UFC live coverage from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Notes from today's show in Belo Horizonte, Brazil


First round: Spencer landed a left that knocked him off his feet. Both landing punches. Left by Villefort. Villefort with a right but missed a spin kick. Hard low kick by Villefort. Right landed by Spencer. Hard knee by Villefort. Hard right by Spencer. Body kick by Villefort. Super hot crowd. Body kick by Villefort. Hard low kick by Villefort. Villefort got the takedown but Spencer right back up. Low kick by Villefort. Close round to Villefort 10-9.

Second round: Spencer’s corner told him he won the round, I wouldn’t say anything but it’s close. Villefort took him right down with a double leg. Hard low kick by Villefort. Villefort tried a takedown by Spencer blocked it. Hard low kick by Villefort. More hard low kicks by Villefort. Another hard low kick by Villefort. Another low kick by Villefort. Another low kick knocked Spencer off his feet. Villefort trying a takedown late, but didn’t get it. Both trading punches late. Both landing punches late with Spencer landing a nice body shot. 20-18 Villefort.

Third round: Spencer’s corner told him that if he doesn’t let his hands go they are flying home with an L. Low kick by Villefort. Left and body kick by Villefort. Body kick by Villefort. Spencer with a body kick. Villefort with a body kick. Right by Villefort. Villefort tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Low kick by Villefort. Spencer with a body kick. Villefort again going for a takedown but didn’t get it. Spencer with some punches. Spencer landing some punches late. Body kick by Villefort. Good left by Specner. Spencer landing good punches late. Spencer landing even more punches Spencer won the round, so it’ll come down to how the judges scored round one. 29-28 Villefort.

Scores: 30-27 Spencer, 29-28 Villefort 29-28 Spencer. Crowd not happy with this one.


First round: Jorge tried a takedown but Wisniewski blocked it. Knee by Wisniewski. Jorge doing weak takedown attempts that aren’t coming close. Jorge now landing low kicks. Wisniewski with a front headlick and throwing knees. Jorge working for a takedown and Wisniewski defending well. Knee by Wisniewski. Punch by Wisniewski. Nice left and low kick by Jorge. Wisniewski with a right and two knees. Jorge now trying an upper body takedown and not getting it. Wisniewski 10-9.

Second round: Jorge got a takedown to start the round. Wisniewski back up with no damage. This fight is boring as hell. Mario Yamasaki had enough of this and broke them from the clinch. Wisniewski landed a knee and a punch. Wisniewski with a knee and punches. Jorge tryinig for a takedown. He got him on the ground but Wisniewski up with no damage. Jorge’s strategy seems to be to get him against the fence, push forward and not take him down. Wisniewski landing punches and Jorge is tired. Wisniewski’s round so 20-18.

Third round: Jorge throwing low kicks. Jorge with knees to the body. Low kick by Wisniewski. Another knee to the body by Jorge and Wisniewski back with one. Now Jorge has him pinned against the fence and not taking him down. Mario Yamasaki separated them. Wisniewski seems like he took a knee to the groin. Hard knees to the body by Jorge. He’s working for a takedown but not geting it. Jorge with more knees to the body. Jorge now with body punches. Jorge with punches to the body. Jorge with more knees and punches to the body. Mario Yamasaki separated them. This time he shouldn’t have since Jorge was landing over and over from the clinch. Back in the clinch and Jorge throwing more knees to the body. Hard left by Jorge. Now Jorge is throwing good uppercuts and elbows. Jorge won the round solidly but still it should be 29-28 for Wisniewski.  Boring fight. 

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 Jorge. Not good to be an American with these judges.

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First round: Brazil vs. Brazil here. Zeferino fighting for a takedown. Zeferino is doing the old Nik Lentz work for a takedown and not get it strategy that bores people to death. Leon Hall separated the two of them for putting the spectators to sleep. Zeferino has a bodylock and they are in the clinch. Crowd booing. Silverio threw some elbows to the head. Something happened and the ref broke it up. Silverio apparenly kneed him low. Zeferino with a takedown but Silverio right back up. Zeferino tried takedown but Silverio landed on top. Silverio backed off and invited him up, then started cheerleading for himself. Left by Silverio. High kick by Zeferino. Zeferino 10-9

Second round: Zeferino backed him against the cage. He was going for a takedown and didn’t get it. Right and left by Zeferino. Right by Silverio and Zeferino tried for a tekdown. . Silverio got top position. The ref ordreed a stand up. Jeez, they are boring everyone stnading. Zeferino got the taekdown. Silverio bakc up. This is seriously awful. Silverio threw some punches from the top as the round ended. Silverio’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Silverio with body kicks. Zeferino tried for takedown but Silverio landed on top and throwing elbows to the body. Now Silverio with hammer punches. Zeferino threw an up kick while Silverio was on the ground. That’s illegal. Body kick and punches by Silverio. Silverio got a takedown. Please end this fight. Silverio tried a takedown but this time Zeferino ended up on top. Another takedown by Silverio. Silverio landing punches. Left and right by Silverio. Now they are back in the clinch and nothing is happening. Silverio landed some punches from the top late. 29-28 Silverio.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Silverio


First round: Martins is a badass. He dropped two weight classes to make 135. Both trading punches. Now Martins landed big punches and a left high kick. Martins dropped him with a punch and grabbed a rear naked choke. Hernandez isn’t getting out of this. He refused to tap so passed out and it was stopped. First excitement of the show.


