WWE SummerSlam feedback

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Punk vs Lesnar
Worst Match: Wyatt vs. Kane

Very good show overall.  I didn't think any match was particularly bad, though the Ring of Fire match didn't work out too well.  The fire was just distracting and uncomfortable to watch, and the match seemed more centered on what Rowan and Harper were doing outside then what was going on inside.

Cody did a better job as a face then I expected; still, I don't know why they didn't do this match with the briefcase on the line.  It could have used the extra heat, especially after Cody basically buried the whole feud by saying he'd have done the same thing on Raw.  But it was a decent enough match.

Christian and Del Rio was great.  Really, really great.  I'd say it was the second best match of the night.  Del Rio's really upped his game since his heel turn, and Christian did a great job selling the arm.  The way he was holding his arm after that spear, it looked like he'd dislocated it.  Great job.  Also, gotta love JBL's suggestion that Del Rio put on a mask, like his father.

I have to admit, I was reading a comic book during the Divas match.  I wondered if they'd let Nattie have a win here, after the botch on Raw, but I guess they let that go.  Seemed decent enough.

My God, Punk/Lesnar was great.  Brilliantly put together.  Lesnar did a tremendous job selling Punk's offense, particularly the submission holds (and much better then Cena did later in the night).  I was hanging on every near fall.  Amazing work by both men.

The mixed tag was pretty good, considering the position on the card.  I'm just so sad that what should have been such a hot angle felt like a throwaway.

The title match... well, the crowd was hot for it.  I never got fully invested in it, though.  Strangely enough, it didn't look like John Cena was all that invested either.  Unlike Punk/Lesnar, I never got into any of the near falls, and the finish really seemed to come out of nowhere (Daniel Bryan really needs to establish a non-submission finisher).  The ending was obvious, though I guess they let the celebration go on so long to make you think it might not happen.  Crowd seemed to pop for both the Pedigree and the pinfall, though.  I guess they just like twists.

All of the vignettes were bad, which I guess isn't much of a surprise.  I assume we're going to see a Miz/Fandango feud... great.  Summer Rae's outfit sure stole the show, though.  And Rybeck... what the hell?  His heel turn has got to be one of the worst in history.  He went from being a hot babyface fast-tracked to the main event to being a guy that can't even get a match on one of the big shows.  They need to seriously retool that guy.

Finally, a special shoutout to the guy with the Dixie Carter sign.  That made me laugh.

-Ken Raining

Best Match: Cena vs Daniel Bryan
Worst Match: Wyatt Family vs Kane
Skits we could have lived without: Miz and Fandango 
I enjoyed watching Cena wrestle for a change.  He looked believable exchanging holds with Bryan.  Would have preferred Orton cashing in MIB on RAW and giving Bryan more than a 7 second reign, but what the hey.   Now, we will be treated to 9 months of McMahon family drama.  No sledgehammers … what a concept!   
Punk and Lesnar were awesome as well, but then again, they usually are.
Logic in Wyatt match was just missing.  Manhandle a fireman and no one does anything.  A twelve foot wide asbestos blanket just appears out of nowhere.  Why make this a comedy match?
I did not include the ladies' matches in any of the match rankings … the boys should have been able to carry the day. 
Last note … Michaels could use with a facial and trimming his beard and hair, unless of course he is channeling his inner Boogie Woogie Man (Jimmy Valiant).  
Rich Rolandi
Forest Hills, NYC

