Saturday Observer mailbag

Hi Dave

     Quick question.  I was in a debate over the Hall of Fame this past week, with my own personal picks getting leveled.  Which ten would you personally put in the hall if you could?  Thank you for your time and good day.   Andy MacConney

p.s.-my personal votes for Dick Murdoch, Curt Hennig and Jesse Ventura were particularly villified

DM:  I don't really want to give my picks until after the Oct. 5 deadline is over.  Pretty much every candidate on the ballot has a reason for being there.  Also, on some of the older candidates, I'm talking to more people from their era this week although many of them I did see at their peaks.

I'm glad he's happy with how his life turned out, and "Ed Wood" is hilarious -- but come on, Steele was a one-joke gimmick inside the ring. That this passed for WWWF main events is a reminder of how goddawful VJ McMahon's booking was.
To make sure I wasn't judging what I saw past the Animal's prime, after listening to your interview with him, I watched YouTubes of his seventies Garden matches against Sammartino and Morales. They were move-for-move (all two moves) identical. The moves being Steele's vague use of an unidentified foreign object, which somehow made the babyface quiver like a Mexican jumping bean, especially after a crotch shot; then Steele blading himself while he cowered in the corner during the babyface's comeback, which led to a nonsensical blood stoppage.
Irv Muchnick

Hi Dave, I was surprised that so many people voted for UFC to sign Roxanne Modafierri. It seems she is a likable person and has paid her dues in MMA but she isn't a good athlete. She isn't quick and explosive, she isn't strong, and she has suspect endurance from watching the fight. She couldn't impose her will on a fighter with a losing record that relies on striking. I think she has lost several of her last fights. If you throw out sentiment, there is no good reason for UFC to sign her.
I can't believe how hard WWE are burying Danielson. I guess it makes it better when he wins, but they have pretty much devalued him.
Take care

Mark Takada

I am the 1%. The 1% who like Dixie Carter's monologues on TNA Impact.

I understand why it's not good from a booking standpoint: the masses want personal issues settled with an exciting match climax. Pro wrestling is an easy formula that's too easy to complicate and drag down.

Wrestling is a dirty business. A carny trade filled with those rewarded by lying and fooling the marks. And Dixie Carter has had start by dealing with the best of the best when it comes to off camera workers: Angle, Jarrett, Hogan, Nash, Bischoff, the list goes on.  Many worked her rather than working with her.

By all accounts Dixie is nice and naive. While not perfect, I bet she went into this venture full of hope and inspiration, hoping to help an industry and her friends. What she got were the usual workers not thinking long term and looking for the next payoff. Her closest partner Jeff Jarrett even tried to hide his relationship with then Karen Angle. What a lack of respect.

She has her faults. She's been loyal to many who didn't deserve it. She stuck with Vince Russo, but her family has also lost millions to keep wrestling alive. And while the booking has more often been atrocious, who else has propped wrestling up more than the Carter's? They have taken more than their share of criticism for every mistake, with very little praise or appreciation for not pulling out.  Jerry Lawler was famous for being asked who would he hire if he had $10-million dollars to start a wrestling company. His answer, "I have $10-million dollars, why would I start a wrestling company?"

So while TNA hasn't been the greatest, I am enjoying Dixie venting her frustration.  She has a valid point.  She has worked hard and put in a lot of money for a lot of people who would be working at Target right now with out her.

At Mid Atlantic Fan Fest Jim Cornette made an important point:  if the Carters pull out, it's likely nobody will fill the void and, if they do, they won't spend as much.

So while we have groaned at inflatable dolls in the ring and criticized most every move, I don't think fans as a collective have shown enough appreciation for Dixie Carter and how she has propped up wrestling with a lot of time, effort, and money.

Jim Valley

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