TNA Impact spoilers for next Thursday's show

The show was taped out of order, but this is how it was taped

Joseph Park b Crimson in a Bound for Glory qualifier

Chris Sabin b Robbie E clean to keep the X title.  Since the X title is supposed to only be defended in three-ways, I wonder what that means. The match appeared to be for Xplosion.

Magnus won a four-way over Matt Morgan, Kenny King and Rob Terry in a BFG qualifier.  Magnus was the most popular of the four and pinned King.

Velvet Sky called out Mickie James.  Sky had a letter from her doctor clearing her for a title match and wanted it tonight.  James said that the letter could be from one of those doctors on the Internet.  Sky showed her the letter, said itwas legit.  James looked at it and asked why was it dated yesterday when you're still hurt tonight, as James kicked her in the knee and then put her in a knee submission move.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian b James Storm & Gunner in a non-title match.  This qualified Daniels & Kazarian for the BFG series.  Daniels hit Storm with a belt shot and Kazarian pinned him.

Hulk Hogan came out for what appeared to be the show open.  He talked about how three men were in the BFG series (since Magnus, Park, Daniels & Kazarian were not mentioned this had to be the open), calling it was Jay Bradley, Samoa Joe and Hernandez talking about how Joe & Hernandez qualified last week).  He also announced that Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode were in because they were previous winners and don't have to qualify.  He said by the end of the show, all 12 participants would be known.

Roode and Hardy were out and arguing with each other.  Hogan then announced that next week's show is Open Fight Night and Hardy and Roode can settle things then.  Roode said he would call out Hardy next week.  Then Bully Ray, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff came out.  Hogan said all members of Aces and 8s would be in a Battle Royal for a spot in the BFG series.  Bully told Brisco and Bischoff to take out Hardy and Roode right now.  That didn't work at all.  After Roode & Hardy cleaned house, Roode jumped Hardy from behind.

Austin Aries b Eric Young in a BFG qualifier. 

Sting did an interview and was mad that nobody has his back at Slammiversary and they all let him get beat down and that's fine.  He said that Aces and 8s are a family and he needs a family too.  He said he was going to create a new Main Event Mafia who would have his back and take out Aces and 8s.

Ken Anderson won the Aces and 8s Battle Royal.  It was a total comedy match.  Anderson pointed his finger like a gun and said "bang" and Brisco acted like he was clobbered  and flew over the top rope.  Basically everyone took a dive here.  He told Devon to get the tables and Devon climbed over the top rope to "accidentally" eliminate himself.  The last two were Anderson and Doc and then Doc refused to take a dive and attacked Anderson.  But Anderson came back and threw him out and yelled at Doc after.

A.J. Styles b Kurt Angle in a BFG qualifier.  All of Aces and 8s interfered.  They were beating down Styles when Angle went to help Styles.  But Styles then cradled Angle from behind.  Aces and 8s beat down Angle after the match while Styles walked away without helping angle.  Rampage Jackson made the save with his chain and the show ended with Jackson and Angle together.  That makes total sense given the most talked about thing coming out of last week's show was the potential of Angle vs. Jackson.

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