TUES UPDATE: More from Raw, Silva vs. Weidman countdown, Ricardo in trouble, Dana talks New York, WrestleCon splits this year, tons more

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We're looking for reports from the Smackdown/Main Event tapings tonight in Topeka at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We're also looking for reports on Sunday's WWE house show in Rochester, MN, and Friday's TNA house show in St. Joseph, MO.

        The first of a two-part series on the life and times of Jackie Fargo is one of the headline stories in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  We also have a ton about the backstage confrontation with HHH and Daniel Bryan, a look at what could be the show of the year, the New Japan Dominion PPV, as well as the situation in Ring of Honor after a PPV misfire and the potential leaving of the current ROH champion.
        The lead story looks at Fargo, going back to the Fabulous Fargos tag team, what originally got him over, his role in wrestling in Tennessee, the heyday of Tennessee, some of his most famous matches, his role in making Jerry Lawler a star, his background and drawing the largest crowd in Madison Square Garden in 25 years, the Fargo strut, Roughhouse Fargo and how Lawler and Fargo became so close long before Lawler was a wrestler.
        We also look back at the Lawler/Fargo match that took place 39 years to the day of Fargo's death when they set the Mid South Coliseum attendance record.  We look at the Tennessee wrestling war, the creation of The Fabulous Ones, the era of the Rock & Roll tag team, plus comments from Lawler and Stan Lane.  We look at Fargo's role in Lawler winning the AWA title, and his continuing to be booked in matches into his 70s.
        We also have a feature on the questions revolving the future of Ring of Honor.  We look at the contract situation of the Briscoes, whether they are staying or going, the ROH title situation, as well as others on the roster who may be leaving.  We look at the current state of the company and the decision to drop iPPVs. 
        We also have a match-by-match rundown of Best in the World with star ratings.
        We've got a detailed look at what happened on June 17th with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, the call by HHH, Bryan's reaction, and what is and isn't real about the scenario.
        We also update the WWE writing situation including who is in, who is out, who has risen to power and lost power all in the past few weeks.  We look at who is responsible for the quality of the TV. 
        We also look at Jack Swagger's arrest and conviction, notes from his trial and the officer description upon arresting him.
        We've also got the monthly WWE business notes when it comes to attendance, merchandise and web site numbers.
        We also have the first word on the WrestleMania DVD and whether it's good or not.
        We've got more on the Alberto Del Rio character, the developmental move, WWE stock and why it's up, viewers per home of late, UFC/WWE crossover and more.
        We also look at the WWE career of Matt Striker and his being let go, as well as details around it.
        We also update the Money in the Bank PPV, WWE scouting, a physical WWE Hall of Fame, RVD talking his WWE signing, update on a number of WWE injuries, doctor of WWE star gets in a lot of trouble and more on the Total Divas reality show.
        We also have a complete rundown of the last NXT tapings, angles changed, notes on different newcomer, as well as more WWE signings. We also look at one of the best wrestlers in the world who is trying to get into WWE, Gerald Brisco talks about the two most charismatic amateur wrestlers he's scouted and why WWE didn't sign either and both are doing well elsewhere.  We also look at a wrestler who wants to keep chair shots to the head, Mick Foley talks about the last angle he was supposed to do and why it never happened and a released WWE developmental wrestler complaints about Bill DeMott.
        We also have notes on Ron Simmons Appreciation Night, as well as business notes and highlights from all of WWE's weekend live events.
        We've also got a look at New Japan's Dominion PPV, as well as plans going forward for PPV shows from the promotion over the summer, going up to the G-1 Climax tournament.  We look at the cards for both July shows and the significance.  We've also got match-by-match rundowns with star ratings ad poll results
        We also look at how much wrestling helped Bellator ratings with a look at the Wednesday night debut of Bellator.
        We also have updated PPV numbers for every WWE show so far this year, including changes for Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania, as well as the first report on how Extreme Rules did and whether Brock Lesnar paid for himself or came close to it.
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        We also have a look at the ratings of all the major shows as well as details of how every segment on Raw and Impact this past week did and what gained and lost viewers.

