Maximum Fighting Championships report 10-4 Edmonton

By Steve Juon (@angrymarks)

* Aaron Gallant (157.4 Lbs.) 5-5 vs. Matt Jelly (155.2 Lbs.) 3-2

Our referee in charge is Kyle Cardinal. Jelly has a very CM Punk approach to the fight - he's actually slumped down in the corner sitting down during fight intros and has to be told twice by Cardinal to come over and touch gloves. Jelly has on red trunks, Gallant black. THEY TAP GLOVES, GALLANT LANDS A FLURRY AND ONE RIGHT UPPERCUT, AND THIS FIGHT IS OVER - THAT WAS LESS THAN 10 SECONDS. Gallant jumps on the ropes and screams "MMA!" Jelly: "What happened?" His corner: "You were knocked out."

The ring announcer makes it official - 7 SECONDS OF R1 FOR TKO BY THE WINNER AARON GALLANT. We move on!

* Teddy Ash (185 Lbs.) 3-0 vs. Jared McComb (185 Lbs.) 5-2-1

A middleweight contest for our second bout of the evening! Vern Gorman is our referee. Ash has on black trunks with red logos and fights out of Fort McMurray, Alberta. His nickname is 'The Bear.' McComb fights out of Edmonton, Alberta and his nickname is 'The Yeti." He has on blue/white trunks for this fight. Here we go!

Ash is aggressive early and lands punches as he backs McComb up to the ropes. There's some very stern looking man at ringside in an orange shirt staring at them both. The cameraman's microphone catches an elbow as the fighters grapple and McComb turns Ash into the turnbuckle. They continue to move back and forth in clinch trading knees. Gorman warns them to get busy and they break apart with 2:10 gone. McComb eats a hard left and body locks immediately. McComb goes for a takedown but Ash winds up on top at 3:15. He's got side control at 3:40. There's a human chess match on the ground in the last minute as McComb tries to get an armbar and Ash winds up on top dropping haymakers as R1 ends.

Miletich has it 10-9 Ash after R1 but Schiavello has it the opposite. Ash comes out swinging and gives up his back in the process. Gorman is having a hard time keeping them inside the ropes during a takedown attempt. I really wish MFC would get with the program and use a cage - or at the very least lobby to get the sanctioning body in Alberta to change the rules so they CAN use a cage. McComb has a takedown at 1:30 but Ash gets back up. He tries for another then puts Ash in the corner throwing knees. Gorman immediately warns them to stay busy. C'mon - McComb has a dominant position - don't break it up. Ash tries to pull guard for a guillotine but the ropes don't help. They break apart and trade shots again. 3 minutes gone. Gorman resets them at 3:45 when he's seen enough grappling on the ropes. It's a stand-up slugfest now. Ash pushes McComb into the corner at 4:15 as Gorman warns the fighters not to grab the ropes. You'd think Gorman was in the fight himself with the amount of instructions he's giving. McComb gets off a nice flurry of unblocked shots in the final ten seconds.

Miletich has flipped scores and given McComb 10-9 for R2 making it all even. McComb gets the takedown 15 seconds in and Ash goes for an arm in guillotine - McComb pops out at 0:30. Gorman keeps telling at them "get inside get inside - pull away from the ropes now" - then actually calls time and moves them back into the ring in the same position. Ash tries to get to his feet and Gorman is again spewing instructions - "inside inside stay inside." McComb tries to take the back and winds up letting Ash on top. Gorman resets them again at 3:12 when they're under the ropes. YOU KNOW THIS WOULDN'T HAPPEN IF YOU HAD A CAGE. They stand back up at 3:40 and McComb throws big shots before pressing Ash into the turnbuckle. Ash doesn't give up and he's throwing knees. McComb gets a takedown, grabs a muay thai clinch and throws knees. Gorman gets in close as they stand there trading punches and knees in the final 30. McComb seems to be getting the better of the exchanges and he drops down for a double leg trying to seal the deal - he gets it JUST before the horn. We'll see if that made the difference.

10:38 ET. Time to make this one official. Both fighters are smiling and chatting with each other as we wait for the judges to tabulate their scores. McComb has put on his "Yeti" t-shirt while we wait.

29-28 MCCOMB, 29-28 ASH, AND 29-28 FOR THE SPLIT DECISION TO TEDDY ASH. I'm a little surprised. Not upset, but a little surprised. The only reason I think I'd object is if all three judges didn't score the final round for McComb - 1 and 2 could have gone either way. Commercial break.