First round: Arantes landed a left hook. Jab by Souza. Spin kick by Arantes didn’t land solid. Sozua with a right to the body and another and a third. Both trading punches. Souza landing wild punches to the body. Souza landed to the head and body. Arantes took him down. Arantes gettig some body shots in. Fans booing as Arantes is on top and doing almost nothing. Arantes dropped a right. He wanted a guillotine but didn’t have it. Arantes with elbows. Arantes moved into mount. Close round but Arantes 10-9.

Second round: Arantes landing low kicks. Souza with a right and front kick. Arantes with a left. Arantes trying for a takedown but Souza throwing elbows as Arantes is bent over. Souza landing punches now, mostly to the body. Boring round. Souza takes it so we’re 19-19 after two.

Third round: Soiza landed a big right. Body kick and rights by Soua. Souza thowing a lot of punches now. Arantes going for a takedown but Souza blocking well. Arantes got him down. Souza bakc up. Arantes trying to take him back down. Arantes got the takedown and threw punches and a knee to the body. Arnates may have won the fight in the last minute 29-28 Arantes.

Scores: 29-28 Souza 29-28 Arantes 29-28 Souza


First round: Bagautinov looks tiny next to Vinicius. Bagautinov threw a flurry and moved into a clinch. Bagautinov dropped him with a right and he’s firing lots of punches on the ground. Bagautinov landed all kinds of solid shots and now Bagautinov put a guillotine on but Vincius out. Vinicius now has Bagautinov’s back. Crowd chanting for Vinicius. Bagautiov escaped from the bottom but Vinicius took him down. Bagautinov 10-9.

Second round: Vinicius’ corner told him he won the round. I hope they’re wrong. Vinicius with a low kick and a body kick. Left by Bagautinov. Bagautinov landed a punch but missed a high kick. Bagautinov took him down. Vincius up, landed two knees and Bagautinov took him back down. Bagautinov backed off and let Vinicius up. Bagautinov landed a right. Right by Vinicius. Body kick by Vinicius. Bagautinov took him down at the end of the round. 20-18 Bagautinov.

Third round: Crowd getting restless as nothing is happening. Bagautinov went for a takedown but not getting it. The ref finally separated them. Vinicius with low kicks. Bagautinov dropped him with a right and knocked him out with a few hard rights on the ground.


First round: Natal out with low kicks. Natal dorpped him with an overhand right. Troeng reversed and got up from the bottom. Troeng dropped a punch. Now Natal swept to the top. Troeng tried a sweep but Natal blocked . He tried again and blocked again. Troeng tried a sweep again and a nice block by Natal. Natal in side control and throwing some elbows. Troeng swept to the top. Natal 10-9.

Second round: Natal knocked him silly with a right. Natal pounding on him with punches. Natal pounding on him some more. Natal with elbows. Natal tried a guillotine but Troeng reversed to the top. That was really impressive that Troeng survived that flurry. Troeng got his back. Natal back up. Troeng lost his balance and now Natal is on top. Troeng back to his feet. Natal with a knee to the body. Natal’s round 20-18.

Third round: Natal grabbed a standing guillotine. Troeng gave a thumbs up. Natal used it to take Troeng down. Troeng popped out and is on top. Natal reversed to the top. Natal got his back and working for a choke. Natal should win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Natal. I don’t see where Troeng gets a round but at least the right guy won.


First round: Trinaldo landed a left. Trading body kicks. Trinaldo landed another body kick. Another body kick put Hallman down. Halmann is in trouble. Another body kick by Trinaldo. Uppercut by Trinaldo. Body shot by Trinaldo. Hallman landed some shots. Trading body kicks. Now trading punches. Trinaldo took him down. Trinaldo 10-9.

Second round: Hallman took him down to start the round. Trinaldo back up. Hallman landed a high kick and went for a takedown. Trinaldo went for a kneebar but didn’t get it. Trinaldo tried a takedown and didn’t get it, and Hallman ended up on top. Hallman landing elbows from the top. Hard elbows by Hallman. Hallman got a Kimura for the submission. Hallman kissed him when it was over. The crowd went dead silent.


First round: Spin kick by Formiga, Benavidez landed a few times on the chin, a knee to the chin and finished him with punches on the ground.  Team Alpha Male has been kicking ass since Duane Ludwig came in as coach.  Benavidez pretty well has to get the next show at Demetroius Johnson, perhaps in Sacramento.


First round: Body kick by Souza. Elbow by Souza. Hard right by Souza. He’s landing a ton of punches on Okami. Jacare tried a takedown and Okami blocked it. Body kick by Souza. It slowed down from there. Souza with a right. Souza decked him with a right. Souza pounding him with punches on the ground and ref Leon Robertrs stopped it. Souza is unreal good to beat Okami like that.  2:47

This is great.  There's one hour left in the show and only one fight left.  Thing is, it's possible the main event could go five rounds, but it probably won't.


First round: Bader went for a takedown and didn’t get it. Bader hurt him with two punches and grabed a front headlock Bader went for a guillotine but Teixeira out of it and landing lefts. Teixeira now looking for a takedown and got it. Teixeira landed lefts as Bader got to his feet. Bader landing lefts. Teixeira grabbed a guillotine, but let it go. Bader landing more lefts. Both landed hard punches. Bader with a high kick blocked and Teixeira threw a high kick that was blocked. Bader nailed him with a punch and has him hurt, landing big punches. Teixeira decked Bader and now has Bader hurt on the ground, pounding him and it’s over. This was a hell of an entertaining fight. 2:55

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