Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report featuring the return of Roddy Piper

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 5/25/13
More Northwest news and results:
-Show opens with the return of ROWDY RODDY PIPER after a several week absence. Piper actually plugs a HOUSE SHOW! June 14th at 212 Sports in Clackamas. He calls it the first sanctioned Portland Wrestling Uncut house show, so I'm not sure what all the other events were. I guess this is the first official one since it's the first one they are actually going to acknowledge on T.V. There will be a battle royal on the show where the winner gets a PNW title shot any time they want, presumably like money in the bank. There will also be a Piper's Pit.
-Joe V interviews SCOTTY  MAC and RAVENOUS RANDY MYERS. Joe V announces they are no longer replacement wrestlers because they have signed official PWU CONTRACTS! I have no doubt they will quickly become one of the best acts on the show. Colt Toombs and Pat Large interrupt. Everyone cuts promos on each other, they brawl, and we have an impromptu match.
-Joe V & Bubba Blanchard on PBP
-Match #1
Colt Toombs & Pat Large defeated Ravenous Randy Myers & Scotty Mac when Toombs pinned Myers by reversing a bodyslam into a roll-up
Toombs is still incredibly green but he's very athletic, so I think he could be pretty good once he gets some experience. It's a shame he only works on the PWU shows, because there are a ton of indies in the Northwest he could be working on to gain experience, rather than only wrestling a few matches a month.
-Joe V interviewed Eric Right. He introduces his new personal trainer, a lady named Valentine. She's not Chyna or anything, but she's got guns.
-Match #2 - June 14th Battle Royal Qualifier
Eric Right defeated Demarcus James with a roll-up and handful of tights after James missed a fist drop off the top rope
-Joe V interviewed THE REPLACEMENT WRESTLERS. Jonas Albert Robinson complains about only the contracted wrestlers being on the June 14th show. He challenges anyone in the locker room to face them so they can win a match and earn a contract. Mike Santiago comes out and says he will face one of the replacement wrestlers tonight. Jorel Nelson steps up and we have a match.
-Match #3 - June 14th Battle Royal Qualifier
Mike Santiago defeated Jorel Nelson with the Lethal Weapon aka the Roaring Elbow
-The Grappler and Exile cut a promo for the June 14th show. Exile wants to face Ugly alone tonight and tells Grappler not to get involved. Grappler says he's carried Exile far enough, so he agrees to let him go it alone.
-Joe V interviewed PNW champ Big Ugly. He's pissed off about the scabs beating up Joe V a few weeks ago. He says he will beat them up next time he sees them. Man, if he had only come out a segment earlier.
-Match #4 - PNW Heavyweight Championship
Exile defeated Big Ugly (c) to win the title with a splash off the top rope
Prior to the finish, the Grappler kicked Ugly in the head with his LOADED BOOT. Exile didn't see it, and splashed Ugly for the win.
There will be no new episode next week due to Rose Festival coverage. The show returns June 8th.
With the replacement wrestler storyline pretty much over, and the added direction of building to the house show, this show was a huge improvement over the last couple months. Good stuff.
John Baumer

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