Morning mailbag: Jones next foe, WWE current direction

Hey Dave --
For several reasons, booking Jones/Glover instead of the rematch with Gustafsson is incredibly misguided.  What happens if Gus loses his next fight and Jones beats Glover?  This is the organization that booked Chael against Jones.  Have to laugh at the idea the immediate rematch here sets a poor precedent.
Dave Wolf

They totally protect him, he picks his own opponents. Wouldn’t be surprised if the judges are on the UFC payroll after Saturdays event. Cant believe theres no rematch. If Alexander had have won theres NO WAY Texeria would be next in line, Jones would have got another chance to win the belt so they can keep marketing him.
John Liddell
DM:  If there was anything unseemingly about it, I'd say so.  But UFC has no hand in picking judges except on overseas shows, and even when they do, nothing is done to influence them.  I thought Jones won the fight, but it was very close and could have gone the other way.  If Gustafsson would have won, yes, Jones would hae gotten a rematch.  As a general rule, a challenger coming close and losing a fight that the promotion believes he lost doesn't warrant a rematch.  But every situation is different, and in this one, I agree with Dave Wolf's sentiments.


 Great job with the mainbar of the newsletter. I was actually thinking about writing something to you, maybe to post, but then I saw you were doing the same topic.

 I see only two payoffs to making this whole thing worthwhile.

 1. HHH getting a Nexus-style beatdown by the roster. I'm talking every guy hitting him with their finisher, and they all stand over his beaten body. Of course, we know that will never happen.

 2. The faces win some sort of match where they beat HHH and Orton (or Shane?), Stephanie gets her head shaved and every guy is in on it. So you have the visual of them all standing in the ring over a fallen Stephanie.

Keep up the good work,

Kevin Witt

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