Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez results and play-by-play

Floyd vs. Canelo

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We'll start with the prelims.


Round one: 
Molina moving in with body punches.  Molina 10-9

Round two:  
Molina still landing more, with both body punches, but Smith back.  Moline 20-18.

Round three:  Smth throwing more now.  Smith with a left hook borderline low and Smith was warned.  Smith's round 29-28 Molina.

Round four:  Molina warned  for leading with his head. He warned Smith about low blows.  Molina with a few punches.  Smith with a left and right.  The ref continues to warn Molina about leading with his head.  Molina landed a right.  Smith's round so 38-38.

Round five:  Nothing happening early.  The ref told Molina about leading with his head that he's ready to take away a point.  Molina with a few body shots, Molina with two body shots.  Molina's round.  48-47 Molina.  Round was close.

Round six:  Smth with a few jabs.  Molina with a left to the body.  Smith with a right.  Another close round, Smith's round to 57-57 now.

Round seven:  Neither doing much.  Sloppy boxing and crowd is dead.  The ref warning Molina for punches to the back of the head.  Smith's round close so he's up 67-66.

Round eight:  Smith landed a right.  Moliba with body shots and one to the head.  Lots of missed punches.  Molina landing a lot of punches against the ropes late.  Molina's round.  76-76 even. 

Round nine:  Smith now landing a few body shots.  Smith landed a few solid shots to the head.  More shots by Smith.  This has been a dead fight.  Now Molina coming back.  Molina landing.  Smith now landing solidly again.  Smith with a few rights to the body.  Smith's round 86-85 Smith.

Round ten:  Smith landing to the head.  Molina with a shot to the body.  Molina wih a lot of body shots.  Molina with shots to the body and head.  Smith with two lefts.  Molina's round 95-95 on my card, Konnan has Smith 96-94.

Round 11:  Smith with a nice left.  Smith with a left.  Very boring fight.  Molina with a left.  Nobody landing effectively.  Smith's round close 105-104 Smith, Konnan has it 106-103.

Round 12:  Molina landing early.  Molina landing  on the ropes.  Left and right by Molina.  Molina working him against the ropes.  Smith with a nice counter.  We both had Molina so I've got it 114-114 even.  Konnan has it 115-113 for Smith.

Scores:  Split decision, Bert Clements 117-111 Molina, Adelaide Byrd 116-112 Smith, Barry Druxman 116-112 Molina. 

Two of the three Showtime judges who don't count had it even 114-114 and other, Steve Farhood had it 115-114 for Molina.


Round one:  
Matthyse landed a left.  Both swinging.  Matthyse landed solidly.  Matthyse left hook.  Matthyse 10-9.

Round two:  Body shot by Matthyse.  Left to the jaw by Matthyse.  Body shot got in by Matthyse.  Garcia with a bodyshot.  Matthyse landed to the head.  Garcia landed a left hook.  Matthyse landed hard shots.  Garcia with a body shot almost low.  Matthyse's round 20-18.

Round three:  Matthyse landing shots.  Garcia got a nice uppercut in.  Garcia throwing but not landing. Garcia with a left.  Garcia's round 29-28, Konnan has Matthyse 30-27.

Round four: Matthyse moving forward.  Left by Garcia.  Matthyse warned about a shot to the back of the head.  Garcia landed several punches.  Matthyse moved in with a right.  Garcia warned about low blows.  Garcia with a left to the body  and a right to the head.  Garcia with a right to the body.  Matthyse with an uppercut. Good round.  Garcia left hook to the body and right to head.  Garcia's round big 38-38 my card 39-27 Konnan.

Round five:  Garcia landing more shots.  Matthyse landing.  Garcia body shot.  Left and right by Matthyse.  Garcia with a right.  Garcia with a low blow.  Tony Weeks didn't dock him about warned him.  Matthyse landed storng late.  I have Matthyse 48-47, Konnan has the round even so 49-47 for Matthyse.

Round six:  Matthyse with solid punches.  Garcia with a body shot.  Both landing.  Matthyse landing punches on the ropes.  Matthyse's round, I have 58-56, Konnan has 59-56.

Round seven:  Matthyse with a right.  Garcia  with body shot.  Garcia now landing.  Garcia starting to land.  Matthyse swelling under the right eye. hard right by Garcia.  Garcia's round close 68-67 my card 68-66 Konnan's card still for Matthyse. 

Round eight:  Matthyse's right eye looking bad.  Good left by Garcia.  Garcia with a left nad right.  Garcia landing more body shots.  Left by Garcia.  Garcia's round so 77-77 even for me, 77-76 Matthyse for Konnan.

Round nine:  Garcia with body shots and one to the head.  Garcia with a right.  Garcia landing to the body.  Garcia's round again, 87-86 for me, Konnan has it 86-86.

