DiBiase Jr. announces he's leaving WWE

Ted DiBiase Jr. cut a video today announcing that he was leaving WWE as this contract has expired and he decided against signing a new deal.

DiBiase Jr. hadn't been used well for years.  I can't say this was expected, but it was something that had been talked about as a possibility for more tban a year.

DiBiase Jr. in the video had nothing negative to say, said he could come back, didn't give any real reasons why he was leaving other than he wanted to be a Dad and the life of a pro wrestler is hard.

He came into the company with great promise and was groomed to be one of the company's top stars, when put in Legacy with Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes.  His momentum died when they teased several times he was going to turn face, he didn't, and when the group broke up, Orton was quickly put over him and he was never used well.

An attempt to revive his career as the new Million Dollar Man was a bad idea, because it brought direct comparisons with his father, who was a master at the role.  Plus, he was never put over to establish the role.

He had not been used well, or for that matter, hardly at all for more than a year, and was also beset by a series of injuries.

DiBiase's departure speech is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=b7C8mJvases#t=138

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