WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | @lariatrope
Airdate: August 21, 2013 
WWE Main Event from Bakersfield, CA featured a six man tag team match with the Shield against Kofi Kingston and the Usos plus a Total Divas cast member has a match with the divas champion. Also, Zeb Colter asked the Great Khali a US history question and Bray Wyatt wins a squash in his first match on a Main Event show.
Josh Matthews and Mix provided commentary on a show that opened with the entrance of the Shield as the US champion and the tag team champions came to the ring through the crowd. The entrance of the Usos followed complete with their pre-match war dance along with the entrance of Kofi Kingston.
The Shield beat the Usos & Kofi Kingston when Dean Ambrose pinned Kingston. Ambrose and Kingston start the match with some exchanges then they began to run the ropes before Kingston did a leap frog twice over Ambrose then a back elbow. Jey Uso tagged in and used a clothesline before Rollins came into the match. Jimmy Usos tagged in and the Usos used a double team back elbow and a double elbow drop. Jey tagged back in and nailed Rollins in a corner before using a flying headbutt. Rollins briefly tagged out to Ambrose before tagging back in and gaining the advantage. Jimmy made a blind tag and the Usos knocked down both Ambrose and Rollins. Roman Reigns came into the fray and got a double superkick from the Usos and a dropkick from Kingston. The Usos clotheslined Reigns over the top rope and he tumbled to the floor. Rollins got back dropped over the ropes onto Reigns and Ambrose at ringside. All three babyfaces then do a triple dive onto the Shield before a commercial. Kingston was barely caught on his dive.
After the break, Kingston jumped off the top rope with an ax handle on Ambrose and punched him ten times in the corner before tagging Jimmy. After a Rikishi splash into the corner, Jimmy climbed to the top rope but jumped down after a distraction by Reigns which allowed Ambrose to dropkick Uso. Reigns tagged in for the first time in the match and he started to get heat on Jimmy as the Shield made quick tags. The Shield continued to get heat on Jimmy until he made a comeback that included a roundhouse kick to Ambrose and a superkick on Reigns. Jey ran around the ring on the floor and pulled Rollins off the ring apron as Jimmy made the hot tag. Kingston hit a cross body off the top rope and ran wild then hit the boom drop on Ambrose. Kingston signaled for his finisher but Ambrose backed away into a corner. Rollins tried to make the save but Uso gave him a back drop over the ropes to the floor. Uso missed a dive from the apron when Rollins moved and he crashed into the barricade. 
In the closing moments, Kingston went for the trouble in paradise finisher but Ambrose escaped only to get caught with the SOS but Reigns breaks up the pin attempt. Jimmy does a Cactus Jack clothesline that sent himself and Reigns over the ropes to the floor. Amrbose tried a roll up and Kingston reversed it. With Kingston in the corner, Ambrose charged in and Kofi got a boot up. Rollins rolled one of the Usos into the ring to distract the referee. With the distraction, Rollins was able to cut off Kingston after a springboard from the second rope to the top. Then, Ambrose hits the bulldog DDT for the pin. 
Before the next match, a plug for Smackdown featured the announcement of World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian in a non-title match on Friday's show.
Divas Champion AJ Lee (with Layla) beat Naomi (with Cameron) via submission in a non-title match. They locked up and exchanged wristlocks and other holds before Naomi tripped up AJ and gained the advantage briefly with an armbar. Naomi danced and wiggled her way out of a waistlock then attempted a springboard off the top rope but missed and crashed to the mat. AJ looked to gain the advantage and ducked a spin kick then hit a roundhouse kick. AJ skipped around the ring and taunted Naomi, who made a comeback with a spinning leg lariat (of sorts) and a jumping back elbow before she used the rear view (butt bump splash). Layla got on the apron but Cameron pulled her down. However, the distraction allowed AJ to apply the black widow submission hold and Naomi tapped out.
The Great Khali (with Natalya & Hornswaggle) beat Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter & Antonio Cesaro) via pinfall. Zeb cut a promo on Khali before the match about the US outsourcing jobs to Khali's native Indian. He ranted about sending Khali back to Indian before posing a question. Colter asked Khali to name the year that the War of 1812 was fought in. Khali teased an answer before clubbing Cesaro with an overhand chop. The match started moments later when Khali began to overpower Swagger. He backed Swagger in two different corners and chopped him then hit several elbow smashes before Swagger bailed out of the ring to consult with Cesaro. Back in the ring, Swagger gained the advantage and began to work over the leg. Khali kicked his way out of a stepover toehold and started a comeback before Swagger again bailed out of the ring. At ringside, Swagger and Cesaro started to bully Hornswaggle but Natalya slapped Cesaro. Swagger threw Hornswaggle into the barricade only to get back in the ring and walk into the overhand chop from Khali for the pin.
During a commercial break that included an anti-bullying PSA with Sean "Diddy" Combs, an ad plugged Main Event and featured John Cena. However (as a note to prospective viewers), Cena will be out for several months with a injury and will not be appearing on the show anytime soon. House shows are not the only thing Cena is being falsely advertised as appearing on. Afterwards, a recap from Raw highlighted the storyline of the McMahon family uniting to keep Daniel Bryan from becoming WWE champion. 
Bray Wyatt (with Rowan & Harper) beat Justin Gabriel via pinfall. A replay aired from last month of the Wyatt Family debuting on Main Event and attacking Gabriel. The "we're here" video clip that introduces the clan before each entrance may now contain thunder claps for added effect. After Bray Wyatt and company entered the darkened arena by way of the light from a lantern, Bray briefly sat in his rocking chair before starting the match. Wyatt began to club and pummel Gabriel at the outset. Gabriel attempted a brief comeback that got cut off. Wyatt dragged him into a corner before going to an opposite corner and bending over backwards while hanging on the ropes to stare down Gabriel. Wyatt charged in and splashed Gabriel in the corner before hitting the downward spiral for the pin. Wyatt kneels over a prone Gabriel as Rowan and Harper stand to his side then he shouts "follow the buzzards" while looking towards the sky when the show closed.  

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