ROH TV report - Fish & O'Reilly vs. Koslov & Romero vs. Coleman & Alexander

10/19/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness introduce the show and note that new ROH World Champion will make his first appearance since winning the title tonight.

1) Tadarius Thomas vs Mark Briscoe: Kelly and McGuinness talk about this match as being capoeira vs redneck kung fu. Thomas and Briscoe both for and avoid each other’s strikes to start. Briscoe hits a chop and Thomas hits a kick and they continue the strike exchange. Thomas takes down Briscoe with a kick to the chest but Briscoe comes back and gives Thomas a Northern Lights suplex into the turnbuckle. Thomas rolls outside and Briscoe hits a second rope moonsault to Thomas on the floor. They return inside and Thomas hits a spinning clothesline followed shortly by a belly-to-back suplex. Briscoe repeatedly chops Thomas in the neck and then hits a rolling Death Valley driver. Briscoe hits Froggy ‘Bow from the top rope to pin Thomas and win the match.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander are interviewed and say that tonight the get their shot at the ROH World Tag Team Titles when they face champions redDRagon and The Forever Hooligans and they say they will humble the hooligans and slay the dragons. Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly show up and say this isn’t the first title shot for Coleman and Alexander and they didn’t get done what they wanted to get done the last time. Fish says he has yet to have his shoulders pinned and O’Reilly just tapped out Davey Richards for an armbar. O’Reilly says he’ll do it again if he has to. Fish says Coleman and Alexander will be yet another victory in the epic tale of reDRagon and O’Reilly says “Don’t chase the dragon boys.”

After a commercial break footage is shown of the build to Adam Cole winning the ROH World Title. Cole then comes to the ring dressed in a suit with new ring music winning the ROH World Title and is in full-on heel mode. The fans still chant “Adam Cole” and throw streamers in the ring. Cole introduces himself as the new champion. He says the definition of a champion is your realization of becoming a real man. Cole says a real man does what he wants and says what he wants in order to get what he wants and he has gotten what he wants. After years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication he has achieved his golden dream that is around his waist right now. When he first started wrestling he was told that if he really wanted to achieve greatness he had to make sure that he shook everybody’s hand. You have to make sure that you smile and make sure that you’re happy to be there. He realized this was people trying to keep him down from the inevitable which is being the best damn pro wrestler on the planet. Cole says there is no more shaking hands, no more fake smiles and no more being happy to be here. If he was happy to be here he wouldn’t be your ROH World Champion. In order to get things you’ve never gotten you have to do things you’ve never done. This brings him to the two men who say they’re the real world champion when in reality they’re two real losers. They’re two men he left lying in the middle of the ring singlehandedly at Death Before Dishonor. Everybody has asked him how after Jay Briscoe shook his hand and gave him the ROH World Title could he superkick him in the back of the head. Cole says that when Jay Briscoe challenged Kevin Steen for the world championship all of his friends and family were there to celebrate. After years of hard work Jay finally achieved his dream of being world champion and in Philadelphia when Cole won the World Title Jay Briscoe tried to ruin his moment and rain on his parade. An old washed-up Jay Briscoe should feel lucky that all Cole did was kick him in the back of the head. Cole says that since he and Michael Elgin started in ROH they have been labeled as the break-out stars of the company. Cole says the only reason he was in that class with Elgin is because that was ROH’s way of masking that they wanted Elgin to be their poster boy. He starts to say that Elgin is on the cover of every DVD and poster when Elgin’s music hits and he comes to the ring and chases off Cole who taunts Elgin from the floor. Jay Briscoe then comes down the aisle behind Cole who returns to the ring where Elgin tries to hit a clothesline. Cole rolls out of the ring but drops the title belt in the process. Elgin holds it up and says it is his but Briscoe enters and they fight over the belt. Officials are keeping them apart as the show goes to commercials.

2) “Team Sexy” of Michael Bennett and Maria Kannellis vs “The Brutal Burgers” of Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger: Prince Nana replaces Nigel at the commentary table. Evans and Bennett go to start but Maria and Cheeseburger start instead. Cheeseburger hits Maria with a shoulder-block twice but can’t knock her down. He goes for a third but Bennett hits him in the back of head. Bennett tags in and bodyslams Cheeseburger. Maria tags in and works over Cheeseburger. Bennett tags back in and teases letting Cheeseburger get the tag and then puts him in a camel clutch. Cheeseburger does end up making the tag and Evans clubs away on Bennett then gives him a powerbomb. Evans charges Bennett but gets punched in the face. Bennett goes for a piledriver on Evans but Cheeseburger hits Bennett with a bodypress. Bennett catches Cheeseburger and throws him into the arms of Evans who catches him. Evans then runs into Bennett repeatedly, using Cheeseburger as an offensive weapon. Evans backdrops Bennett while still holding Cheeseburger in his arms and then charges into Bennett in the corner. Cheeseburger gets on Evans’ back and they do a double Stone Cold Stunner on Bennett. Maria breaks up the pin attempt. Evans is on offense against Bennett when Cheeseburger makes the tag and jumps off the top rope toward Bennett who gets out of the way. Bennett then hits a spear on Cheeseburger and super-kicks Evans on the apron. Evans gives Cheeseburger a Box Office Smash and Maria holds Evans’ legs while Bennett gets the pin.