Thumbs Up
Best Match: CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar
Worst Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Kane
This was a fantastic pro wrestling show, with three awesome matches (Punk-Lesnar & Bryan-Cena was basically a toss-up for match of the night, and Del Rio-Christian wasn't that far behind either). I know the finish will leave a sour taste in some people's mouths, but as long as they continue to push Daniel Bryan as the babyface chasing the evil corporate overlords, I'm totally fine with it. Heel Orton & heel HHH are both much better acts than their babyface counterparts, and haven't been done in many years. And the entire crowd will finally be able to unite behind a babyface against a heel, instead of this split crowd thing (although to be fair it was barely a split at this point).
Irregardless of your thoughts on the finish though (and I thought it was great, especially going to the point of setting off the fireworks and confetti to throw people off and then acting like Orton wasn't going to cash-in but was just issuing a warning), I don't see how you can't give this show a thumbs up. The two main events both delivered with fantastic matches, and that's enough for me. Can't say enough good things about Punk-Bryan, who worked in the No DQ stips without the match becoming overly garbagey, had a great MMA-inspired series of counters, and just overall looked like they were in a real fight. Heyman was of course tremendous at ringside.
Fantastic show, and if WWE continues delivering shows like this & Money in the Bank (which was my first purchase of a WWE PPV in nearly two years), they will continue to get my money. The wrestling is tremendous right now.
John Carroll
Colonia, NJ

WWE Summerslam
Thumbs Up
Best Match: John Cena v Daniel Bryan
Worst Match: Divas
WWE likes the new line that "social media matters" while at the same time eschewing "Internet nerds who think they know wrestling."
For instance, how many people "knew" Randy Orton was going to cash in the briefcase on the winner tonight? Yet, they went with the plan and everything went fine.
A textbook PPV with three great matches, a couple of okay ones, filler, comedy, and one outright disaster.
Forget the Family. Bring back the Shield.
Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY
thumbs up.
best match: Bryan-Cena
worst match: Wyatt-Kane
-- I like the gimmick at the end for the long term, (orton, hhh, Bryan chasing), but it really is a shame that a RAW viewer tomorrow night that didn't get the PPV will think it was just another angle, when that was one of the best matches I have seen.  A truly special match.  I hope I'm not overreacting.  I turned to my friend and said, "I feel bad for CM Punk -- what he did with Lesnar isn't in the league of what Bryan is doing with Cena.  This is the best Cena match I can remember.
-- I wonder if Wyatt and Kane got their time cut.

HN York

SummerSlam 2013 Review

Overall: Thumbs Up

Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena (WWE Title); CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar a VERY close second
Worst Match: Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (Inferno Match)
Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (Inferno Match)
What a train wreck this was. The gimmick was so unnecessary and just killed the match. Kane should not have worked over Bray as much as he did. Even though Bray won the interference and the gimmick just deflated the victory. The angle after the match was fine, but there was nothing about the match that was good, so... Rating: DUD
Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow
This felt like filler with nothing on the line. That Stache vs. Beard match won't be happening now thanks to Cody losing his stache anyway. I'm being sarcastic, of course. A fine match. Cody winning did make sense in the event Damien does cash in so this would make Cody the top contender. However, Cody really needs to stop coming off as a sore loser. Rating: **
Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian (World Heavyweight Title)
Good match, but not much special to it. It was a bad move to have ADR introduced in Spanish then pronounce his support for the Latinos...IN LOS ANGELES. The crowd did get behind Christian eventually but not by much. Good finish as well. If ADR was going to win he absolutely needed to win clean. Rating: **
 Brie Bella vs. Natalya
I don't know if I was the only one, but I found it rather humorous they aired an advert for Total Divas when it airs at the same time as the PPV. Match was nothing special. Crowd could not have cared less. Natalya won. Yay. Rating: DUD

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (NO DQ)
Throwing in No DQ during the PPV was so busch league. Punk in no way needed an outing to lose to Brock because, come on, IT'S BROCK.

HOWEVER, this match was still awesome. The crowd ate up the exchange of MMA holds and they really wanted Punk to win. Brock was excellent as always. Brock winning was expected as now they can build for a future rematch. When that will happen, I can only guess. They could do it at Survivor Series, but I, myself, would build this for WrestleMania especially after the great reaction the match got tonight. Rating: ****1/2 (I can't give it five stars due to the lousy outing, but still a must-see match)

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E & AJ
No one was into this one because everyone knew there was no way this would be in the neighborhood of the match they just watched. Yes, Kaitlyn went on AFTER CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. Match was fine, but the finish was no good. I can't see why Big E had to do the job rather than AJ, but oh well. Rating: *

