Rampage Jackson press conference notes with Dixie Carter, Bjorn Rebney and more

Rampage Jackson Conference Call - June 5, 2013
Steve Juon, reporting for the Wrestling Observer

On June 3rd a joint press release from Spike TV, Bellator MMA and Impact Wrestling announced that Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson was signed to both Bellator & Impact to be the newest cross-promotional star for both companies. Jackson was on the line for today's conference call along with Spike TV President Kevin Kay, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney and Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter. Here are a few selected remarks from the over one hour long call:

Rampage's opening remarks on the deal: "I'm very excited to be a part of this family. You have no idea. This is something I've been dreaming about for years. I've put a lot of work in, in MMA, y'knahmsayin I've been fighting for like 12 years. Finally we have a promoter who gets it. He's like one of us. A lot of people don't understand that fighters - we are the ones who put our lives on the line (..) to entertain the fans. In the past relationships I had with promoters and stuff, sometimes I felt like I wasn't appreciated."

"They settin' it up so I can do pro wrestling, I always wanted to be a pro wrestler, that's why I got started in this that's why I started wrestling in high school cause I wanted to be a pro wrestler. That's why I fought the way I used to fight when I was younger. I used to slam people and do power bombs and stuff like that. And now my dream's come true - I get to go to TNA, and do some pro wrestling and, and just like that little reality show back in the day I can get in front of cameras and not be shy with you guys."

"They settin' me up to do a reality show and movies (..) I want to be like an action guy and do action movies and - I think that's cool. I'm a big kid! I like to do all that stuff, and you guys are making my dreams come true."

Has Bjorn Rebney signed any other Wolfslair fighters besides Rampage? "Part of the magic of this relationship is I got to spend literally months working with the team at Wolfslair. They've got a terrific stable of talent. You're going to see some announcements coming out in the not too distant future, literally within the next couple of weeks, more Wolfslair talent will be coming into Bellator. Kevin and I have some big things happening in the UK, some huge things happening in the UK that we're really excited about."

Does Dixie Carter think Rampage's role will be to fight Aces & 8's in Impact Wrestling? "I wouldn't mind if he came in and took them out, but you'll have to stay tuned and find out. He's going to be coming in on Thursday (but) he has a lot of training to do. He's got a huge commitment that he's made, to me and this sport to take it seriously, but I know when he does come in it will be in a big way."

Is Rampage worried about training for wrestling and MMA at the same time? "I'ma do both. Like a lot of fans don't understand this but um, like sometimes you have a training camp, when I'm in training camp I set aside like 2 months to train for a fight, so there's 12 months in a year, and the other time I can be going and training for pro wrestling on my down time and that's actually good for me because sometimes that's my life y'knahmsayin? I can go and just be a regular human being. I forget I'm even an athlete - I can eat whatever I want, do whatever and at least me staying in training it's good for me hopefully I'll look sexy year round and get more ladies!"

Full audio available at http://youtu.be/hbMoySrBlAA or on iTunes (kw: angrymarks).

Steve Juon (@angrymarks)
Reporting for WrestlingObserver.com

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