John LaRocca looks at Mark Starr

Sad to hear the passing of Mark Starr.  Many people will remember Mark Starr in WCW as a top enhancement talent in the 90's.  Starr was very underrated and a solid worker in the ring.  His lack of charisma held him back, but he thrived in tag team wrestling.

I remember a very green Mark Starr showing up in Memphis in 1987 with Steve Keirn.  These two never won the AWA Southern Tag Tea Titles, but he would with them with Billy Travis. It was a short title run like all Memphis titles, but Starr and Travis had some real chemistry.  Even though he was green, you could see potential in Starr.

My favorite memory of Mark Starr was when he teamed with his brother Chris Champion in Memphis in 1989.  The brothers where known as Wildside.  They came out to the Motley Crue's song "Wildside" and they wore leather pants.  Wildside kicked butt for weeks on Memphis TV.   Jerry Jarrett produced a killer music video of Wildside at the time to that famous Motley Crue song.

 As a Motley Crue fan, this was huge for me as a 12 year old kid growing up.  They quickly won the now CWA tag belts and had a fun feud with The Rock n Roll Express. The feud was really good.  Like all things in Memphis not Jerry Lawler or Bill Dundee, they only lasted for about for a few months.

The Wildside tag team made such a lasting impression on me that I always thought they could have been successful in WCW.  Funny, just a few months ago my friend Jeff Gagliardo and I had one of our e-mail exchanges about wrestling when we grew up.   I was telling him all about Wildside from Memphis and how they could have done well in WCW in 1989 or 1990.
Starr went on to work in WCW.  He was never pushed and the highest he ever got on a card was being a tag team partner of Chris Kanyon in the team known as Men At Work.  WCW did nothing with them.  Good team, wrong gimmick.   But, Starr was always a good hand and you could tell that by having a contract with WCW.   I believe his only PPV appearance of being one of the 60 wrestlers in those horrible three ring battle royal at World War 3.

As a fan of Mark Starr, I always looked forward to his matches on TV.  I always knew it would be a solid match.

RIP Mark Star
John LaRocca

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