John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Title)
This...match...RULED (to channel Vinny). Both men told the story of the match so well. I thought them waiting until TONIGHT to sell Cena's legit hurt elbow was lame, but it did little to hamper the match. Bryan was such a big star here. This crowd wanted him to win more than they wanted Punk to win. Great finish with Bryan pinning Cena clean. The match never dragged and the crowd was into it every second. Definitely a Match of the Year contender. Rating: *****

The Swerve
The long celebration was indeed great so they could let it sink into the crowd that Bryan was walking out champion. HHH lingered and lingered without leaving so they were kind of giving it away. When Orton's music hit the mood of the crowd just shifted. When HHH swerved the crowd and hit Bryan with the Pedigree the heat just BLAZED. Thumbs up for Orton not looking surprised so they could make it as if he and HHH were in on it the whole time. Orton is finally a full-blown heel now. Right now I'm expecting all the McMahons (sans Shane) and HHH to open the show tomorrow and announce the return of the Corporation and announce Orton as the Corporate Champion, or something to that effect. Bryan will be absolutely loved now and people will be clamoring to see him take his title back from Orton...that is, if they build it right. These are the McMahons after all, but that doesn't mean this won't be something awesome down the road.
Thanks Dave.

Trey Louthan

2 Thumbs up
Best Match: Lesnar vs. Punk
Worst Match: Ziggler/Katlyn vs. Langston/AJ
Punk /Lesnar & Cena/Bryan saved the show. Otherwise it would have been thumbs middle. But over all was not bad or leave us disappointed. The Orton title win was so predictable.  HHH staying in the ring so long gave it all away. Would have been a happier ending if Bryan kept the title.
Don Boike

Best match: Cena vs. Bryan
Worst Match: Natalya vs. Bella
I think I can count the times I have sent feedback to you guys on one hand, but I needed to say something about this show. To me, this was an all time great WWE PPV. Well worth going out of your way to check out. Two MOTYC type matches, and everything else was just what it needed to be, The Christian vs. ADR match is going to be overlooked because of what came after, but even that was tremendous. Just a great show from top to bottom. If not for the NJPW run, this would easily be show of the year, but as it stands it is at least the WWE show of the year by far.
Tim Glancy

Hey Dave, I give the show a thumbs up Best Match Brock vs Punk Worst Match The Ring of Fire match 
I thought it was very good and entertaining show, Brock and Punk showed us a great physical and submission based match.  I thought the turn at the end with HHH and Orton was done really well, with Bryan being able to celebrate the win over Cena and making it look like maybe Orton would not come out.   Kane and Wayne were limited to what they could with fire around the ring, the divas match was fine. Del Rio and Christian was pretty darn good too.  Enjoyed that most the matches ended clean.
Kyle Schroeder

Best match: Punk/Lesnar
Worst Match: Wyatt/Kane

Thumbs down

I feel sorry for those that pay for this crap (I get free streams of Sky Sports on Roku)-seeing the main event end with 20 mins left I was waiting for the screw job to come but for a moment I thought maybe the WWE would do the right thing but no, and by the crowd reaction it was the wrong way to go....why not just have Cena win the match then drop it to Orton?

Lesnar/Punk was damn good but it msde no sense for Lesnar to go over with Punk as the man out for revenge

The rest was just filler however I'd like to see Ziggler get back in the title program w/ Del Rio

Keep up the grest work!

Greg Merreighn Jr

Thumbs way up!
Best match: Lesner-Punk (honrorable mention: Del Rio-Christian)
Worst match: mixed tagteam
Excellent show.  The fire gimmick actually made Kane-Wyatt interesting. Del Rio-Christian were both excellent.
Del Rio continues to deliver excellent pay-per-view matches. 
Lesner-Punk was great, and the real main event. Heyman terrific in his role as always.  Bryan-Cena a solid match, third best on the show; Orton cash in was really well done.
 --Mike Omansky

Thumbs in My Pocket
Couldn't get the feed to work after trying for an hour... odd since had no previous problems with other WWE shows

Thumbs Down for WWE technical service, having only the most basic suggestions like refresh the page, try rebooting the computer.
Ed Branscomb

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