Matt Borne/Doink passes away

Matthew Osbourne, a troubled second generation wrestler from Milwaukie, OR, was found dead today by his girlfriend.

Reports are just coming in from multiple sources regarding his death at the age of 55.

Osbourne was a high school wrestling star in Oregon who became a regular, working his way up the ranks in Portland Wrestling.  In his younger days, he was on the verge of success in a number of places but outside activities hurt him.

Most notably, he and Arn Anderson were set to become the lead tag team in Georgia in 1983, but complaints of a sexual assault saw him have to leave the area, which actually opened the door to the last minute introduction of The Road Warriors as a team.

Later, Osbourne was the original Doink the Clown in WWF, but he was eventually let go and a number of others later portrayed the role.  He also had a run as a lumberjack called Big Josh in WCW.

He had continued to work on the independent scene for years.

Matt Osboune was the son of Portland area wrestling legend Anthony Osbourne, better known as "Tough" Tony Borne.

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