Review of Dragon Gate PPV which started airing today on new Dragon Gate Ustream channel

By Dusten Davis

Match of the Night: BxB Hulk, Uhaa Nation vs Shingo Takagi, YAMATO 
Worst match of the night: K-ness, Kotoka vs Jimmy Kagetora, Tanizaki Toyonaka

I've got to say this Dragon Gate iPPV was easily one the bestg shows of the past decade. Definitely the best wrestling show I have seen since ROH Death Before Dishonor VIII and Glory By Honor V night 2 before that. Absolutely incredible show.
The six man opener was a fun match. The next match was above average but nothing too special. Ricochet vs Jimmy Susumu was a really good match. Probably about *** 3/4.  Good chemistry and pacing from these two.  Some really cool spots aswell. The ending really hurt the match for me though. Could have easily been **** stars with a good clean finish. But it was reasonable for storyline reasons.

The Open the Triangle Gate title match was great. Naruko Doi, Rich Swann, Shachihoko Boy vs Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fuji, HUB were the wrestlers. Awesome stuff here. Swann was on fire. So was Shostakovitch really good stuff from them. Doi and Mocizuki were awesome always. Just an overall great match would say around ****.

 Then we had Dragon Kid vs Masato Yoshino which was freaking incredible. Really awesome consistent fast stuff here. Awesome finish. These guys had the crowd in the palm of there hands. Loved this match. Would say it edges out the KENTA vs Suiguria match for my top 10 list. **** 1/2

. Then we had the Tag Match. Twin gate titles on the line between Shingo and Yamato vs BxB Hulk and Uhaa nation. GREAT match. Probably the best match of the night this was also **** 1/2. Great stuff. Stiff match with some awesome kicks from Hulk. Shingo had some great technical stuff here. Sick clotheslines as well. Yamato was great as always. Uhaa was very impressive. Always fun to see a big guy to do some standing moonsaults and shooting star presses. Great stuff here.

. Then we had the main  Akira Tozawa vs CIMA. This really had that main event feel. It was for the Dream Gate Title. And I got to say this was some awesome stuff. I went with **** 1/4 for this. The limb work was spot on here. Tozawa sold his knee very well the entire match. CIMA did a great job of continuing to work on it. It took them a while to get the crowd in to Tozawa but in the end they definitely got there.

Overall AMAZING Show. Id say it tops any show from this year including WrestleKingdom VII must see for all.

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