WWE Smackdown TV report - Orton & Bryan vs. Reigns & Rollins

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The opening package focused on Bryan's freak out, which lead to MizTV with Team Hell No and Randy Orton. Before Miz could finish his first question, Bryan cut him off. That got a “Daniel Bryan” chant. He said he'd had a lot of time to think since Monday. He knows Orton didn't mean to hit him, and Kane was the best partner he could hope for. Kane asked if it meant Bryan was letting go of the weak link garbage. Miz stirred the pot and said it obviously meant something to Bryan since he single handedly took out the Shield last week, but does he feel he gets the respect he deserves? Bryan said sometimes. Orton then antagonised Bryan while Kane tried to keep the peace. Orton again poked Bryan who then blamed Orton for getting in his way.

Bryan and Kane ended up frustrated with each other. Kane walked away when Bryan said that without having been forced to team together, Kane would have been out of here long ago. Miz asked if we just saw the break up of Team Hell No. Teddy Long came out to give Bryan a chance to prove himself in a match with Reigns and Rollins. He said since Kane wanted nothing to do with Bryan, he had no choice but to pair him with Orton. If they are going to keep Bryan face, this opening script was pretty bad. You could tell the story that others are the ones pushing him to his outbursts and that he's somewhat justified. Instead they had him come closer to a male AJ.

Match Number One: Chris Jericho Vs. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman.

Heyman touted Axel's first three weeks. Axel said another former world champion would learn what it means to be perfect tonight. Heyman then joined the commentary team.

Jericho is always fun in his bombastic babyface role. The focus during the match was on whether Punk actually wanted to come back to face Jericho. In the ring they had a fun opening TV match, and Jericho would be a fun program for Axel. Curtis hit the McGillicutter for a nearfall. Jericho avoided the Perfect Plex and got the Walls locked on. Heyman was awesome ringside as Axel looked like he wouldn't move from the middle of the ring, but he did manage to get to the ropes.

Jericho then hit his springboard dropkick to send Axel off the apron to the outside. Jericho didn't go out after him. When Axel was regaining himself Heyman got on the announcers' table, tapped his wrist like Punk and yelled “It's clobbering time!” Punk's theme then played as Heyman pointed to the ramp. Axel snuck in and rolled up Jericho for the pinfall.

Winner: Curtis Axel, Pinfall.

Jericho couldn't believe he'd fallen for it in the ring as Axel celebrated with Heyman like he'd wiped the floor with Jericho. Jericho gave Axel a death stare then returned to the ring when Axel was carrying on in the ring. Jericho double legged Curtis, rained down some punches then gave him a Codebreaker. He locked eyes for a very long time with Heyman who was outside. Jericho did not finish bombastically, but he was still fantastic.

Kane was walking the halls and found RyBack. RyBack smiled at him and said he bets Kane wishes he could put Bryan through a table too. Kane said Bryan was his partner. He said RyBack put Kofi and Bryan through tables, but let's see if he could do it to him.

They then recapped the Wyatt video from Raw, then the Stephanie/Hunter/Vince interactions.

Match Number Two: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Vs. Heath Slater w/ Drew & Jinder.

The bell didn't ring as Jinder and Drew immediately attacked Del Rio while Slater held Ricardo in the corner. Del Rio dodged a kick from Drew which hit Mahal, then sent Drew from the ring. He saved Ricardo and put Slater in the armbreaker. He let go when Slater tapped, but Drew and Jinder came back and cornered Del Rio. Alberto blocked a punch from Jinder and dealt with him as Ricardo jumped on Drew's back. Del Rio dumped Drew to the outside and set for a tope onto both. Instead Ricardo climbed the top rope and dove onto Drew and Jinder in a great spot.

With 3MB gone, slow clapping came from the tron. It was Dolph Ziggler watching via satellite. Dolph said he'd just been informed he was cleared to compete and he was ready to show off this Monday on Raw. Dolph had a bit of anger in him and despite some wordy dialogue, he came off well.

Match Number Two: Kane Vs. RyBack.

RyBack's entrance again included the ambulance driving to the stage. RyBack won the test of strength and outmuscled Kane. After some back and forth action they went outside. RyBack slid a table into the ring which was fine with the ref, he just kept counting and let it lay there. Kane fought back before it could be set up and hit a chokeslam in the ring as RyBack ran for the meathook. Kane then noticed the table and set it up. He threatened to chokeslam RyBack through it but RyBack fought out and powerbombed Kane through it. It wasn't the smoothest of powerbombs, but it could have been worse.

