Complaints regarding Hall, Nash & Waltman's UK appearance

My experiences with the NWO Q&A weren't as fruitful as your reviewer it seems. It was a deflating experience more than anything. The organizers of this event simply didn't come through with their original agreement. I dont mind paying over the top prices if thats what I agreed to before hand, but this wasn't what we originally paid for. The £30 entrance fee was meant to include 2 signed items, which I brought. I had a Scott Hall figure and a nWo DVD. Only then to be told that I wouldn't get those items signed unless I paid for a signed photo with the group. Each member of the NWO cost £20 each or £50 for the three. So basically the deal was, pay £30 to get in and then pay between £20-50 for the autographs or you weren't going to meet them. Which wasn't the original deal in the terms and conditions on the website. Upon checking my phone, I noticed they had changed the terms and conditions on the website earlier tonight, amusingly fearing some kind of shit storm when people realized they were being swindled. There are screen shots online of the Ministry of Slam website where it clearly states that you would be allowed 2 signed items. If you take into account the items that they are encouraging you to bring 2 signed items, and to actually get to the point of getting your stuff signed, you are going to have to be paying up to £100 just to take part in this event.

The guys themselves seemed in great spirits, with plenty of stories and jokes and it was great to see Scott Hall looking so well. But its a disappointing that in 2013, promoters still have to dangle this carrot in front of the consumer to screw you out of more money false advertising and using old carny tricks. I am considering writing to the trading standards UK (and several people I have read online have said the same) to stop this kind stuff happening, because its way to regular in the UK.

Eric Robson.

I attended the Glasgow leg of the Q&A tour Nash, Hall & Waltman are making of the UK. The event has caused a lot of controversy with fans booing, asking for refunds, and taking to social media to vent their fury.

The £30 ($50) event was scheduled to begin at 7.30, but by this time all the fans were still left squeezed into a small hallway and not allowed to take their seats.

The Q&A didn't begin until 8.30 and lasted only an hour. The host said Nash, Hall & Waltman would be back for 'Part 2' in 15 minutes, but after 15 minutes announced that the Q&A was over and the wrestlers wouldn't be coming back out for a part 2.

Many fans were infuriated with the high charges which were being applied to photographs and signatures, although some did say that if they asked the Wolfpack nicely they were willing to sign more items than the fans had paid for.

The wrestlers came over really well - all 3 were very funny and engaging during the hour long Q&A - however the promoters have been slammed for sneaking on last minute charges, and for cutting the Q&A session in half.

The promoters have been deleting posts on FB from customers unhappy with the event and from those asking for refunds. Several of the comments were advising how to obtain refunds through PayPal, or how to contact Trading Standards for refunds on cash tickets.

In light of a recent surge in former wrestlers coming to the UK for speaking tours this could mark a turning point, with fans now wary of cowboy promoters charging high prices and failing to deliver as advertised.

Some highlights from the Q&A

Scott Hall telling a story about how Vince McMahon tried to explain the Goldust/Razor feud to him – and Vince using the line “It reminds me of my first homosexual experience”.

Kevin Nash claiming Steve Austin had told him he felt “nothing” after his Hall of Fame induction, and that Nash finds the HoF lacking credibility with wrestlers such as Koko B Ware & Edge in, whilst other more deserving guys are not.

A very funny line from Sean Waltman on cutting Michael Hayes ponytail – “When I cut it the whole thing cam off in my hand and the plane erupted in the biggest pop you ever heard, it was like Hulk Hogan had came through the curtain on the plane.”

Scott Hall joked openly about his troubles, from joking about the amount of women he meets in rehab, to asking a fan to bring him up his beers, and pretending to drink from Nash’s bottle of red wine when he forgot what he was going to say.

When Hall was describing his recent recovery he came over as very humble and genuine. Nash had tears in his eyes, whilst Waltman was visibly sobbing – Hall then took a standing ovation from the audience.


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