First batch of UFC on FS 1 feedback


Best match: Overeem vs Browne

Worst match: Honestly? None

I slept in and missed most of the card, but I saw the three top matches and they easily made one of the best UFC cards I’ve ever watched. I can’t wait to catch the other bouts on replay.

Faber vs Alcantara had a helluva first round. Just sensational. It slowed down a lot for rounds two and three, but Faber was great in dominating a very dangerous opponent.

Overeem vs Browne: those body shots were sick and I thought Browne was done early on. His comeback was amazing and that front kick was a beautiful thing to behold. As Rogan said, OveROID didn’t respect the front kick and paid the price. And as one of my friends commented, these fighters who made their rep in Japan are nothing when they’re off the juice and against genuine opponents.

Chael vs Rua: I thought Rua was going to shut Chael’s mouth and end his career once and for all, but Sonnen was impressive and that submission was fantastic. Great main event. And extra kudos to Chael for channelling Superstar Billy Graham, then hyping his next match. He’s won me over again and proved he’s not just a big mouth (well...some of the time anyway).

FS1 must be thrilled with this show – I hope the ratings reflect that. Replay ratings should be off the charts.


Dann Lennard

Sydney, Australia

WOW! I would have easily paid for this card and got to see it for free! Other than the Uriah Hall fight (who has been very disappointing when compared to his days on TUF) the fights went just perfectly. Matt Brown has won SIX fights in a row. I mean good grief is the welterweight division deep or what? Urijah Faber once again looked like a world beater. Alcantara looked scary out of the gate but Faber showed why he's a champion caliber fighter. Travis Browne won in amazing fashion and cut the promo of the night, until Chael got on the mic. I'm afraid Overeem has solidified his imprint on American fans and it's not good. If I'm Fox I've got to be ecstatic about how this turned out.

-Matthew Burrill

Best Fight: Michael McDonald Vs Brad Pickett
Worst Fight: Uriah Hall Vs John Howard
UFC should make a Television Title for the UFC 170 lbs Division and give it Matt Brown. He has not lost on FOX fights. Make him the first UFC TV Champion

I was surprised that to hear Mark Munoz allowed Chael Sonnen to train at his gym and with his guys for this fight. Knowing that Mark Munoz and some of the Reign MMA fighters does cross train at Kings MMA with Rafael Cordeiro and Shogun Rua

Thumbs Up Overall.

Timothy Lee
Orange County, CA

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


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