GSP retains title in close decision and retires

Georges  St-Pierre retained his title with a split decision win over Johny Hendricks in what was easily the toughest fight of his career.  I had GSP winning rounds one, three and five, as did most on press row, in fact, almost everyone.  Joe Rogan was going off on television that it was a bad decision and told Hendricks he clearly won the fight.

St-Pierre after the fight said he was retiring for now to take care of personal business as well as his right eye, which he couldn't see out of in the latter rounds.  This was by far the toughest fight of GSP's career.

Hendricks won rounds two and four more solid than GSP won his rounds, and you can argue Hendricks won the fight overall.  All three judges had it 48-47, two for GSP and one for Hendricks.

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