* Jonatas Novaes (156 Lbs.) 11-4 vs. Kurt Southern (156 Lbs.) 12-4

Novaes fights out of Chicago, Illinois by way of Brazil. Southern fights out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our referee in charge is John Braak. Here we go! Novaes goes for an early takedown and doesn't get it, then manages to get Southern to the ground about 50 seconds in. He's in the blue trunks tonight and Southern the black. They get back up and Southern hurts him with a shot and winds up on top. 2 minutes gone. They are standing again at 2:20. Southern tries to push him in the corner and lands some big right hooks and uppercuts. 3 minutes. They break again at 3:19. SOUTHERN KNOCKS HIM DOWN WITH A RIGHT AND HAMMERS OUT THE FINISH AT 3:45 APPROXIMATELY. A teammate immediately hits the ring to carry him around.

TKO BY STRIKES AT 3:46 OF R1 FOR KURT SOUTHERN, who avenges a loss and improves to 13-4 in the process.

* Anthony Hamilton (265 Lbs.) 10-2 vs. Smealinho Rama (251 Lbs.) 6-0 - 5 Rounds for the MFC Heavyweight Title

Travis 'Happa' Browne is in Hamilton's corner tonight for this fight. He's on a 4 fight winning streak. They think Rama has never fought anybody on Hamilton's level or of Hamilton's size so confidence is high tonight. 'Prince' Rama makes his way out at 11:04 ET. He's got a lot of different methods to victory - KO, RNC, kimura, and TKO going backward in his last four fights. Vern Gorman is our referee in charge. Hamilton is in the black trunks and fights out of Jackson's MMA in New Mexico. Rama is in the white trunks and fights out of Calgary, Alberta by way of Athens, Greece. The MFC Heavyweight Title will be decided tonight! I believe this will also be the first ever heavyweight belt in their history. Here we go!

Gorman is already freaking out about the fighters being in the ropes 30 seconds in. Rama winds up on his back in a full mount at 90 seconds but escapes. Rama has a cut over his right eye as both men stand and trade at 2:20. There's some concern on the part of both announcers that Hamilton gassed out trying to win early, and both men are breathing heavily at 3:30. Rama goes for a spinning hook kick and gets taken down for it. That gives the big man Hamilton time to catch a second wind as he looks to pass to half guard and hopefully wear Rama down carrying his weight. I'll give R1 10-9 to Hamilton.

ANTHONY HAMILTON BOOM 10 SECONDS INTO R2. The fight was IMMEDIATELY OVER. HEAD KICK OF DOOM AND THERE WAS NO CHANCE FOR RAMA. That right leg was right in the right place. We're just waiting for the ring announcer to make it official and for Mark Pavelich to put the title belt around his waist. Here he is at 11:15. 12 SECONDS OF R2 FOR YOUR WINNER BY KNOCKOUT AND NEW MFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD - ANTHONY HAMILTON!! Hamilton credits his success to training with Travis Browne and Jon Jones. "Travis told me he was dropping his hands. I thought I could throw a one-two to set up the kick, and it worked just right." He also thanks his Lord and savior and all his friends at home and in Seattle.

* Jason South (184 Lbs.) 10-0 vs. 'Smilin' Sam Alvey (184 Lbs.) 20-5 - 5 Rounds for the MFC Midleweight Title

South is in the black trunks tonight and Alvey the yellow. Our referee for this contest is Kyle Cardinal. Here we go! Incidentally this is for the title vacated by Elvis Mutapcic when he left for the World Series of Fighting. Alvey actually has a smiley face shaved into the back of his head - and he has reason to smile because he has South hurt 90 seconds into the fight and ties him up in the ropes. South is already bleeding from his right eye. Alvey methodically pushes South toward the corner turnbuckle landing knees, but Cardinal is calling for more work (and warning them not to grab the ropes. Alvey winds up turned around and South glues himself to Alvey's back. 3:20. Alvey turns out of it at 3:35 and lands a big knee before the break, then starts throwing leather again. A high right round kick makes Alvey back off and South pushes him into the turnbuckle. Alvey responds with a jumping knee and turns South around. South's right eye looks a mess. Alvey lands another good flurry in the last 10 seconds and should easily get a 10-9 this round.

Cardinal breaks both men 45 seconds into R2 when they get too deep into the ropes. South is pushing forward but not landing much, although the kicks have made Alvey cautious. HE DROPS SOUTH WITH A BIG RIGHT AS HE'S COMING FORWARD AND ENDS UP ON TOP WITH SOUTH'S HEAD THROUGH THE ROPES. Alvey lets him stand up at 1:40. He stings South again at 2:05 and drops him at 2:11. The ref lets South stand back up but this may be academic if Alvey drops him again. He has him down again at 2:55 and is dropping hammerfists but South gets a North-South position to survive for a bit. Alvey backs away at 3:25. South's right eye is coated with blood again. Alvey lets South push forward into the corner. 4 minutes as Alvey turns him around. If this goes the 5 minutes this has to be a 10-8 for Alvey. South does land a couple of good shots at the end of R2 but it's not enough.