        We also have results from all the major league arena events over the past week as well as a look at all the major television shows.
Also in this week's issue:
--Revival of a wrestling magazine
--Pro wrestler gets governmental honor
--Honor attempted to be turned into an angle
--New Japan title defended in Mexico
--Anniversary shows in Guadalajara and Puebla
--More notes from TripleMania
--Why the iPPV misfire was more damaging that originally thought
--What flopped
--What famous WWE angle was being used and why it didn't happen
--How the TNA talent was received at TripleMania
--All the new Dragon Gate title matches
--All the updated info on the split of New Japan and who is in what camp as a number of wrestlers make up their mind this past week
--Next major NOAH show and the outside stars who have been booked
--More on the NOAH junior heavyweight tag team tournament
--New Japan president makes a startling statement
--Feature movie being made on legendary wrestling character
--More on Hall of Fame wrestler running for senate and chances
--Japanese movie star being part of upcoming big show
--Notes on Flair and Piper TV special
--A look at Celebrity Wife Swap
--More on the Flair lifestyle
--A look at Dutch Savage
--Notes on Tommy Dreamer's latest show with a ton of the biggest outside names
--What did and didn't work
--Who came as surprises
--What wrestler who was one of the best in-ring performers has been telling promoters trying to book him that he's retired
--Biggest match of 2013 from a non-major promotion
--WWC's battle of legends lineup looked at
--Update on Jim Cornette
--Update on Scott Hall and DDP
--A look at the next month of ROH television
--All the upcoming ROH dates
--Notes on the ROH vs. SCUM feud ender
--More on the last TNA TV tapings
--More on company cost cutting
--A look at the TNA TV schedule
--Update on Zema Ion
--Dana White talks Bellator
--Another UFC international deal
--Return of Kid Yamamoto
--Historical pieces on MMA coming out in a few months to look out for
--More on Miesha Tate in ESPN Body magazine
--More on the current season of Ultimate Fighter
--MMA stats
--An MMA movie coming out
--A number of UFC cuts and their background
--UFC fighters complaining about money
--UFC bans sponsor
--New UFC fights
--A look at the last Bellator show
--Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez business notes
--Invicta moving to PPV

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-- I can't tell you how many goofy John Cena promos I've seen in my life where he LOLs his way around losing a big match or even being put out with an injury. Cue Jay Briscoe. It's definitely NSFW but it's a must-hear. So much passion that you actually believe the dude really hurt himself and might lose his title as a result. This promo would obviously never fly on Raw, but a PG promo with passion like this would be one of the best things in WWE all year.

-- Yes, Ricardo Rodriguez failed a Wellness test and is out 30 days.

-- Countdown to UFC 162 Silva vs. Weidman debuts tonight on FUEL TV at 11 PM.

-- Got a great interview with Derrick Batemanup today. Sadly, we didn't start talking about the worst of WCW until we were about to wrap up, so he'll be back again in the future and we'll have some fun.

-- There will be 2 Main Event episodes tomorrow. 8-9 will be the regular show and 7-8 will be a Money in the Bank preview show. Yes, a preview show a week and a half before the show.

-- New matches being added to the July 27th and 27th DGUSA in Manhattan and Queens, NY including Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa. All the info on both shows is up here.

-- Regarding WrestleMania weekend and WrestleCon next year, Gabe Sapolsky just posted this: OK, since I'm being asked a lot here is the deal with Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans next year. DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHIMMER and Kaiju Big Battel will not be a part of WrestleCon. We will start the WWNLive Experience next year. There will be DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHIMMER, Kaiju Big Battle and other shows on Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday in New Orleans on Wrestlemania weekend. We will have more details hopefully by next week. However, the important info now is that it is not part of Wrestlecon and there will be DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHIMMER and Kaiju Big Battel plus other shows throughout the entire weekend at the WWNLive Experience.I had been told by people for awhile that there likely would be two different WrestleCon-style experiences for Mania this year. The weekend will be even crazier than this past year's.

-- Dana White claimed that if they'd gotten the OK in New York they'd have done Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva for the UFC 20th anniversary show in November. Of course, had UFC been legalized and Silva loses to Weidman, well, plans change. Any superfight is completely speculative literally until it goes into the ring.

-- It's not official, but it's believed Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate will take place December 28th at UFC 168, likely in Las Vegas.

-- TNA always runs these on the worst weekends possible. Their Hardcore Justice taped PPV debuts this Friday, July 4th weekend, with ODB vs. Jackie, LAX vs. Slash & Sinn, Bad Influence vs. Generation Me in a ladder match, a Hardcore Gauntlet with Devon Storm, Little Guido, Shark Boy, Crimson, Sam Shaw, Funaki, Johnny Swinger, Gunner and 2 Cold Scorpio, James Storm & Magnus & BOB HOLLY vs. Aces & 8s in an elimination match, Joe Park vs. Mesias with Jim Mitchell in a Monster's Ball match-up, Jeff Hardy & Runt vs. Team 3D in a tables match.

