TNA Slammiversary live coverage and results from Boston

TNA Slammiversary

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Slammiversary from the Agannis Arena in Boston.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sabin won the title.  He and Kenny King were climbing upside down on the cable.  Sabin managed to knock King off the cable and was hanging upside down.  He was able to grab the belt to win.  Sabin bled hardway near the finish.  There was a spot where Suicide was on the cable and dropped down when King went after the mask with the idea that Suicide dropped down to save his identity.  Good opener, crowd was hot for it toward the finish. 

Hulk Hogan came out to endorse Sabin.  

Hogan cut a promo saying how Boston loves champions like Sabin.  Hogan told the crowd to scream as loud every time they see Sabin as when he wrestled Andre the Giant in Boston.  Crowd was hot for Hogan.  He said Sabin was the future of the business.  He said the X Division champion will have a shot at the world title this summer at Destination X.

Ken Anderson, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco came out to confront Hogan.  Where did Sabin go?  Anderson said Aces and 8s were going to steal the show.  Hogan said nobody in Boston is afraid of ghosts or terrorists, or three pussies wearing leather.  Yes, that was the wording he used.  He said Joseph Park was going to start by winning the TV title.  He told Bischoff he was going to bitch slap him, saying he's a bitch and his old man's a bitch as well.  He said Sting was going to punk out Bully Ray and bring the power back to TNA.  Said the six-man would take place right now.


Good match.  Crowd was hot when Joe was putting the boots on Anderson.  Finish saw Magnus use an elbow off the ropes on Bischoff.  Joe was choking out Anderson on the ramp.  Brisco used a low blow on Magnus and went for the pin but Hardy came off the top rope with a swanton on Brisco for the pin.

Joseph Park interview.  Said this was his one year anniversary of coming in and this was his first chance to capture gold.  He talked about going to Fenway Park today.  Said he learned today that the Boston crab is a wrestling move.  Knox and Devon jumped Park and started pounding on him and threw him into a wall.  They continued beating him down.  


Not much of a match.  Shaw looked green.  The match was kept short and Bradley won with a lariat.

Austin Aries & Bobby Roode interview.  They said they'd win because they were the only team where both had been world champion.  Roode also said he was the most dominant and longest lasting champion in history.  Aries said he was the one who beat him for the title.  Roode said to Storm that Gunner is no Bobby Roode.


Park never came out when his music played.  Devon ordered ref Brian Stiffler to ring the bell and count to ten and award him the match if Park didn't come out.  He said he'd beat up Stiffler and if the bell didn't ring TNA could do nothing about it.  It didn't make sense but it was the best they could do.  They counted to ten and awarded the match to Devon.

Devon then did a promo saying he'd beat up Park or Abyss if Abyss was here.

So Abyss came out and they had a short match with Abyss winning with the black hole slam.  They announced it as a title change.  Match wasn't good even in short form.  Abyss has slowed down a lot in the last year.  You don't notice it because with the Joseph Park gimmick he's being slow and kind of awkward was part of the act.

Dixie Carter out.  She gave a pep talk and told everyone to come on stage. All of the wrestlers on the show, the agents, the referee, Jeremy Borash, and Hulk Hogan were out.  Then, she announced Kurt Angle as entering their Hall of Fame. He seemed really happy about that one.  They did a video of Angle, who was almost in tears when they showed the video.  Actually, he wound up in tears.  This piece was really well done.  Loud "Thank You Angle" chant.  Carter said that you gave up the ability to know we were going to make it if Kurt Angle would join us and be our leader.  Loud "USA" chant. 

He said he's had some awesome moments in Boston but this topped them all.  Thanked his wife and his four kids.  Thanked Dixie Carter, Serg and Mr. and Mrs. Carter for bringing me here.  Said there are a lot of guys who are deserving, A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, James Storm, this is the best roster in the world and they make me look good.  I'm in the Hall of Fame because of them.  Thanked Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett. "This company changed my life," he said, thanking everyone for being TNA fans.      

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian interview.  Said the belts meant nothing two years ago, that second stringers were fighting over them, they weren't even defended at Bound for Glory until two handsome guys got together and made them mean something.  Now they're valuable enough two world champions to come together and for Chavo to come in and team with the strongest Mexican and for the Cowboys and Vikings to come together.


Good match, not off the charts but solid work and an attempt to make Gunenr into a star and protect Daniels & Kazarian.  A lot of good stuff early with the first fall ending when Daniels & Kazarian were disqualified when Daniels was caught hitting Chavo with a belt shot after Chavo frog splashed onto Kazarian.  Aries then immediately cradled Guerrero.  This left Gunner & Storm vs. Aries & Roode.  Storm did more than I would have expected here.  Daniels nailed his knee with a belt shot and he was selling the leg.  But for the finish Storm superkicked Aries and then Gunner got a submission with the torture rack.  They really tired to put Gunner over strong, even kicking out of Aries' 450 splash.

Jeremy Borash asked Brooke Hogan if she still loved Bully and she said she had to end the interview.


This was probably the best match so far on the show.  Both women took some great bumps late in the match after trading figure fours around the post.  Kim missed a tackle and flew into a chair set up in the turnbuckles.  Terrell dove through the ropes like a tope and crashed on the ramp.  She also took another bump on the ramp when Kim swept Terrell's leg and she landed on her back.  They teased Terrell not being able to get up, getting up at nine.  Terrell got up and did a desperation Ace crusher off the ramp to the floor.  The crowd went nuts for the move with "This is awesome" chants.  Terrell got up at nine and Kim couldn't get up at ten so Terrell won.


Great match.  Lots of working on Angle's taped up left knee.  Styles used the calf slicer (real name of the move) and Angle would use the ankle lock back and forth.  All kinds of highlight moves back and forth including a ten second spot that was incredible where Angle went for a German superplex, Styles landed on his feet but Angle gave him a belly-to-belly into the turnbuckle.  The finish saw a missed 450 by Styles, a series of reversals and Angle double legged him for the pin.  It will be interesting to see where they go with Styles because even though this match was great, crowd doesn't react much to Styles as this character has flattened him instead of elevated him.


Bully Ray did an interview saying there's an unwritten rule in wrestling that people stay away from one move because of the consequences.  He said he was beating Sting with the piledriver and told Sting he's calling his finish.

This was a smoke and mirrors match with Ray retaining the title so Sting can never challenge for the title again. Sting kicked out of a piledriver and a power bomb through a table.  Ray used a knife to slice up part of the ring, undoing the canvas and the padding. He then piledrove Sting on the boards, but he kicked out of that as well. Sting used the scorpion death drop on the boards but Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff, Doc and Knox ran in to break up the pin. They were beating down Sting, who came back with low blows on everyone.  Devon threw in a chain but Sting got it and hit Ray.

Devon then pulled Earl Hebner out of the ring so he couldn't count to three.  Anderson threw in a hammer.  Sting came off the top rope but Ray hit him with the hammer and got the pin. Not what you would call good wrestling but it wasn't going to be.  It was all about the twists and turns.  Given the story they needed to tell, it was good, but it's not like you'd want something like this on a regular basis.

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