Inside MMA TV report - AGON, Alvarez vs. Chandler

***This week, Eddie Alvarez explains his loss to Chandler, King Mo Lawal reveals his motivation for fighting and compares Emmanuel Newton to Scooby Doo.  Plus Brian Stann talks his book, Ben Askren cuts first live promo in pro-wrestling debut, and Dominick Cruz is back to fight Barao Super Bowl weekend! All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA LIVE!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, November 1 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


Bellator 106:  Alvarez-Chandler


They run down the card of this weekend’s free SpikeTV Bellator show headlined by the rematch between Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez, plus King Mo Lawal with a rematch against Emanuel Newton, and the Fightmaster Final between Joe Riggs and Mike Bronzoulis.


Ron Kruck is in Long Beach at the site of this show, and recaps the Eddie Alvarez vs. Bellator saga which lead to Eddie facing Chandler again.  Eddie explains how everything in his entire life completely different from the environment in their first fight.  Chandler is not insulted by that assessment he only knows that he doesn’t know what Alvarez was going through.  It was still a phenomenal fight and he is also two years better and wiser as a fighter.  Eddie won’t call his loss a fluke but you always need to be focused, and on this night he wasn’t and lost.


MMA Highlights


Resurrection Fighting Alliance 10 from Des Moines, IO had:

--Cory Galloway over Jeff Bates

--Justin Lawrence over Luis Saldana

--Mike Rhodes over Alan Jouban


WSOF 6 from Coral Gables, FL had:

--Justin Gaethje over Dan Lauzon

--Marlon Moraes over Carson Beebe

--Jon Fitch SD over Marcelo Alfaya  (bas credits AKA for his improved striking)

--Steve Carl wins welterweight title from Josh Burkman


World Series of Fighting Expansion


WSOF is partnering with Pancrase to form “WSOF Japan” (to go along with their other absorption of Canada-based Aggression Fighting Championship), and hopes to debut with two shows in 2014.  Kenny wonders if this is too much expansion too soon.  Bas, who announces for WSOF, is happy because he hasn’t been a part of Pancrase in 20 years and looks forward to returning.


UFC Fight for the Troops


The 3rd Fight for the Troops show will be from Fort Campbell, KY and features Tim Kennedy (Army and 3-time Combative champ) against Rafael Natal, Liz Carmouche (3 Iraqi tours as a Marine) vs. Alexis Davis, Colton Smith (Army and Combative runner-up) vs. Michael Chiesa, and Neil Magny (Nat’l Guard and Combative champ) in the undercard as well.


Brian Stann


Brian Stann joins us on the big screen from his home in Alpharetta, GA.  He says it’s amazing to see now as for the first show, he was in Iraq and he dreamed at that time of fighting for the UFC, and not only did he have a UFC career, but now there are several veterans competing.


Military experience helps you perform under pressure in MMA, due to the lives being on the line for everything you do, which is much greater pressure than fighting where it’s more about a career and a paycheck.  Stann says they love how military veterans represent the armed forces so well in MMA. 


“All American” is a new book this week written by Steve Eubanks all about the life and career of Brian Stann.  When he looks back, he has some fun and challenging memories, but there are also times that are dark and sad.  It’s difficult to have to go back to those experiences in creating this book.  The goal from this book is for people to hopefully learn from his mistakes and successes and gain an appreciation for the men and women of the military.


Through his relationship with Fox from his UFC coverage for those shows, he was able to secure the gig to call college football for Fox Sports.  They felt it’d be cool to have a fighter cross over to call football, plus he played football in college.  Stann says he auditioned late and somehow got the job, which means the others were either too expensive or were awful.  He loves to be able to represent MMA to the college sports world.


UFC Fight Night 50


The show highlights from last week’s show including Lyoto Machida over friend Mark Munoz and Jim Manuwa over Ryan Jimmo.


They show the slow-mo of Jimmo rolling his own ankle to lose that fight.  Jimmo has since said he hasn’t seen a doctor yet to know the extent of the damage to his ankle.


They also show a picture of Lyoto and Munoz at a restaurant after the show to show they indeed remained friends after the knockout finish.


The Return of Ben Askren to Wrestling


Kenny Rice cuts yet another promo mocking pro-wrestling like he always does in introducing highlights of the new “pro” wrestling promotion which is amateur wrestling, but are getting paid.  They showed some highlights including Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State grad) over  Lance Palmer (Ohio State grad) 8-0, and Ben Askren dominated Quintin Wright 22-8, then afterwards he cut a live promo and called out Kyle Dake for 175 pounds at AGON 3.


The Return of the Cat


Cat Zingano hopes to return for February or March following stem cell injections into her knees.  She recently told IMMA she’s right on track and physical therapy is going well.  She hopes Ronda beats Tate since she’s never faced her.  She predicts a good fight between them and can’t wait to see what happens.


