Kurt Angle talks his future in TNA, WWE and more

By Alfonso Castillo

The full story is at: http://www.newsday.com/sports/pro-wrestling/kurt-angle-wants-to-save-olympic-wrestling-and-be-a-main-event-pro-wrestler-again-1.5356701

Here are some highlights:

On the reason behind his reduced role in TNA over the last year:

"Last year when I tried to make the Olympics, they had to write me off . . . They thought that if I made the team it would be another six to eight months . . . So every time I showed up, it was, 'Oh my God. He's here. What do we do with him?'"

On wanting to return to the main event picture:

"This is a nice little break, but I'm getting ready to step and get back in the front seat . . . By no means am I ready to retire. I'm doing this to help the company. But pretty soon, I'll be back in the main event mix."

On part-timers like Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker and Triple-H opening the door to a possible return to WWE:

"Since these guys wrestle part-time, obviously it's appealing. But that's what I do in Impact Wrestling now . . . My loyalty is with Impact Wrestling right now. I can't think about it yet until my contract is up. But is there a possibility [that I'll return to WWE]? You can't throw anything off the table."

On dealing with the stigma against pro wrestling by amateur wrestlers:

"It took me a few years to explain to my colleagues and my mentors and the people that I looked up to and I wrestled that I'm not in wrestling anymore. I'm in sports entertainment . . . 'Pro' wrestling doesn't mean that we're saying we're a step up above amateur wrestling, because there's nothing above Olympic wrestling."

On his early struggles to transition from amateur wrestling to pro wrestling:

"It's hard to turn off your instincts . . . It took a long time to let somebody throw me off my feet. I would stop them. And then I realized, 'No. You have to go with it.' "

Angle also talks about other differences between amateur and pro wrestling, his advice for collegiate wrestlers looking to get into MMA, the myths of weight-cutting, and how to improve Olympic wrestling.


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