More SummerSlam feedback

Thumbs up show
Best match tie, Punk/Lesnar and Cena/Bryan
I can't decide how I actually feel about the relative quality of those two matches.
I surely felt that the Punk/Lesnar match was part of a more interesting story, but then again, all I did after that match was turn to my wife and say "that match was pretty great," whereas after the main event I gave the two competitors a standing ovation in my living room.
I will never forget the finish to that main event. The Japanese influence in the last 5-10 minutes was clear, and it gives me hope that with Bryan working top matches in the near future, we might see a diversification of styles in the WWE.
Michael Bernstein

Thumbs Up
Best: Bryan vs. Cena
Worst: Wyatt vs. Kane 
Punk and Lesnar was amazing but the emotional story that Bryan and Cena told takes it. Bryan wins clean which is what the hot crowd wanted so bad. Great moment and the direction going forward is promising. Not real big on the McMahon family saga but can't complain a bit about the booking.

Ryan Dunch

Thumbs Up

Two match show, and those 2 matches delivered in my book.  Lesnar/Punk was little bit better in my opinion.  Punk does not have a bad match with anyone and Lesnar can go whenever he wants too.  I just wish Brock would wrestle more because he can do it all in the ring.  I thought the 3rd match by far was the World Title.  These two cats are two of the best in the WWE.  As for the main event of the show I thought Bryan showed why he is the best in the business along with Punk, i would love to see Punk and Bryan in a main event at WM sometime.  The fighting babyface wins the title only to have it stolen from him to end the show, it was predictable but I think it was brilliant and it will only fuel the fans and help make them get behind him more as he chases Orton in the coming months.  Do not know where this McMahon/Helmsley stuff is heading but to me it is somewhat interesting.

Thanks for all you boys do.

Kelly Morton

Overall :  Thumbs up

Best match :  Punk vs Lesnar

Worst match : Both the opener and the divas match were awful but considering the placement on the card and its overall importance, the worst match was Kane vs Bray Wyatt. The skits were all useless and embarrassingly bad.

Eric Bonin

Thumbs up
Best Match: Bryan-Cena
Worst Match: Wyatt-Kane
I really enjoyed this show a lot. The 2 main events and Christian-Del Rio were all outstanding. Wyatt-Kane was about as bad a match as I can remember. I expected the Orton cash-in, so I was a little surprised when they went so long with the post-match celebration, and thought they might be putting it off for another day, but it was executed well.

Mike Ritschel

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