ROH TV report

6/1/2013 ROH TV Report.

RD Evans and QT Marshall come to the ring followed the teams of Tadarius Thomas and ACH as well as Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in a three-way match for a tag team title shot at Best In The World. Three men were in the ring at a time in this match (one from each team). Marshall punches Coleman to start and is then double-teamed by Alexander and Thomas. Alexander then gives Thomas a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a dropkick and tags in Coleman. Alexander gives Coleman a suplex and Coleman hits him with a senton. Marshall breaks them up and then takes kicks and strikes from Thomas. ACH tags in and squares off with Marshall until Evans tags in briefly. Marshall comes back in and gives ACH an inverted powerslam. Coleman starts punching Marshall but gets backdropped onto the floor where Evans holds him for an attempted dive by Marshall. ACH cuts off Marshall with a kick to the face and then Alexander hits a tope con giro on Evans. Thomas hits Marshall with capoeira kicks on the inside and ACH comes off the ropes with an ace crusher. Thomas then does a space flying tiger drop onto Evans on the floor as the show goes to commercials. After the break ACH gives Alexander a hurracanrana and then hits him with his sliding clotheslines in the corner. ACH then jumps off the top rope over a charging Alexander but gets dropkicked by Evans who then takes a flying kick from Alexander. Thomas enters the ring and hits Alexander with a capoeira kick but Coleman drives Thomas’ face into the mat. Marshall snaps Coleman’s arm but then gets kicked by ACH who also unloads with kicks on Evans and drives him into the mat for a pin attempt. Thomas and Alexander square off and ACH holds Alexander in the corner for a kick from Thomas. Coleman breaks up a pin attempt and Thomas gives him a spin0kick. Thomas unloads with kicks on Marshall and Evans and ACH gives Evans a flying headscissors to send him to the floor. ACH does his tope con giro in which he jumps off the second rope and lands on Evans and Marshall on the floor. Thomas works over Alexander but gets driven into the corner but Coleman. Alexander hits Thomas with a leg lariat. Coleman hits Thomas with his no-hands top rope hurracanrana and Alexander hits his frog splash to pin Thomas and win the match and the title shot.

After a commercial break Mark Briscoe cuts a promo in which he talks about Best In The World 2013 and says he will become ROH World Champion when he defeats his big brother and becomes champion. Jay Briscoe approaches him as he is saying this and Mark says that firstly, next week on ROH television the Briscoes will face the American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Jay tells Richards and Edwards that last week it broke down and next week they will whoop their asses. Jay says this isn’t their first rodeo and Richards and Edwards might be one hell of a tag team and one of the best tag teams in the world but they ain’t “Dem Boys”.

Kevin Kelly says on commentary that Paul London was originally scheduled to face Michael Elgin tonight but he suffered an injury against Davey Richards at Border Wars. Footage is shown from the London vs Richards match from Border Wars with London taking a tombstone piledriver on the floor, London taking a double stomp from the top rope and London attempting a shooting star press but getting hit by Richards’ knees.

On “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kevin Kelly previews Best In The World including the Briscoe vs Briscoe match. Mark is interviewed and says that he has been getting picked on by his older brother for 28 years now. Mark says that one time they picked up everybody for basketball practice and Jay was sitting in the front seat and Mark was sitting behind him and Jay turned around and hit him right in the nose for no good reason. Mark says that Jay broke his nose in front of his friends. Mark says that one time they were outside playing and Jay disappeared and then popped out the back door with a pellet gun and shot him for no good reason in front of all his friends. Mark says they’re family and nobody fights like family. Mark says that at their graduation party Jay though he would embarrass Mark in front of all the girls but by this point in time little brother had grown up enough that he slammed his ass and if he tells anything different he is lying. Mark says nothing has changed since then and at Best In The World he is going to take that title. Jay is interviewed and says he is proud of Mark. He is proud of the man he has become, he is a father, a husband and one hell of a pro wrestler. Jay says that fans watching might not realize that the reason he is the man he’s become today is because he has had older brother looking after his simple ass for 28 years. Jay says that looking after Mark is not a simple job and that he is a simple boy. Jay says that as far back as he can remember he had to whoop his ass, not to be mean but to keep him straight as the boy has no sense. Jay says that his Mom used to yell at him, his Dad used to whoop his ass and their little sister used to run around the house screaming because they thought he was being mean to Mark but he was just trying to keep him in line. Jay says that Mark walks around smiling with no teeth but who do you think knocked out those teeth and who do you think broke his nose. Jay says it’s a hard job keeping Mark straight and now in Baltimore he is going to have to knock some sense into him and keep him straight. Jay says they will have the whole family in there and Nigel McGuinness has made the match and the time has come again for him to whip Mark’s ass.

