Bellator Fight Master TV report

By Andre Allen

  Show opens up with Eric Bradley of Team Jackson choosing to fight Joe Williams of Shamrock MMA. Its revealed that both guys wrestled each other three times in college with Bradley coming out ahead in all three matches. Frank Shamrock notes that when two wrestlers fight, it usually ends up as a striking fight so he's working on Williams' striking. Greg Jackson takes a different approach and says Eric Bradley needs to be a mixed martial artist to win this fight and they work on his striking and his wrestling as he expects a lot of wrestling to take place in this fight. Bradley got cut just above his eye in his last fight and is expecting Williams to target it.

Eric Bradley (6) V Joe Williams (7)

Round 1) Both guys feeling each other out and as they start striking, Bradley clearly is getting the better of Williams and eventually opens him up with a right. Williams goes for two takedowns and both are stuffed. Bradley  lands a big head kick then shoots for a takedown of his own which he gets. Finishes the round on top. Easy 10-9 for Bradley.

Round 2) Both guys trading jabs but Bradley is just so much more accurate. Bradley goes for two takedowns but both get stuffed. Bradley tries another head kick but this time Williams blocks it. Williams gets a takedown with about 10 seconds left. Close round due to the takedown at the end but I still had it for Bradley 10-9.
Winner Eric Bradley by majority decision.

With Joe Williams eliminated, Shamrock MMA goes 0-3 in the quarter finals. Shamrock tells his team he's proud of them and knows they fought there heart out.

Next up is number one seed, Team Jacksons Joe Riggs. Riggs explains his strategy is to save the hardest fight for last as he wants to take as little damage as possible before the finals. Therefore Riggs picks Evan Cutts from Rhino Sport. Riggs says Cutts is a really nice guy but they gotta fight at some point.
Joe Warren is working a lot with Cutts on wrestling. Warren wants Cutts to constantly pressure Riggs against the cage and then drop for the double leg.
Joe Riggs misses home and his family. He's got a big weight cut ahead of him. His teammates are rallying around him trying to lift his spirits.

Joe Riggs (1) V Evan Cutts (4)

Round 1) Cutts immediately gets Riggs up against the cage and works for a takedown but can't get it. Riggs gets the takedown on Cutts. Cutts is busy off his back working for submissions but is eating punches while doing so. Cutts gets back to his feet and Riggs takes him down again. More ground and pound from Riggs while Cutts tries for submissions. Cutts back up and Riggs was picking him apart in the standup before taking him down one last time before the round ended. 10-9 Riggs.

Round 2) Cutts goes for a head kick right away but Riggs catches his leg and takes him down. Riggs lands a clean knee to the body but Cutts gets up. Riggs takes him down again and Cutts gets up again. Both guys were clinched against the cage when Riggs got another takedown. Riggs landed some good shots while Cutts tried, and eventually, got up to his feet again. Riggs landed some great shots during the standup and delivered a knee to the face which knocked Cutts down. Riggs jumped on top of Cutts and landed some shots but Cutts just won't quit. Cutts got up and Riggs immediately took him down and landed some big shots before the bell.
Riggs 10-9

Winner Joe Riggs by unanimous decision
Joe Riggs puts over how tough Evan Cutts was. Cutts was disappointed he lost and felt as though he got outclassed. With Cutts eliminated, Joe Warrens Rhino sport is out of the tournament.

Overall I thought the show was good. I liked both fights and was especially impressed with Evan Cutts heart. The kids only 21 and he absorbed some big shots and although he continuously got taken down, he kept getting back up. I think he may be one of those fighters who looks like he's been in an absolute war after every fight.

Next week is the semi finals with Jackson MMA and Xtreme Couture representing two guys each. The fights in the semis change to three round fights and elbows are legal.

Till next week..

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