UFC 161 live coverage from Winnipeg

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 161 from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Jabouin got the takedown. Pague went for a triangle from the bottom which Jabouin escaped. He went for an armbar as well but Jabouin out. Pague now working for a heel hook. Page had five submission attempts in the round. Jabouin got punches in late in the round. Jabouin 10-9

Second round: Both trading punches. Pague with a takedown into side control. Pague moved to full mount. Pague throwing a lot of punches and how has his back. Pague has the body triangle and back position. Jabouin is in a bad place. Pague working for a choke but Jabouin got out of it. Pague moved to full mount. Now Pague is throwing a lot of punches. Jabouin just covering up. Jabouin escaped to the top and Pague went for a triangle. Jabouin with a nice punch from the top. Elbows from the bottom by Pague. Jabouin dropped a punch down. Pague’s round 19-19.

Third round: Jabouin’s corner told him if they win this round they’ll take the fight. They told him to take Pague down to win the deicision. Jabouin took him down immediately. Jabouin with punches. Jabouin with punches. Pague tried an uma plata but Jabouin escaped and punched. The ref ordered a standup. There was action on the ground. Jabouin missed a spin kick and fell down. This allowed Pague to get control. Pague with an illegal knee that the ref missed. Pague mounted him and throwing elbows. Pague with elbows. That missed spin kick looks like it’s going to cost him the round. Jabouin swept to the top. Pague went for a triangle and armbar and Jabouini. This is a really good fight and crowd super hot. Pague working for another triangle as time is runnign out but Jabouin was not in trouble from that one. I’ve got 29-28 for Pague but can’t see any way he doesn’t win rounds two and three, and he could win one.

Scores: 29-28 Pague 29-28 Jabouin 29-28 Jabouin. Two judges must have disregarded all submission attempts in scoring this fight.


First round: Clarke doing a lot of low kicks. Clarke with an accidental eye poke. Maguire got behind him. Clarke throwing elbows backward while Maguire has his back standing. Maguire jumped on his back in the piggy back position. Clarke turned to him to get out of trouble and threw a kick to the body. Left by Maguire, who got his back again. Clark throwing elbows while Maguire throwing knees to the left hamstring. Crowd liked all the elbows and knees in the waning seconds. Clarke 10-9

Second round: Maguire got the takedown. Crowd booing the ground work. Clarke kicked off the cage to get up. Clarke is stomping on his feet and throwing knees to the leg. The ref separated them from the clinch. Maguire got behind him and took him down again. 10-9 Maguire so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Clarke threw a knee. Clarke moving forward. Left by Maguire but Clarke back with several punches. Body kick by Clarke. In a clinch and Clarke stomping on Maguire’s feet. Lots of knees and foot stomps by Clarke. The ref separated them. Magurie took him down and has his back standing now. Maguire took him down again. Maguire got the body triangle. Clarke is trying to kick off the cage. Clarke out of it and on top. Clarke throwing a lot of punches from the top as time was running out. I think Clarke won the fight in the closing seconds, we’ll see 29-28 Clarke.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Clarke


First round: Delorme moved in for takedown. Figueroa back up but Delorme has his back and took him down again. He’s got a body triangle. Figueroa out and to the top. Delorme with a triangle but Figueora blocked it. Figueroa out and on top. Figueroa landing lots of punches form the top. Delmore with a heel hook and moved to the top. They’re into side contorl. Delmore in side control. Delmore has his back. Now he’s got a body triangle. He’s working for a neck crank. Now he’s working for a choke. Delmore now throwing punches to the face. Delmore has his back as time ran out. 10-9 Delorme. Crowd went crazy for this since Delorme is local.

Second round: Delomore trying for a takedown. He dragged him down and his his back. Figueroa working for a triangle and an armbar. Delorme escaped. Delorme with punches and moved to side control. Delorme back with the body triangle. Figueroa with elbows. Delorme landing a lot of punches from the top now. Delorme up and took Figueroa down and has his back. He’s trying for a choke but not close 20-18 Delorme.