Winner: Kane, DQ.

It was time for Sandow's chess game. It wasn't with Sheamus, but Deep Blue, a famous IBM computer. Deep Blue was involved in a famous human-computer series, in the same way IBM's Watson appeared on Jeopardy recently. Sheamus came out after the first move and bet he could beat the computer in one move. After some back and forth and head scratching from Sheamus, he made his move with a Brogue Kick. Sandow lost control of himself, tackled Sheamus and punched him. He then threw Sheamus repeatedly into the table and left him laying. It was shocking to see Sheamus end a segment without laughing and good to see some fire from Sandow.

Orton walked in on Bryan as he prepared for their match. He asked if Bryan knew Kane was in the trainer's room after being put through a table. Bryan said he didn't ask Kane to defend him. Orton told Bryan to put his problems aside so they could beat the Shield. Bryan told Orton to stay out of his way as he was ending the Shield tonight. Orton said he wasn't Kane, didn't like partners and didn't like Bryan. He then just walked out.

Another Wyatt video played.

Match Number Three: Fandango w/ Summer Rae Vs. Zack Ryder.

This was in Ryder's hometown. Miz was on commentary and they announced the IC title three way at PayBack.

Fandango would pose in Miz's direction after his offence, but did once too often and Ryder got a comeback. The crowd were into the hometown boy but when he tried for the Rough Ryder, Fandango turned it into a powerbomb. He followed it with the top rope legdrop for the pinfall.

Winner: Fandango, Pinfall.

They showed a video of RyBack's recent use of tables.

Natalya found Kaitlyn in the back and found out that Kaitlyn was meeting her admirer live on Raw. Natalya was a little hesitant about the idea of her doing it live, with all that pressure. Kaitlyn was sad she wasn't excited for her so Natalya said she was, but rationally explained why she thought it wasn't a good idea to do it live, like what if he was a creep? Kaitlyn said if he was a creep he would have been texting Natalya. That was bitchy.

Match Number Four: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (C) Vs. Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton, Non-Title Match.

The Shield again all entered together, and again the non-wrestling member then headed back the way they came.

Bryan's arm was taped up. He told Orton that he'd start and worked with Rollins. As usual, Bryan and Rollins worked well together. Bryan denied a tag to Orton then teased the Mexican surfboard spot he used to do, but instead he hooked Rollins' nose after locking the legs. He then stomped the back of the knees like he used to before working a great series while keep a hammerlock on Rollins.

The Shield took over on Bryan and after a short time Bryan made the hot tag to Orton. Orton made his usual comeback and hit the draping DDT on Rollins. Reigns pulled Rollins from the ring before Orton could hit the RKO though. Then after an adbreak The Shield were getting the heat on Orton.

Orton got the hot tag to Bryan and he entered the ring by missile dropkicking both Rollins and Reigns. Both members of the Shield were on their knees facing each other, so Bryan would kick one with his left leg, then the other right his right. He then got both in the head for a nearfall. He hit the release German on Rollins to send him out of the ring where Reigns held him up. Bryan then hit a suicide dive on both. Bryan sent Rollins inside and hit the flying headbutt for two, which would have been three if Reigns didn't break it up. The crowd were completely into Bryan again, and when he paused on the top rope they were loving it.

Orton slid in and gave Reigns an RKO. Rollins then pushed Orton into the corner and dodged a running dropkick from Bryan so that it hit Orton. Rollins tried to roll Byran up as he stood stunned at hitting Orton, but ended in the No Lock. Ambrose then slid in from nowhere for another Shield DQ.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton, DQ.

The DQ finishes for Shield matches have become a trend and they need to stop them before they're a trope.

Bryan fought out of Ambrose's grip and backdropped Rollins over the top rope onto Reigns and Ambrose outside. Bryan was about to celebrate when Orton turned him around and gave him an RKO. They had Orton look mean for a few seconds to end the show. The timing of the RKO had Orton come off looking like the arse, which was pretty well done given that Bryan started the show as a jerk.

The show wasn't nearly as good as last week's show was, but still better than what SmackDown's average usually is.

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