-- Cena beat Ryback in a tables match after Raw last night. So I guess his gimmick knee healed.

-- Jeff writes: I was looking through movies on my channel guide last night and saw a movie coming on one of the Showtime channels called “Girls Gone Dead”. I read the summary to see what it was about and it had Jerry Lawler listed as the first star in the movie. It was released in 2012.I investigated this once and was told that Lawler pretty much just had a cameo.

-- Rugby star George North talks WWE pro-wrestling here.

-- As quite a day in history as it gets according to Brian Hoops:

2007 - In Dallas, Texas Umaga defeated Santino Marella to win the WWE Intercontinental Title.

-- Yes, one thing.

-- Edward James Olmos and reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva have signed on for acting roles in “Monday Nights At Seven,” a love story set against the intense world of mixed martial arts, according to the independent film’s leading actor, director and producer Marty Sader, who announced details for the film today. Sader also launched a Kickstarter campaign today to raise $500,000 in the next 30 days to secure funding for the project. Sader and co-writer and co-producer Laura Keys, who have been seeking outside investments since 2006 with no success, are now turning to Kickstarter as their financing alternative. Sader and Keys are appealing to MMA enthusiasts and independent film supporters to raise funds for the project.

-- Round 5 CEO Damon Lau reveals the company’s UFC Fan Expo “Ultimate Collector” lineup, available exclusively at the UFC Fan Expo® July 5th & 6that the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.
 The Limited Edition “Ultimate Collector” figures based on Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz, andCain Velasquez will be available for purchase for $35 each at the WalkoutWear booth (#7101) at the UFC Fan Expo.

-- Dave Meltzer on Ed's show here.

-- UFC on Bloomberg TV: Baseball is no longer the only "summer game" capturing the attention of sports fans. This week Bloomberg TV's Sportfolio examines several other sports that have moved onto the summer stage and are taking a growing share of the seasonal business. Major League Soccer recently announced that its 20th franchise, New York City FC, will begin play in 2015. MLS Commissioner Don Garber discusses his league's robust financial and geographical growth: not only the record $100 million franchise fee for NYCFC, but also the establishment of a new business unit (MLS Business Ventures) that will expand the MLS marketing and merchandising footprint. Former World #1 tennis player and multiple Grand Slam champion Jim Courier shares his perspective on the state of the tennis business, including the decrease in the number of contending U.S. players at Wimbledon and the increase in prize money at all four "major" open tournaments. Bloomberg TV's Rachel Crane reports on the success of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, and the series' continuing upswing despite its inability to hold sanctioned events in New York. Fourty nine states now allow some form of regulated professional Mixed Martial Arts competition within their borders. UFC President Dana White tells Crane that his business will thrive even without direct access to the nation's top media market. From the PGA Tour to local golf courses, the business of golf is preparing to adjust to the USGA's rule prohibiting anchored putting (which will go into effect in 2016). Rick Horrow and Dominic Chu speak with USGA and PGA officials, professional golfers, and manufacturers about the impact of the controversy. This week’s show debuts Wednesday night at 9:30 PM and 12:30 AM ET Thursday on Bloomberg TV (DirecTV 353, check your local cable systems for the channel near you). The show reaches more than 270 million households through first-run and syndicated airings.

-- Pro Wrestling in the New York Times today here. Video as well.

-- Robbie E tells you, the pro-wrestling fan, how to stay in shape on the road. It involves exercise.

Yes 4.7%
No 95.3%

2.6 or less 12.6%
2.7 6.1%
2.8 18.2%
2.9 31.3%
3.0 24.2%
3.1 6.1%
3.2 0.0%
3.3 0.0%
3.4 0.0%
3.5 or more 1.5%

Raw 29.9%
Mid South/UWF Wrestling 13.2%
Georgia/World Championship Wrestling 12.7%
Nitro 10.9%
Wrestling at the Chase 8.3%
Memphis 6.5%
World Class 5.8%
Mid Atlantis 5.4%
Championshp Wrestling from Florida 3.6%
Impact 1.6%
Portland Wrestling 1.3%
Smackdown 0.7%

-- A great typo. Would love to see some tapes of MID-ATLANTIS wrestling.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?