Tuesday morning videos including Mickie James in WWE

By Thomas Rude


Absolute Intense Wrestling "Intense TV" (Episode 46)     http://youtu.be/vRHvBvGN-ew

International Wrestling Cartel "Aftershock" (Episode 30)     http://youtu.be/So4Aihp7E0I
Traditional Championship Wrestling (Episode 13-44)     http://youtu.be/UHk7MoUr9Mw
Ring Warriors TV (Episode 12)     http://youtu.be/CuzIjrp2xXI
11/22 Canadian Wrestling's Elite TV     http://youtu.be/S3LscfCfDSU
11/23 Impact Zone Wrestling "Adrenaline"     http://www.gfl.tv/playVideo.do?videoId=8993


Schamberger Labs (Episode 22) http://youtu.be/r32ZdxjXYj8

Pro Wrestling 101-Velvet Sky http://youtu.be/qv7hs4xT7cc

11/24 Kevin Steen''s Weekend Escapades http://youtu.be/4jDgLEI-mXM

Bret Hart at Lancaster Championship Wrestling 23 November 2013     http://youtu.be/zyEREoJIcwI

11/25 West Virginia Championship Wrestling "Daily Blast"     http://youtu.be/vtXlBJUCmsg
11/26 West Virginia Championship Wrestling "Daily Blast"     http://youtu.be/LyE47R7GLpI

"Worst Promo Ever" (Episode 41)     http://youtu.be/Os8E6m89IUs

11/25 All-American Wrestling News Update     http://youtu.be/kfqFZJo7los
Impact Zone Wrestling's "The Shootin' Range" (Episode 4)


#IMPACT365-What is Magnus Thankful For This Thanksgiving? http://youtu.be/7RkW_kmJeko

#IMPACT365-Supermex Home Workout 2 From Hernandez     http://youtu.be/2qczfyph6cg

#IMPACT365-Ethan Carter III Details Many Things His Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving     http://youtu.be/yKXVCRB8VLs
#IMPACT365-The Bro Mans Reminisce About Dorks in High School     http://youtu.be/qM8yUQ404w8
#IMPACT365-Ethan Carter III in "Undefeatedable" (Part Two)     http://youtu.be/KOwfG34tsyI


WWE Mashup-AJ Lee & Mickie James     http://youtu.be/5FMeEAsGBSs
11/25 WWE RAW "Backstage Fallout"     http://youtu.be/CoKQ8SNb0eA

If you do get WWE network, besides PPVs, what are you most interested in?


If you have stopped subscribing to WWE network, why?


What was the best TV show of the week?