Smackdown spoilers from Edmonton

For tomorrow night's Main Event show:

Sheamus b Wade Barrett with the Brogue kick in a long match.  Yes, for the second week in a row, they changed the main event on this show after advertising it.

Barrett did a promo saying how he could beat up any weak Canadian in the arena.  Normally that would lead to a Canadian running him off, but Lance Storm did not come out.  Instead, the not-so Canadian Miz came out.  Barrett went for a belt shot, Miz ducked and laid him out with the Skull Crushing finale.  Miz then covered Barrett and counted his own three count.

Antonio Cesaro b Justin Gabriel

Brodus Clay & Sweet T & R-Truth b Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal


Kane b Seth Rollins with a choke slam

Roman Reigns b Daniel Bryan via DQ.  Kane interfered and punched Reigns.  Bryan was mad at Kane for costing him the match and they argued. 

Damien Sandow did an interview.  He said that Edmonton was the place that gave away Wayne Gretzky for nothing.  Sheamus came out.  They went back and forth until Sheamus laid him out with a Brogue kick.

Ryback b Kofi Kingston in a quick squash.  Ryback put Kingston through three different tables and Kingston went out on a stretcher.

Big E Langston b Alberto Del Rio to tie their best of 99 series at 2-2.  Langston won when A.J.'s attempt to help him didn't backfire.

Curtis Axel b Sin Cara with the fisherman suplex

Chris Jericho b Cody Rhodes with the Walls of Jericho.  Good match.

Randy Orton b Dean Ambrose via DQ.  Very good match.  Roman Reigna and Seth Rollins interfered.  Daniel Bryan & Kane made the save.

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