Alvey buckles South with a right 40 seconds into R3. BANG AGAIN AT 2:10. It's amazing South is still on his feet. He may be The Walking Dead at this point. Alvey is warned not to grab the ropes as South tries to put an arm around for a choke, but South was stepping on the ropes to get leverage himself - is that legal? Cardinal breaks them at 3:40. South throws a head kick that's checked and goes for a single before quickly abandoning it. The ref calls for more work. South ends up on his back with 25 seconds left and then Alvey stands up and throws kicks at his legs. Thus ends R3.

South is having some success with body shots and then tying Alvey up in the ropes, although they are getting warned about grabbing the ropes when they are in the corner. Again - CAGE PLEASE? I don't care if it reminds people of the classic days of Pride FC - CAGES ARE BETTER. Boxing/wrestling style rings for MMA are ridiculous. Cardinal makes them break clean and restart at 2:32. South's right eye is bloody again. Alvey turns him into the corner throwing knees. Cardinal makes them come back inside when Alvey's head gets too far outside the ropes and gives him a verbal warning before the restart. Alvey hurts him with some uppercuts and a jumping knee and South drops for a double he can't get in the last 10 seconds of the round.

South tries a spinning back elbow early in R5 but comes nowhere close to landing it. Cardinal warns them to get out of the corner and calls for more work. Schiavello suggests that Alvey goes to the same corner over and over again just to hear his wife talk (a former contestant on America's Next Top Model). At 2:30 they start trading shots and South is landing some good ones until the fight is stopped due to a hard kick to the ground that doubles Alvey over in pain. South's face is splattered in blood, his nose is dropping, and his right eye is almost totally swollen shut. After a lengthy delay we resume with 2:55 gone in the 5th. Alvey tags him with a hard left then puts Alvey against the ropes and pushes him into the corner. He breaks them out of the corner and we restart at 4:20. Muay thai clinch and a jumping knee by Alvey. We're down to the closing seconds as ALVEY TAGS HIM WITH A RIGHT AND GETS THE TKO STOPPAGE TO BECOME THE CHAMP.

12:02 ET. Time for the official result - 4:56 OF THE FINAL ROUND FOR THE NEW MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMP BY TKO - SMILIN' SAM ALVEY! His wife and child are in the ring with him. Post-fight interview as he hands off the baby. "He just kept coming and coming. He's like a friggin' blanket. It was just an amazing fight. Thanks Jason South, this one's going down in the history books." He's asked if he knew how much time was left. "It was there, I took it, my corner kept telling me press press press. He kept grabbing me and he had such a strong clinch, he was amazing." He thanks Mark Pavelich and everybody involved and "Team Quest, best gym in the world" and says he's auctioning off his pink fight gloves for breast cancer - he'll even sign them first.

* Tito Jones (135 Lbs.) 10-6 vs. Anthony Birchak (135 Lbs.) 10-1 - 5 Rounds for the Bantamweight Title

Jones is in the white trunks and fighting out of Panama City, Florida. Birchak is in the red and black trunks and fighting out of Tucson, Arizona. One of his sponsors is SOAP-A-LICIOUS. I kid you not. Our referee is John Braak. Here we go!

Jones is very aggressive early and going for takedowns - even managing to pop Birchak with an uppercut as they clinch up. We get yet another warning not to grab the ropes. Braak stops the action when Birchak catches a knee straight to the ground and gets a verbal warning from Braak. Time in quickly with only 58 seconds gone. Tito Jones gets on top as Birchak goes for a headlock 2:10 into the round. Braak calls for Jones to improve position when he doesn't see much happening. He stands them back up at the 3 minute mark. Birchak gets a single leg and is on top with 90 left. He tries to posture up and drop work but Jones keeps tying him up. Close first round. Birchak was trying to steal it back late but I'm fairly confidant Jones may have gotten that one.

Takedown by Birchak into half guard at 1:06 of R2. Jones purposefully goes to the ground again in the corner at 2:30 but pays for it with hammerfists and elbows. Braak is warning Jones to fight back as Birchak has full mount on his back and is pounding away - then he goes for the RNC and JONES TAPS WITH 1:24 OR LESS LEFT. We'll get the official decision momentarily.

3:30 OF R2 FOR THE TAPOUT VIA REAR NAKED CHOKE TO THE NEW BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD - ANTHONY BIRCHAK. Post fight interview Birchak is so happy he starts to tear up as he thanks his family & friends. One hell of a card! Good event. Schiavello reminds us tonight's theme song is Five Finger Death Punch as we go off the air at 12:30 AM ET!

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