Bennett takes the microphone and says he is the talk of the town because he ended BJ Whitmer’s career. He says BJ got in the middle of the ring with him and he dropped him right on his head. Bennett says people say he is cold-hearted, heartless and does not know what he is doing. Bennett says what it means is that he has the best piledriver in the business. Bennett says he will show everyone and he picks up Cheeseburger for a piledriver when Kevin Steen’s music hits. Steen comes out and says he doesn’t have a problem with Bennett ending Whitmer’s career as Whitmer is a big boy who knew the risks and had a long career. Steen says he doesn’t have a problem with Bennett almost ending Cheeseburger’s career before it started. He does have a problem with Bennett lying and saying he has the best piledriver in the business and says he will drop Bennett on his head. Steen also notes that Bennett is saying that he ended Whitmer’s career but the night it happened he was in the back “crying like a little (censored)”. Maria slaps Steen who then has a pull-apart brawl with Bennett as the show goes to commercials.

After the break footage is shown of Nigel saying he was going to place more emphasis on the ROH tag team titles and he would bring in some of the best tag teams in the world today. Footage is shown of The Forever Hooligans of Alex Kozlov and Rocky Romero winning the titles from Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly and then losing the titles to Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards in Toronto. Fish and O’Reilly are then shown regaining the titles from Richards and Edwards in New York City. Kelly and Nana say the titles have been changing hands all through the summer months. Steve Corino attempts to join the commentary table, saying that it is a three-man crew. Kelly says this needs to stop as Corino is escorted away. Corino jumps in the ring and says that ROH are starving him but he has a valid contract he signed at Border Wars to be a color commentator. Nigel comes to the ring and Corino says that he is a legend and a family man and tells Nigel to do what’s right. Nigel offers to get in the ring and show him what a real legend can do and Corino exits the ring, leaving the contract with Nigel.

3) ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly vs Alex Kozlov and Rocky Romero vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Several wrestlers tag in and out before Alexander and Rome tie up. Alexander hits a one-legged dropkick followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam. Coleman tags in and hits a twisting senton after Alexander hits a vertical suplex. Coleman hits a dropkick and then Alexander holds Romero in a bearhug while Coleman hits a leg lariat. Coleman misses a bodypress and Kozlov tags in and backdropped. Fish tags in and clotheslines Coleman who comes back with a big boot and a slam. Alexander tags in and hits clotheslines and a big dropkick on O’Reilly in the corner. Alexander goes up top but Fish cuts him off. Coleman picks up Fish on his shoulders and Alexander does a double-stomp off the top rope. Coleman then gives Fish a death valley driver onto Alexander’s knees. O’Reilly breaks up a pin attempt. Coleman starts throwing clotheslines and elbows at everyone. Coleman does a pescado onto Kozlov on the outside but Kozlov catches him. Alexander then hits a tope con giro onto both of them and the show goes to commercials.

After the break, Romero and Fish are in the ring and Romero hits repeated clotheslines but Fish kicks him in the face. Romero hits a hurracanrana on Fish who rolls outside. Romero chases him and when they return to the ring O’Reilly tags in and attacks Romero from behind. Fish and O’Reilly double-team Romero with both hitting strikes. Fish does a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a knee from O’Reilly. Romero comes back and hits a spin-kick and tags in Kozlov who hits a bodypress on O’Reilly. Kozlov hits O’Reilly with a flying headscissors, a knee-strike and a jumping enzuiguri. Kozlov gets his hat and hits Cossack kicks on O’Reilly. Kozlov puts O’Reilly in a backbreaker and Romero hits him with a flying knee. Coleman and Alexander break up the pin attempt. O’Reilly hits a flying knee-strike on Kozlov and O’Reilly and Fish double-team him with strikes. Fish gives Kozlov a head-and-legs suplex for a pin attempt broken up by Coleman who gives Fish an Ace Crusher. Romero comes in and hits a jumping knee-strike on Coleman. O’Reilly hits Romero with repeated kicks. Alexander gives O’Reilly a Go 2 Sleep variation in which he throws him in the air and hits him with a kick to the head. Kozlov hits an enzuiguri on Alexander and then picks him up on his shoulders for Kozlov’s knee-strike off the top rope.   Kozlov picks up Romero and runs his knee into Coleman in one corner and then into O’Reilly in the other. Kozlov picks up O’Reilly in a torture rack and Romero goes for a springboard move but is stopped by a kick from Fish. O’Reilly gets out of the torture rack and hits a tornado DDT. O’Reilly then hits Kozlov with a brainbuster combined with a head-kick from Fish for their Chasing The Dragon finisher. O’Reilly pins Kozlov to win the match. Fish and O’Reilly are celebrating when the music of Outlaw Inc. hits and Homicide and Eddie Kingston attack Fish and O’Reilly. They go to break Fish’s fingers but O’Reilly pulls him out of the ring and they escape.

This week’s episode was quite strong with some unique matches. Thomas vs Briscoe had some fun exchanges of capoeira and Briscoe’s comedy. Cole had really strong heel charisma In his promo, more than I expected in the ROH context as I’ve liked his PWG work as a heel champ but things were done differently here, with more of a horseman type feel. The Cheeseburger match was quite entertaining with some spots done with Evans, Bennett and Cheeseburger that are different from what you usually see on t.v. And then the tag title match was probably one of the strong ones from Fish and O’Reilly as tag champs.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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