G-1 Climax feedback

I wanted to write and say how much enjoyed your coverage of the G1 Climax Finals.  THANK YOU for pointing out how poorly Okada the New Japan Champion was booked in the tournament.   I loved the tournament and the high quality of matches, but the way Okada was booked was a real black eye.  I understand losing once or twice in the tournament to create future contenders for the title, but this was ridiculous. 
One of my pet peeves about booking is this 50/50 booking style.  Okada retained his title against Devitt and Makabe in classic matches a month ago, yet he can't defeat them in the tournament? I always liked the idea of a one guy never being able to defeat another or one guy can only defeat the champion when the belt is not on the line.  
Nothing against Naito winning the tournament, but I would have held it off for one more year.  Naito is just coming back from a majory injury and he should be slowly groomed back to the top.  If you had to put Naito over,  I would have had Okada win Block A and Naito win Block B.   Naito goes over Okada to win the tournament.   Though it might be predictable that Okada wins when the title is on the line at the Tokyo Dome, but that is OK.  I think Naito's heavyweight title win should be over Tanahashi at the Tokyo Dome in 2015. 
I feel bad complaining about a great tournament, but Gedo and Jado need made a mistake on how they booked Okada.
PS:  Tanahashi is my hands down pick for Wrestler Of The Year.  His performance in the tournament clinched that vote from me.

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