World Series of Fighting TV report - Fitch vs. Burkman

Because the boxing ended early, they are going to the MMA show 25 minutes early.  What are the odds I'm turning on NBC Sports that early when boxing is on?   


First round: Gaethje has a lot of supporters. Gaethje with low kicks. . He missed a high kick and Cobb took him down. Gaethje reversed into side control. Gaethje with hammer punches. Cobb up. Geathje missed a kick but landed some punches. Low kick by Gaethje. Cobb got a takedown. Cobb got his back. Cobb pounding on him and Gaethje is in trouble. Cobb going for choke. Gaethje got up and tried to flip him off but Cobb stayed with back postion. Cobb continues to pound on him from back position. Cobb sitting oh his back pounding the body and side of the head. Cobb continuing to work for a choke. Now he’s using elbows and more punches. 10-9 Cobb

Second round: Cobb with two lefts. Good right by Gaethje. Cobb with an uppercut. Good right by Gaethje. Crowd heavily into Gaethje. Gaethje landed a right. Cobb with uppercuts. Gaethje with a left and right but missed an uppercut. Now low kicks by Gatheje. Cobb tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Gaethje landed some rights. Hard right elbow by Gaethje. Uppercut by Geathje. Big right by Gaethje. Uppercut and right by Cobb. Gaethje landed a big right. Gaethje landed a knee at the end of the round. Gaethje’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Gaethje kicked him right in the groin and Cobb got a time out. Gaethe with two rights and an elbow. Cobb took him down but Gaethje got up right away. Low kick by Gaethje. Gaethje landed kicks. Cobb landed a lot of punches. Gaethje with low kicks. Big uppercut and low kick by Gaethje. More low kicks by Gaethje. Cobb tapped from leg damage as he was taking too many low kicks and his leg was done.


First round: Volkmann tied him up and threw knees. Beerbohm trying to shoot. Beerbohm trying to shoot for a takedown while Volkmann sprawling well. Volkmann moved to get back position . Beerbohm back trying to shoot. Volkmann moved to get his back again. Volkmann has his back and working for a choke. Beerbohm out of trouble but Volkmann got his back and Beerbohm out and up. Beerbohm again working for a takedown. The ref separated them with :30 left. Volkmann landed a knee while Beerbohm continues to try and get a takedown. Volkmann 10-9

Second round: Beerbohm continues to work for a takedown, but isn’t doing him any good. Beerbohm continues to push him into the fence and do nothing else. This round has been pretty hideous. Volkmann throwing knees from the clinch. They were separated again with:55 left. Beerbohm continues to push him into the fence. Beerbohm pushed him against the fence again. Really bad round. Have to score it 10-10 because nobody did anything, so Volkmann 19-18 after two.

Third round: Volkmann shot in for a takedown and got Beerbohm’s back. Volkmann trying for a choke but Beerbohm defending. Volkmann keeping back control. Volkmann has the body triangle and keeping position. Bas suggested standing them up. Geez, how can you put then on their feet when Volkmann has his back with a body triangle working for a choke? Volkmann kept him in that position for the rest of the round. Clearly Volkmann’s round. I’ve got it 30-28, but he has to take the fight.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Volkmann. He got no interview, which is for the best if you’ve ever seen a Volkmann interview. All that can come out of it was the secret service coming to his house Monday morning and him being suspended from his teaching job.


First round: Steele with side kicks. Carl moved in and landed punches. Steele continuing to land low kicks and body kicks. Carl in with punches and Steele with a takedown and Carl got his back and immediately choked him out.


First round: Burkman looking unusually confident. Burkmann knocked him down with a left and right hook and has Fitch hurt. He’s got a guilltoine. Burkman choked Fitch out and that’s supposed to be impossible to do as nobody ever chokes Fitch out. This sure made Dana White looked good..

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