WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Airdate: June 5, 2013
WWE Main Event from Long Island featured one the best workers in WWE against one of the top pushed wrestlers in the company. For the second straight week, the announce team was Josh Matthews, Ricardo Rodriquez and The Miz. Unlike the last few weeks, the advertised match did take place. All the matches on the show had clean finishes.
Sheamus beat Antonio Cesaro. The two locked up and grappled in the opening moments. Sheamus rolled out of a headlock and got a headlock takeover of his own that Cesaro reversed with a head scissors. Miz tried to call the sequence of moves but stumbled over his words and Ricardo made the save on commentary. Sheamus reversed a hammerlock with a drop toe hold and transitioned into a headlock before getting whipped into the ropes and hitting a shoulder block. Cesaro regrouped and took down Sheamus after getting a waistlock. He used the gut wrench suplex and Sheamus rolled out to the apron. Sheamus dove back in the ring over the ropes with a flying shoulder block. They traded blows until Cesaro ran into a slam and bailed out of the ring. Sheamus followed him out, blocked a kick and shoved Cesaro into the barricade. With Cesaro back in the ring and Sheamus on the apron, Cesaro rammed Sheamus into the ringpost and he stayed draped in the corner for Cesaro to deliver a kick that bounced Sheamus off the ringpost before a commercial break.
After the break, Cesaro used a powerslam and a replay aired of Cesaro using a double foot stomp off the ring apron to the floor during the commerical. Cesaro got heat on Sheamus and the announcers put over Cesaro and his "physical style". Sheamus began a comeback after hitting a backbreaker. With Cesaro on the apron and draped over the ropes, Sheamus pounded him in the chest several times doing his usual spot then he rammed Cesaro into the ringpost as a receipt for the spot before the commercial. Sheamus dove off the apron to the floor with a shoulder block as a receipt for the double foot stomp earlier. Back in the ring, Cesaro applied the crossface chicken wing but Sheamus reversed it and used a rolling fireman's carry slam. Sheamus went to the top rope and dove off but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut. Cesaro went to the top and hit a flying knee drop then again applied the chicken wing submission moments later. Sheamus got a rope break and reversed the Gotch piledriver before hitting the Brogue kick for the pin.
Following the match, a commerical hyped CM Punk's return in a match at Payback against Chris Jericho. In addition, the "Raw Rebound" featured the McMahon family drama from Raw and the announcers plugged Triple H vs. Curtis Axel for next Monday. For Smackdown on Friday (that was taped after this show on Tuesday), they plugged MizTV with Team Hell No and Randy Orton as guests on the segment.
Jimmy & Jey Uso beat Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow. The push of the Usos continued as the match highlighted them as a team more so than the Rhodes Scholars. Early on, the Usos took control and used double team moves before Rhodes Scholars took over for a moment. The Usos made a blind tag and used a double team hot shot on Rhodes. Sandow hit one of the Usos with a cheap shot from behind and the Rhodes Scholars took control briefly again but the Usos made a quick comeback. One of the Usos hit a splash off the top rop to the floor on to the Rhodes Scholars before a commerical break. After the break, the announcers rambled as the Usos dominated the match. Eventually, the Rhodes Scholars got heat on Jey then Jimmy made the hot tag and ran wild. Rhodes hit a disaster kick but the Usos got a tag and hit a splash off the top rope for the pin.
Afterwards, a video package aired building up Ryback and his title shot against John Cena. Then, the announcers hyped the "Three Stages of Hell" at Payback.
Justin Gabriel beat Curt Hawkins. The match was short but solid and Hawkins showed a lot of fire. Still, Gabriel got the pin after the 450 splash.

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