UFC show in Boston is happening according to Ratner

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner said today that the 8/17 show in Boston is happening, contrary to the Boston Herald article that indicated the show was in trouble.

The company just sent out information on tickets, with the pre-sale for Fight Club members starting today and tickets going on sale to the public Thursday for the show at the TD Garden.

The issue is a requirement that all foreign fighters need to have social security numbers.  It was a regulation that no other state requires, according to Ratner, and a regulation that was not insisted upon to UFC for its first show three years ago in the city.

To get a social security number, you have to first have a visa.  Many of the foreign fighters on the show already have a visa so the process of getting a social security number before the show is a formality.  A few, who would have needed visas to fight to begin with, just have to get the process sped up now, to have it in time to apply for a social security number.

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