Third round: Both trading punches. Delorme took him down again. Delorme has the body triangle again. Now he’s in the piggy back position. He gave that up. Another takedown by Delorme. Figueroa landing punches. Delorme with a punch and a knee and got the takedown. Figueroa spun out and back up. Left by Figueroa. Nice uppercut by Figureoa but Delorme took him down again. Figueroa thought guillotine but Delorme out. Delorme in side control. Figueroa reversed to the top and landing big shots late. Delorme is hurt but time ran out. Great fight. Figueroa’s round so 29-28 Delorme.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Delorme


First round: Pierson throwing punches early. Robertson got the takedown. Now Robertson has his back. Pierson landed a left. Robertson tried a takedown but Pierson blocked it. Pierson is cut under right eye. Trading punches. Pierson with a nice uppercut and Robertson with a kick to the body. Right by Pierson. Left by Pierson. Pierson 10-9.

Second round: Robertson with a body kick and some pucnehs. He moved forward trying for a takedown but didn’t get it. Body kick by Pierson Spinning backfist by Robertson. Left by Pierson. Right by Pierson. Nice high kick by Pierson. Robertson shot in but Pierson defending. Robertson slipped out as Pierson went for a D’Arce choke and Robertson is on top. Pierson 20-18.

Third round: Right by Robertson and another. He hurt him with an elbow. Pierson is wobbly- legged, knee by Robertson. Left by Roberts. A big fight hurt him. Pierson shot for a takedown which stopped the momentum Robertson had. Robertson tried a D’Arce choke and Pierson out of it. Robertson has his back. Robertson with a few punches but he let Pierson out of trouble. Pierson rolled to the top. 10-9 Robertson, so 29-28 Pierson.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 28-28 Pierson majority decision, one judge would have given a 10-8 third.


First round: They’re in a clinch. Krause hurt him with a kick and hard knee. Left jab by Krause. Low kick by Krause. Stout with a right . Kick by Kruase to the side of he face and Stout busted over the right eye. Blood is all over Krause. Tons of blood. There is a ridiculous amount of blood. Ridiculous amount of blood on the side of Stout’s face. Krause with a cartwheel kick. Krause 10-9.

Second round: Stout landed a good pucnh. Front kick by Krause. Good body shot by Stout. Head kick by Stout. Another body kick by Stout. Blood is all over the place again. Krause got a takedown and on top. Stout back up. Body kick by Stout. Left by Krause. Low kick by Stout and a body kick. Krause with a jab. Stout with a takedown. Stout landing elbows late. Closer round, 10-9 Stout and 19-19 overall.

Third round: Loud "Stout" chant. Knee by Krause. Another kick to the cut by Krause. Stout slipped on a kick but Stout landed a left Jab by Krause. Right by Krause. Body kick by Stout. Krause with a right. Elbow by Krause. More jabs by Krause. Both missing punches. Stout with a takedown with 34 seconds left. Krause went for a guillotine. Stout tapped out with 13 seconds left. First finish, first Canadian loss of the show. 4:47


First round: Woodley with a low kick that made Sheilds stumble. Good body kick by Shields . Shields grabbed a clinch. Shields with knees. Shields with body shots and knees. Shields tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Woodley with body punches. The ref separated them. Shields with low kicks. Right by Woodley. Trading kicks. Back in a clinch. Woodley with body punches in the clinch. Hard round to judge. Woodley 10-9

Second round: Woodley was told to take him out. Low kick took Shields off his feet. Punch by Shields and body kick,.Shields caught it and they’re in a clinch. Woodley with knees and Shields with body punches. Shields with a front headlock. Crowd booing the fight. Sheilds throwing knees. Body kick by Shields. Back in a clinch. Crowd booing. Shields can’t take him down. Knee by Woodley. The ref separated them again but the round is just about over. Close round, Shields so 19-19.