Michael Elgin followed by his scheduled opponent Paul London. Nigel says that London’s match with Richards was great and that London had a spot in ROH for life after he left in 2003. Nigel says that everyone gets older and has to step away but he watched the match and it is not time for Paul to step away. The fans chant “You still got it” and Nigel says that London needs to take care of his head and that everyone knows how great Elgin vs London will be and he will make the match. Nigel gives the microphone to London but RD Evans and QT Marshall interrupt. Evans says he appreciates this love affair but says it’s time to send the kids to the back and let the parents take care of business. Evans says there is an injustice with the tag team title scene as Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly were not at Border Wars. Evans says that if they can’t show up Nigel should crown new champions and that he and Marshall are on an unprecedented winning streak. The fans chant “You just lost” and Evans says that they were not pinned and did not submit. Evans tells London not to look to Nigel for advice not to step away and says that it is time for London to stop. Elgin hits Evans with a spinning backfist and Marshall slides out of the ring. Tomasso Ciampa’s music hits and he comes out and throws Marshall into the ring barrier several times and gives him a death valley driver on the floor. Ciampa slides into the ring and Elgin throws Evans to him allowing Ciampa to give Evans his finisher, a powerbomb dropping down into double knees. Elgin and Ciampa then face off but are stopped by referees.

BJ Whitmer comes to the ring followed by Mike Bennett with Maria Kannellis and then Jay Lethal in a three-way match for a title shot at the ROH TV Title at Best In The World. Lethal’s leg was taped for this match. Whitmer holds the ropes open for Maria but is jumped by Bennett. Maria joins the commentary table as Whitmer and Lethal double-team Bennett. Lethal gives Bennett a dropkick and then gets headlocked by Whitmer. They criss-cross until Lethal hits an armdrag followed by a seated dropkick. Lethal gives Whitmer a DDT while giving Bennett a flatliner. Lethal gives Bennett a leg lariat and Truth Martini is shown watching from the entrance. Lethal jumps off the ropes into a press on Bennett who counters with a spinebuster. Bennett then slams Whitmer onto Lethal. Bennett starts throwing punches at Whitmer and then starts hitting him with elbows in the corner. Bennett charges Whitmer in the corner but takes a boot to the face and then a clothesline. Whitmer starts chopping Bennett in the corner and then irish whips him to the opposite corner. Lethal charges Bennett and gets kicked in the face. Whitmer hits both of them with a knee and then gives Lethal an exploder suplex. Whitmer gives Bennett and knee to the face in the corner and then throws Lethal on top of Bennett with an exploder suplex. Whitmer backdrops Lethal onto the apron where Bennett dropkicks his knee out from under him. Whitmer gives Bennett a powerslam in the ring.Whitmer starts arguing with Corino at ringside and gets superkicked by Bennett who attempts a pin. Bennett slams Whitmer as the show goes to commercials. After the break Bennett is elbowing Whitmer in the corner and then he whips him to the opposite corner and gives him a clothesline. Bennett charges Whitmer in the corner but Whitmer moves and Bennett lands on the ropes. Lethal gives him an enzuiguri and then springboards into a dropkick on Whitmer. Lethal gives Bennett a flying forearm followed by clotheslines and a handspring elbow. Lethal gives Bennett the lethal combination and a pin attempt is broken up by Whitmer. Lethal attempts a Lethal Injection on Whitmer but Whitmer cuts him off with a knee and then hits him with a pair of fisherman busters. Bennett hits a Box Office Smash. Lethal hits an Ace Crusher and goes to the top rope but is stopped by Whitmer who then gives Bennett an exploder suplex. Lethal breaks up the pin attempt with a top rope elbow onto both men. Lethal jumps to the second rope and dropkicks Bennett off of the ring apron. Lethal goes for a dive but is stopped by Whitmer. They go back and forth but Lethal hits the Lethal Injection to pin Whitmer and win the match. Lethal gets the title shot at Matt Taven at Best In The World. Bennett and Whitmer then brawl after the match and Maria says on commentary that it is about time she got respect around here, that everyone just thinks that she is the perfect girl but she has a lot more to offer than that. Kelly previews that next week will have Jay and Mark Briscoe against Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

The fans really enjoyed the opener and ACH was the star of the match. The main event was fun and they continued to build the Best In The World ippv. This was not a blow-away show but it was fun and worth watching for the opener.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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