Independent wrestling results

By Thomas Rude



Daleville-AIWF/SXW at the Veterans of Foreign Wars #6020 Building:  Temp Childers pinned Rudy Boy GonzalezStreet Bandit defeated Nathan Beast by DQ…Justin Overstreet & Brandon Riot defeated Victor Cru & Jimmy HenderThe Dirty Dawg pinned Michael DesadeChris Brackin & Johnny Ace defeated Preston Veston III & Nathan Phoenix by Countout…Death Row pinned Big John Harley.   (11/16/13)




Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre from the GALLI Arena:  Golden Dragon & Atomico defeated Destructor Alfa & Destructor SrThe Curse (Mojo McQueen & Ovirload) defeated El Traidor & Dark Scorpion to advance to the Finals of the Tag Team Division of the GALLI Cup Tournament…Destructor Jr., Cruz De Angel & El Rebelde Noriega defeated Dimencia, El Funebre & Emperador AztecaBarry Ryte pinned Pentagono and advanced to the Semi-Finals of the Singles Division of the GALLI Cup Tournament…Team Sexy (Valentino & Chico Suave) defeated Furia Roja & Joey MarxAcid Jazz & Bryce Benjamin defeated Matt Creed & Will MoahPunisher 747 pinned Mike Anthony and advanced to the Semi-Finals of the Singles Division of the GALLI Cup Tournament…Marcus & Mason Conrad defeated Kuni Silencio & El Legendario Discovery.  (11/24/13)




Hammond-Project Revolution Wrestling at the Hammond Indiana Boys & Girls Club:   Dakota Prodigy pinned Chris Magehano to become he Number One Contender for the PRW High Velocity Title…Chris Kable defeated Jon Francis by DQ…Vic Fury pinned Ringo RedMr. Santiago, Don Dynamite & Xavier DeFost  defeated Rage, De’Angelo Steele & Chris Classic by DQ…Hadriel pinned The AssassinTeam YOLO (Matt Creed & Justa Mazing) defeated The MoonDawgz (Bryan Knight & Jack McDaniels) in a Tornado Tag Team Match…Sensational Shay & EKW (Extreme Kelee Warrior) defeated Selene Gray & KO KendraOsama Hussein defeated Mark Reconcile in a Boot Camp Match. (11/23/13)


Indianapolis-Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws at the Outlaw Arena:  Ace Perry pinned Marcus EdwardsBob Rogers pinned PogoTom Van Zant vs. Dru Skillz went to a No Contest…Fiji Wildman defeated Baron Van Kane by Submission…TKO (JKO & TJ Kemp) defeated Nate Stone & T-ZOVinny Vichetti defeated TJ Powers By DQ.  (11/22/13)




Cadillac-Universyl Wrestling Enterprises at the Wex Center:  Mike Idol pinned Scotty DFrankie the Face pinned Nathan GrimleySteve Amani & Vinnie Riot defeated Max Morrison & Jamie RaceGary The Freak pinned Benny SuecraseyRhino pinned Dakota Darsow to become the new UWE Heavyweight Champion…Eric Freedom pinned Kavan O’ReilleyGreeko Suave pinned Matt Hardy.  (11/23/13)


Cheboygan-American Sky Dojo’s International Rock & Wrestling Xperience at the Straits Area Education Center:  Chaz Montana pinned Mitch JohnsonBry Sullivan pinned Jacob HallowsAustin Manix pinned Jack VervilleTerro Khan pinned Diego DaVinciN8 Mattson pinned Justin ManeBry Sullivan, Mitch Johnson & Austin Manix defeated Chaz Montana, Jacob Hallows & Jack VervilleKid Hybrid pinned Kris Korvis to become the new IWRX TV Champion.  (11/15/13)


Escanaba-UPW at the Delft Theater:  Damon Vendetta defeated Brad Sharpe by DQ…Melvin Hayes & Tyler Jackson defeated Paul Richards & Mr. WayneChase McCoy defeated Jonathan Smash in a No-DQ Match…Slick Rick pinned Rex RitchieDyfunction pinned Pornstache Peter SchwanzInside Outsiders vs. The InkJET Xpress went to a No Contest…Brett Powers pinned Jordy LeeBryan Skyline pinned Silas YoungMelvin Pinned Paul Richards to become the new UPW Alternative Champion…Seth Gambino defeated Nathan Gust in a Barbed Wire-Filled Casket Match.  (11/23/13)




Lumberton-Ring Wars Carolina at the Lumberton Indoor Flea Market:  Victor Andrews pinned Kris Nemesis to become the new RWC No Limitz Champion…Mia Svensson pinned Devyn NicoleJames Anthony pinned HangtymeTeam Collegiate defeated Steel Kings to become the new RWC Tag Team Champions…Tatanka pinned Steve Corino. (11/23/13) 




Niles-Highstakes Battleground Wrestling at the Eastwood Expo Center:  Kip Page pinned Jesse McCoyThe Wraith vs. Marc St. James went to a No Contest…Keith Haught & Tyler Cross defeated Michael Vega & Bill RoseEli Thomas, Joey Vincent Martino & Tony Johnson defeated Shawn Blaze, Tripp Lee & Max AlexanderMarcus Knight defeated Sean Reznikk & Thomas Adams in a Three-Way Elimination Match to become the new HBW Heavyweight Champion…Edric Everhart pinned Jay FlashChase Aaryons defeated Danny Spitfire, Gory & Matt Cross in a Four-Corners Match to become the new HBW High Stakes Champion…Bobby Beverly pinned Ryan BurkeCrush Matthews, The Bouncer, Vinnie Stone, Necro Butcher & Jim Duggan defeated Drake Andrews, Brian Hinder, Hippo, Pit Vicious & Bruiser Schmidt in an Elimination Match.  (11/24/13)




Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:   Mike Jablonski pinned Anthony WayneLawrence & Mark Dunnavant defeated Freakshow & Phil MacchioSteve Morton defeated Forsaken by DQ…Jeremiah Plunkett defeated Larry Cooter by Submission…The Great Mephisto pinned Shane Morton.  (11/23/13)


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