Third round: They’re back in a clinch. Woodley punching the body. Shields with knees to the body. Shields’ ribs are all red. Woodley landed a right. Woodley nailed him with a spinning backfist. Sheilds is tough surving that one. Shields got the clinch back. Woodley landing knees from the clinch. The ref separate them again. Body kick by Woodley. Shields went for a takedown, stuffed and Woodley hit two rights. . Woodley with some uppercuts. Punches by Shields and knees by Woodley. Very hard fight to judge. Shields was the aggressor and landed more but he did nothing that hurt Woodley the slightest. Woodley never got untracked but his shots when he did land were stronger. I have 29-28 Woodley.  Dull fight overall.

Scores: 30-27 Woodley, 29-28 Shields and 29-28 Shields Crowd booed this heavily.


First round: Body kick by Barry. Fans way behind Barry. Trading punches. Low kick by Barry. Jordan landing big punches and has Barry done. Then this 248 pound guy powerlifter did a backflip. Left and two right uppercuts hurt Barry. The second right uppercut hurt him bad and the third one put him down. Jordan landed 11 rapid hard punches on the ground before it was stopped. :59

Jordan and Barry are friends, he said it’s a big victory but it’s bittersweet because it’s Barry.


First round: Davis the big favorite since she’s Canadian. Both swinging. Both landing solid shots. Elbow by Davis. Knee by Davis and another. Sexton working for a takedown but not getting it. Sexton landed a nice left. Sexton tried a takedown. Davis got her back but Sexton moved to the top. Now Davis has a triangle. Sexton landing big punches to the face but Davis holding on. Sexton throwing punches to the face over and over and Davis’ nose is bloody. Sexton keeps punching her in he face while Davis is holding onto a triangle that isn’t tight enough. Sexton 10-9.

Second round: Sexton in with punches. Sexton got the takedown. Davis is tired, she’s been tired for minutes. Davis reversed to the top. Davis with elbows to the ribs. Davis landing a lot of punches now. Davis working for a choke. She doesn’t have it. Davis pounding on her from back position. Davis throwing a lot of punches and Sexton better do something. Now elbows. She survived the round but Herb Dean was very close to stopping. 10-9 Davis, almost 10-8.

Third round: Both are tired now. Davis with a takedown but Sexton sprawled. Davis got her back in a smooth move. Davis has a body triangle. Sexton turned and is on top. Sexton throwing punches from the top. She’s continuing to land punches. Sexton went for something and Davis was able to reverse to the top. Very hard to score. Very close round. I’d go Sexton 29-28. This is the type of fight rare where the half points would change the outcome because half points I’d it for Davis 28.5 to 28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-27 and 29-28 for Davis. Well, the right person won.


First round: Jimmo pushed him into the cage. They separated them quickly. Jimmo grabbed the clinch and put him against the fence again. They separated them again. Yves Lavigne is way too fast on these separations. Low kick by Jimmo. Two lefts by Jimmo. Pokrajac trying for a takedown. They separated them again. Jimmo pushed him into the fence. Jimmo with body punches and elbows. Jimmo back in a clinch against the fence. They were separated again. Pokrajac missed a kick. Jimmo with a low kick. Right by Jimmo. Pokrajac hurt him with a right and a knee. Jimmo back with a right. Another hard round to judge. Jimmo controlled most of the round but Pokrajac got the best shot in by far. 10-9 Jimmo

Second round: Jimmo knocked him down, it was a hard right and the follow up left put him down, and he’s pouding on Pokrajac. Jimmo took him down. Jimmo landing punches from the top. I thought he head-butted Pokrajac on the ground but nothing was called. Now more punches and elbows. Crowd booing. Jimmo continues to punch on the gorund. Nice up kick by Pokrajac. Jimmo moved to side control. Jimmo dominated the round, almost a 10-8, but not quite.

Third round: Uppercut by Jimmo. Jimmo has him against the fence. Pokrajac with a takedown but Jimmo immediately reversed to the top. Pokrajac working for a guillotine. Jimmo is in trouble. Jimmo popped out. Jimmo continues to land body punches and elbow to the head. Pokrajac up. Back in a clinch against the fence. It was separated. Crowd booing this fight. Jimmo’s round, should win 30-27, could be 29-28 or 29-27 but Jimmo is winning easily.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Jimmo.

