WWE house show report 7-27 Macon

Not sure if you have received a report yet, but in the case that you have not here are the results and some of my observations from the show.
Lots of families with younger kids.
-Wyatt Family defeated R-Truth/Usos
The Usos got a great response from the crowd, appeared to be much better than the typical RAW reaction. The Wyatt family dominated the entire match.
-Kaitlyn defeated A. J.
A. J. announced before the match that the title would not be on the line. Match was the usual divas TV match, but since time is not an issue at house shows we got to enjoy an extended sleeper hold that essentially took the crowd out of the match. Crowd never recovered and Kaitlyn received a "golf clap" for the victory.
Lillian Garcia announced that the fans would vote on the stipulations for the main event, 2/3 falls or a street fight. They showed live voting updates throughout the show, and I'm guessing that these are worked results, because at one point 2/3 falls had 20% of the vote. Judging by the amount of small children in the audience that number seemed a bit high.
-Cody Rhodes defeated Sandow
Sandow mocked Cody's Georgia roots before the bell. Very entertaining match, crowd really got behind Cody throughout the match.
Wade Barrett appeared on the screens and announced that he would be giving the Royal baby a gift, and it would be Randy Orton's head.
-The Funkadactyles defeated Summer Rae in a dance-off. Fandango and Tons of Funk were present, but did not wrestle. Summer did get physical with the Funkadactyles, shoving and slapping them. Fandango got involved only to be sandwiched between Tons of Funk, and Summer was then sandwiched by the Funkadactyles. Brodus Clay did not have his gear on under the track suit, but instead had a pair of gym shorts on that he had been wearing before the show when I saw him arriving. Before the show he was also walking gingerly through the parking lot and it appeared like he was nursing an injury, so I'm not sure if this is the reason that he did not wrestle or simply a coincidence.
-RVD/Punk/Sheamus defeated Primetime Players/Big E. Langston
RVD was cheered and chanted for throughout the entire match. Sheamus and Punk kept teasing a RVD tag, but he did not get in until the end of the match. Finish saw Darren Young take all 3 finishers.
-Swagger defeated Alex Riley
Crowd obviously didn't care for Riley, and he never could get them behind him. Zeb did a bit where he announced that it was great to be in (insert incorrect local city here) multiple times, and then ran down every  non-American on the roster. Very slow and boring match. Large chunk of match taken up by a comedy spot where Riley kept taunting Swagger with the "Don't Tread on Me" flag, and Swagger would run through it like a bull.
-Orton defeated Barrett
Crowd were very indifferent toward Barrett and went crazy for Orton. Orton got maybe the loudest reaction of the night. Good match.
-Del Rio defeated Ziggler in a street fight
Crowd was also indifferent towards Ziggler which I found weird. Del Rio actually seemed to receive more cheers than Ziggler. Ziggler was trying to get the crowd behind him the entire match and did not have much success. Normal wrestling match other than the use of a kendo stick, a chair to the gut, and Ziggler being put through a table in the corner. After the second attempt to break the table Del Rio got the pin.  Another entertaining match.
After the match Del Rio said it was not over, and when he turned around Ziggler laid him out. A.J.'s music hit and she brought out a cake and said that since it was his birthday she would take him back. He pondered it and eventually shoved the cake into her face. She then started to playfully rub the cake all over him. Lillian Garcia then led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Ziggler.
Overall, a very enjoyable house show.
Hope this helps with any information you may need.
Daniel Raley

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