WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

June 3, 2013
Hartford, CT

Robert McCarron

McMahon Family in 2013
The first Raw of June 2013 opened with the announcement that Triple H would return tonight. Not just return, but WRESTLE, too! Curtis Axel vs Triple H is tonight's main event.

Stephanie McMahon then came out to totally cancel what I just wrote. She said that even though Triple H was cleared to compete, she was canceling the match. She said that Curtis Axel is beneath Triple H. LOL. The crowd booed her canceling Triple H's match, and Steph said the decision is not about the fans. It's about her husband's well being. She then asked the crowd to not be so selfish.

That line brought out Steph's father, Vince McMahon. Vince begged for reaction, and got one. He played the babyface at first to Steph's heel. But, then, he heeled on them. He asked the crowd not to boo Steph, and said she was right for canceling HHH's match. He also said that Curt Axel was beneath Triple H. Then... THE SHIELD.

The biggest babyfaces in WWE, Rollins & Reigns & Ambrose, made their way to the ring while Vince and Stephanie were still in... as we go to commercial. WHAT!

Back from break, the McMahons were able to "leave the ring without incident." If you had the WWE App, you would have seen it live for yourself!

Orton & Kane & Bryan vs The Shield
The Shield wins another 6-Man Tag when Dean Ambrose pinned Daniel Bryan with his Headlock DDT. Everytime Bryan is in, he is super intense and the crowd feeds off of it. There was a simple, yet tremendous, spot during this match when Bryan gave a Frankensteiner to Rollins who in turn landed on Dean Ambrose on the mat in a senton. Bryan brings the intensity and quickness that his character in this position needs, and he's playing the role better than anyone else in the company would, I'm sure. The ending of this match continued a stretch of excellent and fast paced finishes in Shield matches. Just a fantastic twenty minutes of TV here. Now off to the Heat game...


WWE Contract Signing: CM Punk & Chris Jericho set to sign for their Payback match later. I don't expect Punk to actually appear, though. We'll see.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was yelling at Randy Orton, but Orton wanted Bryan to drop it and calm down. Bryan said that Orton thinks Bryan is the weak link, too. Orton denied it. Bryan said he'd have another match tonight, and beat the respect into somebody.

Backstage, Triple H arrived to the building and was looking for Vince. He found him, and Steph, and asked what was going on. Vince did an about face and said that Curtis Axel was good, and Triple H should think more clearly about wrestling. Triple H said he's wrestling, and asked who would stop him. Vince left telling HHH not to do something that he'll regret.

Here's Where People Change The Channel
Usos beat Prime Time Players when one of the Usos pinned Darren Young with a top rope splash. Jimmy & Jey Uso now have face paint. Maybe they have for a while, but nothing else except Raw matters. Anyway, WWE is pushing the wrong team here and this segment will bomb in the ratings. Whatever.

Backstage, Big E's pecs and AJ's abs were walking to the ring, while on split screen, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo were making their way to the ring, as well. No Dolph in sight.

Big E Langston vs Alberto Del Rio Again
Del Rio pinned Big E while applying the Cross Armbreaker. Big E was trying to roll through to get out of the submission when his legs were caught while in a pinned position. The match was fine, nothing special. AJ was upset at Big E again for losing.

Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes
Sheamus won via Brogue Kick. Sandow on commentary did his best to keep interest in this match alive, but otherwise it was average. Sheamus then walked up to Sheamus at the commentary table. Sandow was trying to avoid a fight, and declined Sheamus' hand shake but then the red headed bully punched Sandow out.

Backstage, Triple H and Steph were arguing backstage. Triple H left the building, but told Steph that next week he was going to wrestle Curtis Axel.

They re-aired video of The Ryback destroying Kofi Kingston on Smackdown, putting him through tables multiple times.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was pacing backstage and ran into The Ryback. The Ryback called him the weak link, and those two will wrestle tonight.

Again, backstage Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel met with Vince McMahon. Vince said Axel has a tremendous future. Vince said Curtis won't wrestle Triple H next week, either. He made John Cena vs Curtis Axel for tonight, with the match being held under No Disqualification rules.

Miz TV w/ Team Hell No & Randy Orton was announced for Smackdown

Great Khali won via count out when FANDANGO bailed on the match with the giant. As FANDANGO was leaving, Miz came out on the stage to stop him. Unfortunately for Miz, Wade Barrett came up behind him and nailed him with the bullhammer elbow, allowing FANDANGO to leave safely.

After a commercial break...

The Miz vs Wade Barrett
Miz and Wade wrestled around for a bit until FANDANGO made another appearance, dancing on the stage with Summer Rae while the match was still going on. Wade was distracted by the dancing, and then turned around to an awaiting Miz who then locked him in the Figure 4 for the win.

WWE Contract Signing: Punk was in the graphic for this at the start of the show, but wasn't in this one. So, it appears he may indeed not be showing up.

The Contract Signing
No Punk. Heyman was out for Punk, while Jericho came out representing himself. Heyman signed the contract first, pretty quickly. He then asked Jericho if he was sure he wanted to face CM Punk... in Chicago. He asked Jericho if he was prepared to wrestle in front of a pro-Punk crowd. Jericho then mockingly asked Heyman if they could have the match in various other locations, including Hartford, which got a major reaction. Heyman declined. Jericho said Punk will get treated like a jackass for acting like a jackass. Y2J proceeded to stuff the contract down Heyman's pants. Yep.

AJ & Bella Twins vs Kaitlyn & Funkadactyls
In this match, Michael Cole confirmed that AJ will challenge for the WWE Diva's Championship... down the road. The match itself lasted more than 30 seconds, which is to say it went too long. AJ Lee was a loner here, laughing at the Bellas during the match and refusing to tag in. Kaitlyn speared the smaller breasted Bella for the win.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was preparing for his match with The Ryback. Kane came in to talk him out of wrestling again. He said Bryan has nothing to prove, but Bryan shook his head and said that he does have something to prove and he'll do it without Kane. So Kane left the building.

Vignette #2 for the Wyatt Family aired. Monsters are real! The crowd applauded the vignette. They did. I swear.

The Daniel Bryan vs The Ryback
Daniel Bryan beat The Ryback via DQ in what has been Ryback's best Raw match in memory. Ryback lost when he powerbombed Daniel Bryan through a table. Bryan had control for much of the match, but unfortunately not in the end. You could say that Bryan carried Ryback, and you'd probably be right, but The Ryback did everything he was supposed to do and did it well. This was the best 10:30pm match I can recall, and better than many non-Shield matches all year on Raw.

After the match, The Ryback looked to be doing to Bryan what he did to Kofi on Smackdown, but John Cena ran down to make the save. Ryback was about to enter the ring and face off with Cena when Curtis Axel's music hit. Axel made his way down to the ring for the main event.

John Cena vs Curtis Axel
Curtis Axel's weak winning streak continues. Fine TV match, nothing to it until the end. As the two were brawling outside the ring late, the Ryback came running in and attacked Cena from behind. Ryback threw John into a table propped up on the dasher boards, allowing Curt to win via count out. The show quickly went off the air with The Ryback standing over the prone Cena while yelling "Ryback Rules!"
The HuLu Plus version of this show will be great. Unfortunately, we all just had to watch the 3 hour version.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


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