Jimmo apologized for the fight, saying he was coming off a loss. Said it seems I’m not able to finish on a regular basis hope the girls don’t mind. He said he was sorry it wasn’t a great fight but he got the win, he wouldn’t do the robot because he said he had a lousy performance.


First round: Crowd reacted to Nelson like he was a real superstar. Crowd has been behind Canadians all night, but Nelson came out and people are all standing like they’re seeing someone special. This is the biggest reaction I’ve ever heard Nelson get. Crowd even booing Miocic. Miocic trying to avoid the right. Nelson faked a takedown and landed a punch. Miocic with a right. Traded low kicks. Nelson missing punches. Nelson landed the right. Miocic landed several punches back. Miocic has him against the cage and threw a knee. Good right by Miocic. Another right by Miocic. Miocic landing several punches and a knee and hurt Nelson. Nelson went for the takedown, Miocic got behind him but Nelson back up. Nelson tried a takedown, Micoc sprawled and let him up. Nelson is getting tired. Miocic landing several punches and hurt Nelson again. Nelson is getting nailed with punches, a knee and an elbow. Miocic landing shot after shot. Almost anyone else would have been done by Miocic’s punches but Nelson is holding on. Crowd cheering Miocic now. 10-9 Miocic

Second round: Right by Miocic. Miocic with a knee. Another right by Miocic. Miocic landing punches and Nelson is tired. Lefts by Miocic. Nelson missing punches. Miocic is killing him again. Nelson is exhausted. Elbows by Micoic standing. Body kick by Miocic. Right by Miocic. Right by Miocic. Hard knee by Miocic. Miocic tried a takedown but really wasn’t trying, just looking at crossing Nelson up. Nelson landed an uppercut that hurt Miocic. Miocic with four punches and a low kick. Miocic went for a single but let it go. Miocic in with more punches. Miocic’s round 20-18.

Third round: Miocic with a right. Miocic continues to land. Uppercut by Miocic. Left and right by Miocic. Left by Miocic. Low kick by Miocic. Nelson threw a big punch but didn’t land clean. Miocic faked a takedown and landed an uppercut. Nelson threw the big right and didn’t land clean. Nelson missing punches badly. Nelson almost got him with a counter, just missed. Takedown by Miocic. Miocic landed some punches but Nelson got back up. Roy is breathing so heavy. Big uppercut but Miocic is gone before it gets there. Big right by Miocic. Miocic landing a ton of punches. Miocic 30-27, no other score possible.

Miocic landed 137 punches, 117 to the head.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 Miocic.


First round: The crowd hates Evans. They love Henderson. Hendo chants. Trading punches, Evans landed more. Evans in with punches, tried a takedown but Henderson blocked it. Evans landing more punches. Evans went for a takedown but Henderson blocked it. Evans landed a right as Henderson moved away. Henderson landed an elbow. Left by Evans. Henderson hurt him with punches, knocking him down with left. Henderson missed a punch. Evans won most of the round but Henderson should get the round because he hurt him 10-9.

Second round: Henderson’s corner told him Evans has no chin. Evans with a takedown but Henderson back up. Evans is behind him standing. Henderson with knees from the clinch. Evans landed solid punches. Henderson with knees and punches. Henderson missing punches. Evans landed a good punch. Right by Evans. Evans went for a takedown but Henderson just threw him down and let him up. Evans with three punches and went for a takedown but Henderson landed two hard elbows. Evans bleeding from the right eye. Evans’ round 19-19 going into the third. This is a good intense fight.

Third round: Trading punches and Evans got the better of it. Henderson is tired. Evans shot in for a takedown. Evans couldn’t get him down. They’re in a clinch. Knees by Henderson to the body from the clinch. Three punch combo by Evans and went for the takedown but didn’t get it. Evans landing shots from the clinch. Henderson with knees. Evans landed another series of big pucnhes, one of which knocked Henderson to a knee. Henderson just missed on a punch that may have won him the fight. Evans 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Henderson 29-28 Evans 29-28 Evans Crowd booing but it would have been real bad for Henderson to get the decision here.

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