Evolve results 6-1 Jacksonville

The feed was so bad that we couldn't actually review it due to the frame rate. Gabe openly stated it was going to be bad and that it would be up on VOD ASAP. 

EVOLVE Wrestling presents
EVOLVE 21: USA vs. The World
June 1, 2013
Jacksonville , FL

USA vs. Europe

Caleb Konley def Tommy Taylor via roll up

Lince Dorado def Johnny Vandal via Shooting Star Press

Bravados def Andrew Everett & Derek Ryze via assisted rolling cutter on Ryze

No DQ Match
Jon Davis def Chuck Taylor after a 3 Seconds Around The World onto chairs in a WILD match

USA vs. Mexico
Samuray Del Sol def Shane Strickland via Rising Sun

Anthony Nese & Brian Cage def The Young Bucks when Nese pins Nick following a 450 Splash

EVOLVE Title match
AR Fox def EITA to retain via Lo Mein Pain
- Fox challenges Eita to add a King of Chop stipulation. If Eita wins, the EVOLVE title will be put on the line.
- Eita wins the chop contest and the match is now for the EVOLVE title

Tomahawk T.T. def Johnny Gargano via the Night Ride

Gargano says it can’t end 2-2 for the USA vs the world. Fox enters the ring & we have a tag team match against Tomahawk & Eita

Jon Davis is now out and being held back. Bucks show up and super kick Eita and Tomahawk.

Johnny Gargano & AR Fox def Tomahawk TT and Eita 

Pics and more details at http://goo.gl/vXJ1L
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