one of their old motors, and he dropped it in a –

Bob Holly:    Oh.

Kanabrewski:    – '67 Camaro.

Bob Holly:    Wow.  That's sweet.   I bet that's a bad-ass motor.

Kanabrewski:    Absolutely.  When he starts that thing up, it's insane.  Absolutely insane.

Bob Holly:    Wow.

Kanabrewski:    To where you're next door and just as a guy, you get the old Tim Allen, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah.  You know, start that thing up.

Bob Holly:    I'll tell you –

Kanabrewski:    My wife is like what is that noise [Laughter]? I’m like rev it up some more. 

Bob Holly:    Hey, if I'm every in Mooresville, if I ever come to North Carolina in that area, Charlotte area, Mooresville, I'm gonna have to get in touch with you because we're gonna have to hang out.  And we're gonna have to go to the races or do something, you know.

Kanabrewski:    You are more than welcome.  Any time.  Any time.

Bob Holly:    Yeah.

Kanabrewski:    And a lot of the racecar guys live either "same street" or right around the corner so from where I'm at.

Bob Holly:    Nice.

Kanabrewski:    So I'm actually in the car business as my regular job.  And WrestlingHeels kind of developed out of passion for wrestling.

Bob Holly:    Nice.

Kanabrewski:    To the point where now we're starting to get into some of the promoting stuff.  So it's gone full-fledged crazy, but it's been an interesting year for us. 

Bob Holly:    Wow.  Wow.  That's cool, man.  That is awesome.  Hey, you know what?  I've enjoyed this a lot.  And I hate to cut you guys off, but I have another interview I have to do here in about ten minutes, fifteen minutes.  And I hope you're okay with that.  You know, I don't want to upset you guys or make you mad [laughter] that I have to go.

Kanabrewski:    Oh, no.

Bob Holly:    But I –

TrueGodImmortal:    Oh, that's cool. 

Bob Holly:    Oh, okay.  Yeah, I just – you know, I'm –

Kanabrewski:    I want to bring up a couple things just before you go.  Again, the book is The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story.  You can pick it up on Amazon.  Kindle right now.  Just double checked it.  Kindle, digital version, runs anywhere from $9.95 to $14.95, depending if you're an Amazon Prime Member.  And then the paperback you can pick up for anywhere from fifteen to twenty bucks.  Absolutely – I'm in the middle of reading it.  It's an absolutely great book.  So I want to let all the Wrestlingheels out there know if you want to learn some real wrestling stuff, pick up the book.

Bob Holly:    And you can follow me @TheBobHolly.  So man, thank you so much, man.  I really appreciate it.  And like I said, I apologize for, you know, having to go or whatever, you know.  But maybe we could do this again sometime, you know, 'cause I would really like to.  But, you know, I just – and like I said, I apologize for having to run.  I really do.

Kanabrewski:    Not a problem, Bob.  We definitely appreciate your time.  We'll definitely be in touch.  I'll be in touch with you about the NASCAR stuff.  And if you're interested –

Bob Holly:    Yes, please do.

Kanabrewski:    – in doing any promotions or wrestling stuff up here in North Carolina, feel like coming out sometime, we'll work on that too.

Bob Holly:    Yep.  You got my number.  You're welcome to call me any time.  Please.  You know, feel free to.

Kanabrewski:    Got it.  Appreciate it, Bob.  Thank you again.

Bob Holly:    Okay.  Yep.  Thank you guys so much. 

TrueGodImmortal:    All right, man, have a good one.

Bob Holly:    Okay.  Bye.  All right.  You too.  Bye. 

Kanabrewski:    And again, that was Bob Holly. 

TrueGodImmortal:    "Hardcore" Bob Holly.  That is – he's a great guy, man.  He's definitely a great guy.  So much like knowledge of the business.  And he's got a great mind, man.  He's got a great mind.  Let's hope that TNA is smart.  You know, they're smart, they offered this man a deal, you know, some type of deal, man, to get him back on TV 'cause they could use him.  TNA could definitely use him right now.  He can work with, you know, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, a lot of guys, man.  And even _____.  He seems definitely a valuable asset to any company.  And I was totally lost on this NASCAR thing [laughter] 'cause I know nothing.  ____.

Kanabrewski:    It's funny because I went to a charity benefit not too long ago here in North Carolina, and all the race – to give you an idea TrueGodImmortal, all the racecar teams, either they're out of here, Kannapolis, right around the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  We're right off of a major interstate.  So I mean, they can hit all – I mean, the trucks leave – I mean, I saw the – what was it, the Geico truck earlier today while I'm having coffee.  So I mean, it's crazy just seeing these trucks and everything running by all the time.  So let's do this.  Let's go ahead, we're gonna take a brief commercial break, and we'll continue with the rest of the show after it.

 [End of Audio]

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