WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken
Airdate: June 12, 2013
WWE Main Event from Greensboro was part of the go-home shows leading to Payback. The episode was one of the weaker shows compared to previous weeks. Since Miz was in the featured match, Wade Barrett filled in on commentary and joined Josh Matthews. No Ricardo this week on commentary either.
The Miz beat Cody Rhodes via submission. The match was decent enough but felt like filler. Actually, the whole show felt like filler. The action early on was back-and-forth but Miz got the advantage on many of the exchanges. Matthews and Barrett bickered on commentary in the beginning but they eventually settled in to calling the action. Rhodes escaped an attempt of the figure four leglock and got sent through the ropes to the outside. Miz used a flying ax handle off the apron to the floor. Miz broke the fourth wall in some spots and played to crowd more so than in most WWE matches. Rhodes whipped Miz's arm into the ring post and began to get heat on Miz by working over the arm. Eventually, Miz backdropped Rhodes over the ropes to the floor and Miz began a comeback that included an ax handle off the top rope. Rhodes blocked the skull crushing finale and rammed Miz shoulder first into the ring post. Rhodes blocked the figure four again but Miz was able to apply it moments later for the submission victory.
Following the match, a video package aired that hyped the return of CM Punk at Payback.
Damien Sandow beat Sin Cara via pinfall. Before the match, Sandow cut a promo and vowed to beat Sheamus in their match during the pre-show at Payback. Barrett called the yellow and blue lighting for the Sin Cara match "ridiculous". He may have a point but it is a pretty cool effect for a guy that usually loses. Sandow grounded Sin Cara at the outset until a comeback that included several high flying lucha libre moves. However, Sandow bailed out the ring before a commercial. After the break, Sandow was in control on offense and remained in control for most of the match. Sin Cara made a comeback that included a handspring back elbow and a springboard cross body. Sin Cara missed a senton bomb off the top rope and Sandow used a uranage (Rock bottom) for the pin.
Afterwards, the "Raw Rebound" highlighted the feud between John Cena and Ryback leading to the "three stages of hell" series at Payback.
The Usos beat Tons of Funk via pinfall. Neither team played heel but Tons of Funk no-sold much of the Usos' offense early on. When Tensei tagged in he dominated until an Uso got the advantage with a headlock. Yes, a simple headlock was all it took. Jey played cat-and-mouse with Tensei and danced. That may be gimmick infringement. The Usos kept getting cut off with power moves. Brodus Clay missed a splash in the corner and the Usos used a double superkick then one Uso hit a splash off the top rope for the pin. The Usos danced as the show went off the air. Okay, that is indeed gimmick infringement. 

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