WWE Superstars TV report

WWE Superstars TV Report - May 30th 2013

By James Cox


A show that had Cesaro job to R-Truth; a show with some decent wrestling; and a show that was better for being recorded in front of a Canadian audience.


R-Truth comes out, the serial Superstars performer, and gleans some early cheers from this Calgary crowd. We cut to Striker and Dawson and I have to note here that Striker is wearing a horrendous tie. Unbelievably, Antonio Cesaro is out next. Wow, that’ll teach you to have a 4 star match on Main Event. If you get over in this company when they don’t have plans for you, it would seem that you get punished.


Match 1 – R-Truth v Antonio Cesaro


R-Truth pinned Antonio Cesaro in 5:17. Cesaro stormed to the ring, looking as annoyed as you’d think he would be after this treatment. He’s lost the thigh wraps and doesn’t hang around selling his gimmick. Just to add insult to injury, a ‘little Jimmy’ chant breaks out.


Weirdly, there was no hard cam for this match. Either it wasn’t ready yet or they didn’t want to show the arena as being as half full as it sounded at this point. The match starts with Cesaro toppling Truth with a double leg take-down and landing stiff punches. He garrottes Truth with the top rope and then suplexes him in the middle of the ring – he’s such a great technician; little things like this really highlight it.  


Striker and Dawson are really at new levels of talking utter rubbish during this match. Striker reliably informs us that Cesaro never eats dessert. They discuss their favourite music while Dawson rarely calls moves. Meanwhile, in the ring, Cesaro and Truth trade blows until Cesaro pings Truth into the ropes and hits him with a knee lift and a gut-wrench suplex for a 2 count. Truth seems to Hulk up at this point but Cesaro stops him with a modified rear chin lock. Truth works his way out lands a single leg running drop kick but Cesaro rolls him up for 2. Out of nowhere, Truth hits the Lie Detector for the pin. Unbelievable. I can’t believe that Cesaro is losing on this show to R-Truth now.


The Raw Rebound recaps Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel with Heyman to set up Punk’s return at Payback and then Team Hell No and The Shield’s match from Raw which was fantastic.


The Prime Time Players come out next. I don’t know what happened to Darren Young’s surgery plans; he was due to have a lengthy lay-off after WrestleMania but here he is still. Justin Gabriel comes out next to a decent pop followed by Sin Cara minus the mood lighting, thankfully.


Match 2 – Prime Time Players v Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara


Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara pinned Prime Time Players in 7:40. The hard cam is now in use and so this now feels more like a glossy, family Superstars WWE match than some shaky indie taping. The match starts with Young and Sin Cara in the ring, with Young slapping him to get some heat. Sin Cara returns with kicks and an impressive-looking hurricanrana forcing Young and Titus to take a timeout.


Outside the ring, the Prime Time Players regroup but Young is hit by a baseball slide by Sin Cara. Sin Cara tags in Gabriel and neither announcer mentions the ridiculous ‘darewolf’ moniker that they gave him a few weeks ago, so I think we can assume its dead. Gabriel works over Young in the corner, hits a drop kick just as a ‘we want Titus’ chant starts up. Funnily enough, this chant coincides with their decision to go for a break!


After the commercials, Young is now in control and Titus tags in but to no heat. He should have got a hot tag here but it wasn’t built properly. Titus hits stiff European uppercuts on Sin Cara who goes for a cross body, is caught and hit with several backbreakers by O’Neill who tosses him aside like a rag. This then becomes quite a pedestrian match until the finish.


Sin Cara hits an enziguri so that he can tag in Gabriel who runs wild; he plants Young with a spinning headlock, Sin Cara hits another cross body on Titus from the top turn buckle outside the ring so that, inside, Gabriel can hit the 450 splash on Young. He slightly overshot it but the finish was still the best original content on Superstars this week.


Another fairly nothing show this week. I’m still in shock that Cesaro was a) on the show at all and b) lost to R-Truth. The Raw Rebound ended the show; Cena and Curtis Axel’s segment from Monday night.


James Cox



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