More weekend feedback

Didn't order Survivor Series.
Thumbs up for World Tag League. Great show, especially for $15. Best match was the main event. Worst was Nagata vs Iizuka.

David Elson

Thumbs in the middle
Best: Opening 5-on-5
Worst: Big Show vs Orton
Grading the worst match on a curve. Obviously the divas match was worse, but that was as bad as expected and the main event was worse than expected and very sub-par for a major pay per view title match.
Going thumbs in the middle for the whole show because it was about as uneventful as expected, but with a nice breakout performance by Roman Reigns.  Felt like an episode of Smackdown, overall.
I'm a little worried for the next month or two because the company seemingly has no matches on the horizon that are exciting, and the main event storyline seems to be treading water with little direction either.  Hopefully the annual kickstart around Royal Rumble time makes it worthwhile, because I dont think the company has been this flat since before the Punk/Money in the Bank 2011 storyline... the blowing of the Daniel Bryan/Authority angle has taken a lot of the wind out of the sails.
If Wrestlemania is Cena vs. Orton, I will be calling southwest arlines to rebook the airfare I already purchased for New Orleans in April.  Hopefully they go in that direction for TLC since neither man appears to have an opponent lined up for that show, but I don't see them unifying the titles so I don't know what the point is.
-Chris H.

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