Dominick Cruz LIVE


Dominick Cruz will return to face Renan Barao to unify the Bantamweight titles on Feb 1 from Newark, NJ for Super Bowl weekend.  Cruz joins us from his gym in Chula Vista on the big screen.  He had a feeling for a while he would be back for this date, but didn’t want to say too much.  He feels alive again and is “home”.  His recovery he credits to where he did his physical therapy and his team.  He is stronger and more athletic now.


He says his footwork is as good as ever.  The biggest thing is to get reaction time, rhythm, timing, which is what his camp will be about since that takes time.  He has added some more to his repertoire since his injury and is working hard to come back and perform.  He feels that “cagerust” is something that oddsmakers come up with as something to bet on, and thinks you can work it out of your system if you train and train correct.  A lot of that is mental, and being unable to relax at the right times.  If you train mentally and train hard in camp, ring rust becomes a non-issue.


He loves what Barao has done since becoming champ has been great and interesting to see him fight people that he’s fought.  He really looks forward to this because he’s in MMA to challenge himself and this will be a great challenge.


The biggest thing he’s missed during this layoff is boxing and sparring.  He enjoys fighting from getting punched and figuring out how to get that punch back is fun for him.  He also missed wrestling a lot and that is the basis for everything so you need to have that.


Friday Finishes


--WFC had Aaron Phillips over Joseph Eyampierre with a big punch and Garret Granger finishing Bruce Moore with punches and an arm-triangle choke.

--Bellator 105 saw Eugene Fadiora finish Keith Berry with 20 elbows to the face with his arms pinned.

--RFA saw Johnny Wentland finish Justin Bonnett with a left kick to the face and punches follow up.

--Talent MMA Circuit 4 (worst name for a promotion ever) had Claudiere Freitas over  Lucas Mascena with an awesome spinning round house kick.


Ron Kruck with the King


Ron Kruck is with the TNA superstar who gets his rematch with Emmanuel Newton this weekend.  King says revenge isn’t on the top of his list personally, his paycheck is always what’s on top of his list.  He’ll beat this dude, get his check, get his payback, then go fight Atilla Vegh for the belt.


Lawal says the proof of Newton getting a lucky shot on him, was the fact that Newton was so unaware that he had knocked Mo out with his backfist that he went for a RNC which you would never do if you were aware you knocked someone out.  He goes on to describe this spinning backfirst comparing this to when Shaggy and Scooby taking off running when they see ghosts, saying Newton did the same thing, and described what Newton did after, including his ugly dance he always does.


He didn’t have any thoughts when Tito pulled out of the main event, he was more worried about if the show would still happen at all.  He says he would fight Rampage (they are friends these days), but is more concerned if his “check” is in tact, more than anything.  He could see fighting Tito or Rampage one day if they are in the tournament, since he’s focused on getting the belt.  He doesn’t have a preference between the two, he just wants the one that would pay the most.


Viewer Submissions


--Cage Champions 45  saw Stephen Turner over Roy Cain with a German suplex KO amidst some grainy iphone footage

--Cage Wars 16 had Jason Brenton over Patrick Reeves

--Driler Promotions had Jesse Armbruster (needs to learn a killer armbar and remove the “r” from his last name) over Tomas Raswon

--Extreme Fight Club 6 from Mesquite, TX had Blake Wells over Will Hastings

--Blackout FC had Joshua Rector over Brandon Collins in an emotional win, since he lost his hand and wrist to an injury suffered while serving in the Middle East, with MMA giving him a new lease on life.


After official protest fighter remains unbeaten


Showdown Fights Jan Jorgensen TKO loss to Eric Smith was officially overturned to a no-contest, due to the final blow coming from an eye poke, so he remains undefeated.  They show the clip of this finish and you can see why they overturned it.


Rosi Sexton defends her loss


When Dana White and others protested the lack of a stoppage in Rosi Sexton’s loss at UFC Fight Night to Jessica Andrade, Rosi (who lost by decision) felt the officiating was perfectly appropriate and feels there was a gender component that if they were two men there wouldn’t have been any clamoring to stop the fight early.


Kenny thinks she might have a point, that they wanted to stop it just because she’s a girl, when JDS was allowed to get pounded by Cain in their bout.  Bas agrees and points out that she was still fighting back throughout that fight.


More TRT Fun


Robert Drysdale, the decorated BJJ specialist, was denied license to fight at UFC 166 due to elevated testosterone levels, since he screwed up his paperwork to apply for a TRT exemption.



Tim Kennedy recently posted an awful video of him and three other guys horribly re-enacting the “Afternoon Delight” scene from Ron Burgandy: Anchorman.


Upcoming MMA shows

--Nov 15, Legacy FC 25

--Nov 22, RFA 11 (Lyoto’s brother Chinzo Machida)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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