WWE Vintage Collection TV report w/ Freebids, Evolution and Lance Storm

'WWE Vintage Collection’ TV Report #260 – May 26th, 2013

Shown on Sky Sports in the U.K.

By Stephen Lyon.

This week's theme: Factions. Today's main event was Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair & Randy Orton) vs The Dudleys Boys & Spike Dudley in an Elimination Match, from WWE Raw, July 2003. Other matches on today's show were: The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy & Jimmy Garvin) vs Steve Williams & Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner (NWA Power Hour, July 1989); The Machines & Captain Lou Albano vs King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan (WWF Big Event,  August 1986); and Lance Storm vs Mike Awesome (WCW Monday Nitro, August 2000).

The Show:

Show was hosted by Gene Okerlund and Renee Young.

1) King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan defeated Big & Super Machines & Captain Lou Albano (w/Giant Manchine in his corner). This match took place at the 'WWF Big Event', held at the CNE Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in front of over 60,000 fans on August 28th, 1986. Announcers for this match were Gorilla Monsoon & Johnny V & Ernie Ladd. The story behind this match was that Andre the Giant had been suspended, and had returned under a mask as the 'Giant Machine'. The other masked Machines were 'Big Machine' played by Blackjack Mulligan, and 'Super Machine' played by Bill 'Demolition Ax' Eadie. Bobby Heenan was convinced that Giant Machine was the suspended Andre, but had been unable to unmask him thus far. This match was just a brawl, building to a spot where Albano squared off with Heenan, whipping Heenan into the corner so that he landed upside down. Heenan & Bundy regained some momentum, doubling teaming the Machines in ther corner, leading to Giant Machine interfering and clearing the ring for the D.Q.   


2) WCW U.S. Champion, Lance Storm defeated Mike Awesome. This match aired on the August 14th, 2000 live edition of 'WCW Monday Nitro' in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Announcers for this match were Tony Schiavone & Mark Madden & Scott Hudson. The Canadian were heavily supportive of Storm, despite him being a heel, due to his pro-Canadian gimmick. Loud 'U.S. Sucks' chants at the start of this match. Ernest Miller was guest referee for this match. Storm scored several nearfalls, including one after a Northern Lights suplex. Awesome replied with a great release German suplex of his own. Awesome gave Storm a running powerbomb, but before he could try for the pin, Jacques Rougeau showed up dressed as a referee (to a big crowd pop) and decked Miller, taking his place as ref. Awesome attacked Jacques and attempted to powerbomb him, only for Carl Oulette (Jacques former Quebecer tag team partner) to make the save. Rougeau & Oulette combined to give Awesome their famous cannonball splash off the ropes. Storm then had Awesome in a single leg Boston crab. Miller revived and decked Rougeau & Oulette, only for Elix Skipper to run in and align himself with the Canadians, laying out Miller. Rougeau then declared that Storm had won the match. This match had way too many run-ins for the finish. The Team Canada faction all posed together in the ring.

3) The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy & Jimmy Garvin) went to a double D.Q. with Steve Williams & Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner. This match aired on the June 30th, 1989 edition of 'NWA Power Hour', taped in Salisbury, Maryland on June 29th, 1989. Sole announcer for this match was Jim Ross. Rick Steiner was fired up at the start of this match, cleaning house on all the heels. Ross mentioned Steiner's new love interest, Robin Green. Steiner was going nuts, bringing a steel chair into the ring and trying to pin it. The heels eventually gained control and beat up Steiner for lengthy period. Gordy in particular gave Steiner a lengthy standing suplex for a nearfall. Gilbert tagged in and looked really good, backdropping Gordy, then placing Garvin in a headlock whilst headscissoring Hayes. After a commercial break, The heels worked over Gilbert's right leg, with Gordy applying a single leg. They built to a hot tag, where Williams tagged in and squared off with future tag team partner Gordy, which was great to see. The pair engaged in a stiff looking brawl. Finish of the match saw all six men brawling on the outside, which led to a double disqualification. Gilbert chased the heels to the back whilst wielding a chair.    

4) Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair & Randy Orton) defeated The Dudley Boys & Spike Dudley in an Elimination Match. This match aired on the July 14th, 2003 live edition of 'WWE Raw', taped in Indianapolis, Indiana. Announcers for this match were Jonathan Coachman & Jerry Lawler. First fall of the match saw Spike attempt the Dudley Dog on Orton, only Randy to catch him with the RKO, for the first pinfall elimination. Bubba & D-Von attacked Orton, giving him their version of the Doomsday Device. Bubba also splashed both Triple H & Flair in the corner at the same time. Bubba used Dusty Rhodes bionic elbows on Flair, then combined with D-Von to give Triple H the Wattsup diving headbutt splash. Dudleys combined to then give Orton a 3D, only for Flair to pull the referee out of the ring before he could count. With the ref distracted by Flair, Triple H nailed D-Von with a flag pole (left behind by La Resistance earlier in the show) and Orton pinned D-Von to eilminate him. After a commercial break, it was Bubba vs Evolution, 1 on 3. Bubba reversed a Flair figure four attempt, and exchanged chops and punches with the Nature Boy. After a brief foray outside the ring, the finish saw Flair knock Bubba off the top turnbuckles, and Triple H pedigreed Bubba, allowing Orton to score the winning pinfall. Orton was busted open in the mouth during all of this. 

Closing thoughts: Interesting show. Thought the Freebirds vs Williams & Gilbert & Steiner was the best match, although Evolution vs The Dudleys & Spike was good too.

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Match Results:


1) King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan defeated Giant & Big & Super Machines (w/Captain Lou Albano in his corner) ('WWF Big Event' - CNE Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 28/08/86).


2) WCW U.S. Champion, Lance Storm defeated Mike Awesome ('WCW Monday Nitro' - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: 14/08/00).


3) The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy & Jimmy Garvin) went to a double D.Q. with Steve Williams & Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner ('NWA Power Hour' - Salisbury, Maryland: taped on 29/06/89, aired on 30/06/89).

4) Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair & Randy Orton) defeated The Dudley Boys & Spike Dudley ('WWE Raw' live - Indianapolis, Indiana: 14/07/03).


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Stephen Lyon,
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