Ultimate Fighter TV report - The Ballad of Anthony Gutierrez

By Andre Allen

Show kicks off with Ronda and her coaches, including Manny Gamburian, showing up at the house for a BBQ with the fighters. David Grant and Anthony Gutierrez didnt really participate because they had to make weight.
Ronda tells Grant and Gutierrez that they can pick teammates to corner them because Ronda and the coaches wont be. At practice, Ronda shows her team her famous armbar. She really is a master at it. She tells her team that she doesnt care if they tell everyone her secret as it wont stop her from getting it in a fight.
Next up was the coaches challenge. This seasons challenge is rock climbing. Ronda took an early lead and Misha caught up and they were neck and neck before Ronda turned it on and won. After the win, Ronda was incredibly gracious as she flipped Misha off and called her a bitch. I am pretty sure Ronda will win at UFC 168 but I sure would like to see Misha win if for no other reason than to see how bad Ronda flips out.
Back at the training centre Ronda pulls Gutierrez aside to talk about his weight. She tells him its not just making weight, its how you make weight and basically tells him he needs to eat better. Gutierrez was kind of dismissive about it and feels like people are on him for no reason.
On the day of weigh ins, Gutierrez was 9lbs out with 4 hours to go. Gutierrez is on the treadmill, in the sauna, taking baths, anything to make the weight. At the weigh-ins Grant weighed in at 135.5 lbs and Gutierrez weighed in at 140lbs which meant he had an hour to make the weight. Gutierrez went into the sauna for a bit and than just quit. This is absolutely ridiculous. This guy didnt even have to fight to get into the semi finals. He had it easy and threw away such a big opportunity for what? Pizza and burgers? Its so stupid. 
Dana came in and asked him if he had anything to say. Gutierrez accepted responsibility and apologized to everyone in the house and especially apologized to David Grant who said he wouldnt forgive him. Dana told him to leave. 
Ronda came into Danas office and told him she was going to make weight?!?! I dont know what the point of that was. Dana told her that Gutierrez not making wait was his own fault and not on her. He said TUF weeds out the weak and  Gutierrez is weak and he needs to go home and get a regular job and do MMA as a hobby.
Next week is the womans semi finals with Raquel Pennington vs Jessica Rakoczy.
Overall I thought the show was dramatic. I liked the way they had you wondering if Gutierrez would make weight. It sucked that there wasnt a fight, but I was a fan of the drama.

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