Bob Holly interview

Bob Holly recently spoke to Raj Giri of Here are
some highlights from the interview:
Working with Ricky Steamboat as a jobber in WWF in
I was out there and I was waiting [to wrestle] Ricky
[Steamboat], and when he blew that whole flame thing out of his mouth
with the kerosene, I was on the other side of the ring and I could
feel the heat from across the mat. I was like, I can't believe this
guy does that on a nightly basis, but anyway, we ended up having the
match and everything and it was really good. It was kind of back and
forth and everything. It wasn't your typical, just go out there and
beat the guy up and get over him and come back. It wasn't one of
those, a typical enhancement match. When we came back, he thanked me
and everything, and he was pissed. He went and talked to somebody and
he came back and he was mad. I was like, “did I do something wrong?”
And he goes, “no, no, no. They didn't like the match. They liked it,
but that's not what they wanted. They wanted me to go out there and
eat you up.” And Ricky told me, and I just think it's absolutely
ridiculous because that was a good match to have on TV.
So he had to go back out there, and he went back out like a couple
matches later and ended up doing it with another guy, some big,
humongous overweight guy. He was absolutely unhappy with that. But
yeah, that was my experience with them back then.
Not being ready for the World title picture when feuding with
Brock Lesnar:
No way was I ready. I was far from it because
here I went, putting people over and getting wins here and there, few
and far between. Putting people over, like what I said, I had no
problem doing because I was making a good living at it. They'd keep me
alive here and there and give me wins and put me in little story lines
here and there and stuff, but throwing me out there with Brock in the
world title picture? No. I wasn't ready for it. I'll be the first to
admit it, I didn't want to be in that spot. I wasn't going to tell
them. It's like, let me work myself up that way first and let me get
comfortable and feel it out, stuff like that. But you can't tell them
oh, I'm not ready. You just have to do what they want you to do. I was
just doing what I was told to do and like I said, I'll be the first to
tell you, I wasn't ready."
Working with CM Punk in ECW: He's a hard worker. I
honestly didn't envision him being where he is now, but he got there
through hard work. I'm happy for the guy. He was great to work with.
He was easy. He was rough, so it fit. I enjoyed working with him. He
about knocked me out when he caught me with that knee a couple times,
[laughter] but that's the way the game is played when you work with
him. If you dish out you better be ready to take it. I was. That's how
I liked it.
Why he lashed out at WWE on Twitter over Ted Dibiase's
I just got tired of seeing WWE people, executives
and stuff, post stuff on Twitter saying hey, if you want to make it in
WWE you have to show us you want it. You have to work hard. You have
to not cause any problems within the company. You have to be able to
cut good promos. You have to be able to work. Let me tell you
something. Ted DiBiase has every single tool it takes to be number
one. That, to me, and I talk about it in my book, because why is he
not on TV right now? There's not reason why because let me tell you
something, when they bring Sheamus back, because their excuse is they
can't just throw him out there, but then when they bring Sheamus back
you watch and see if they don't put him in something when he comes
back. It's like the other guys that get hurt, like Rey Mysterio. How
many times does he get hurt a year? About 15 times a year and then he
comes back and they throw him right out there and put him in a
storyline. You can't sit there and tell me they don't have anything
for this guy or they can't find anything for him. That's the writer's
jobs and when you have a talent like this, you are so missing the boat
on this guy, because I worked this guy. I've seen this guy. They don't
get no better than Ted DiBiase Jr. I'm sorry. It just doesn't happen.
It's a shame. It really is.
Holly also discussed working with Ric Flair in WCW, signing with WWF,
being given the "Sparky Plugg" gimmick, the Attitude Era, if he ever
thought about jumping to WCW during the Monday night wars, the
controversy with over his match with Brock Lesnar, working with CM
Punk, hypocrisy with the WWE Wellness Policy and much more.
You can read the full interview here:

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