Round 10:  Garcia countered with a left.  Matthyse's right eye is almost shut.  Garcia with a left hook.  Garcia with a counter right and body shot.;  Matthyse with good punches but Garcia back hard.  Mathyse landed a good left.  I think Matthyse close, Konnan has even, so 97-97 even on  my card, 96-96 on Konnan's cad.

Round 11:  Matthyse landed a hard shot knocking his mouthpiece out.  Matthyse landing punches.  Garcia with a left.  Matthyse's eye looks horrible now.  Gracia back with punches.  Hard right by Garcia who knocked Matthyse down.  Matthyse with a a hard right.  Garcia with a great combination.  Hard right and left.  Best round of the fight.  Garcia taking him off on him with punches.  10-8 round for Garcia, so Garcia up 107-105 on my card, 106-104 on Konnan's card.

Round 12:  Great combo by Garcia.  Another combination by Garcia.  Garcia with a low blow.  They took a point away from Garcia.  Garcia with a big right.  Garcia continuing cotinuing to land.  Great finishing flurry.  Garcia's round in my book, Konnan has Matthyse, with the point deducted over the low blow, I've got 116-114 for Garcia, Konnan has 114-114 even but he does think Garcia won the fight.

Scores:  Unanimous decision 115-111, 114-112 Garcia


First round:  
Floyd jabbed him.  Super heat.  Neither guy doing anything.  Alvarez rocked him with a left.  Mayweather popped a jab in.  Alvarez 10-9 on my card, Konnan 10-10

Second round:  Alvarez with a left.  Mayweather landing jabs.  Mayweather landed body shots.  More body shots by Alvarez.  Mayweather landed a right.  Nice left by Mayweather.  Alvarez with a right.  Avlarez with a left.  Mayweather landed a few.  Mayweather 19-19, my 20-19 Floyd for Konnan.

Third round:  Both landed jabs.  Alvarez with right and a left.  Body shot by Alvarez.  left and another by Floyd.  Good right and another by Floyd.  Nice counter by Alvarez and another.  Jab by Floyd.  Alvarez with a left hook.  Both landed solid shots.  Left by Alvarez.  Floyd's round, 29-28 Floyd for me, 30-28 for Konnan.  

Fourth round:  Nice right by Floyd.  Floyd wanted to touch glove and Alvarez refused.  Alvarez landed low.  Mayweather with a body shot.  Alvarez getting a mouse on the left eye.  Alvarez landing punches.  Floyd with jabs.  Good left by Floyd.  Alvarez back.  Floyd landed a flurry and another .  Exciting for a Floyd fight.  Floyd's round 39-37 Floyd for me, 40-37 for Konnan.

Fifth round:  Floyd landing.  Good left by Alvarez.  Good uppercut by Alvarz.  Floyd back with jabs.  Alvarez with jabs.  Floyd landing again.  A couple of body shots by Floyd.  Floyd again 49-46 and 50-46 on our cards for Floyd.

Round six:  Both trading punches.  Both continue to land.  Alvarez threw a shoulder at him.  Good right by Alvarez.  Floyd coming on stong late.  Both swinging late.  Floyd's round again 59-55 and 60-55.

Round seven:  Floyd landing punches.  Floyd landing a lot of punches.  Alvarez back with a few punches.  Floyd's round again 69-64 and 70-64.

Round eight:  Alvarez landing more early.  Mayweather back and Alvarez back.  Alvarez with punches.  Mayweather back with jabs.  Canelo very aggressive but now Maywather back.  Great round.  Canelo's round, 78-74, 79-74.

Round nine:  Canelo landing.  Floyd landing back.  Good right by Floyd.  Alvarez back but Floyd controlling this round most of the way.  Floyd's round 88-83, 89-83

Round 10:  Alvarez landed a series of punches.  Floyd landed good shots back.  Floyd landing a lot of punches as Alvarez is on the ropes.  Alvarez landed a good series of punches.  Floyd back with jabs.  Canelo's round for me, Konnan with Floyd, 97-93, 99-92.

Round 11:  Alvarez wtih a few and Floyd with a good right.  Floyd back with jabs.  Floyd really landing solid shots now  Alvarez landing to the body.  Floyd's round for sure 107-102, 109-101.

Round 12:   Alvarez with some body shots.  Mayweather dancing around.  Alvarez with another series.  Floyd landed a solid shot and avoiding Alvarez's punches.  Floyd moved away.  Canelo's round, he was more aggressive here and Floyd just dancing away late.  Mayweather 116-112, 118-111.

Scores:  114-114 even a draw, 116-112, 117-111 Mayweather.  Fans booed the draw something fierce.  There was no doubt Mayweather won this fight.

They brought up Danny Garcia, and Floyd plugged his web site to buy merchandise. 

Alvarez said I couldn't catch him, he's a great fighter.  He's very elusive.  Admitted being frustrated.  The 15 pounds were negated because I couldn't catch him.  There's no doubt he's a great figher, no solution for him.  Said it was a great experience at 23 years old and there will be a better prepared Canelo next time. 

119-109, 119-109, 118-110 were the Showtime scores.

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