WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | @lariatrope

Airdate: November 27, 2013

WWE Main Event from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT featured some very strong wrestling as Dolph Ziggler had a great match with Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston got his win back in a rematch from last week against Fandango. Also, Damien Sandow won a quick match over Santino Marella and Triple H clarified the stipulation for the upcoming TLC unification title match.

Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler via submission. They had previously wrestled on Main Event last spring and the finish in that match was quite similar. In comparison to his match on the show last week (where Alberto beat Santino), Del Rio waved the Mexican flag a lot less and showed less fire in his entrance while having a more smug appearance as his character seems in reset mode after the title program with John Cena. He had a much better match than his short squash win on the previous episode.

At the start Del Rio kicked at Ziggler and grabbed a headlock then Ziggler went down after a shoulder block. Del Rio mocked the crowd by trying to start his own “USA” chant. Del Rio put the boots to Ziggler and grabbed another headlock. They transitioned into a drop down and what looked like a botched leap frog. They quickly repositioned themselves as Ziggler threw some punches then he hit a dropkick. Ziggler gave Del Rio a snap mare out of a corner and dropped nine rapid elbow drops as the crowd counted along. He paused to play to the crowd before leaping in the air for the tenth elbow drop. Ziggler missed a splash in the corner before Del Rio kicked and stomped him. Del Rio gave Ziggler a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a snap suplex. Ziggler worked to his feet while Del Rio applied a chinlock and Ziggler escaped. Ziggler began to taunt him and Del Rio charged forwards. Ziggler sidestepped him and Del Rio almost took a Chris Hamrick bump sailing through the ropes but he caught himself (although he has taken the bump out to the floor often in the past). Ziggler dropkicked him off the apron. At ringside, Del Rio reversed a whip and sent Ziggler crashing into the barricade before a commercial.

After the break, Del Rio had the advantage and he cut off an attempted comeback. Del Rio ran into a back elbow only to shoot Ziggler in the air. Ziggler took a big bump and Del Rio did a leaping forearm smash off the top rope. Del Rio started to get heat on Ziggler and applied a chinlock. Del Rio went to the top rope again but dove off into a dropkick by Ziggler. They slugged it out and Ziggler hit a flying clothesline. In a corner Ziggler rained down punches and used a hangman’s neckbreaker. Del Rio avoided the zig zig and gave Ziggler a German suplex. Ziggler ducked an enzuigiri and hit a famouser. Del Rio blocked a DDT and hit an enzuigiri. Ziggler caught Del Rio going to the top rope and they did an X-factor faceplant spot off the turnbuckle as they crashed down to the mat. Ziggler stomped on the mat to signal for a superkick and Del Rio avoided it only for Ziggler to hit a swinging DDT. They had some great nearfalls in the closing moments. Ziggler was crotched going to the top rope and Del Rio gave him a reverse suplex (face first) off the turnbuckle. Del Rio signaled for his finisher and Ziggler countered the armbar submission with a swinging neckbreaker. Del Rio blocked the zig zag and reversed a hurricanrana into a power bomb. Then, Del Rio applied the cross armbreaker and Ziggler tapped out.

Damien Sandow beat Santino Marella via pinfall. Sandow cut a promo during his entrance and said he was thankful he gave up on trying to educate “you hopeless halfwits”, which alluded to the recent shift in his character. He went on to say to did not need a Money in the Bank briefcase to prove he was still the uncrowned world champion. According to him all he needed was a worthy opponent but Santino will “just have to do”.

Marella got more offense in this match than last week when he lost to Del Rio, who got a strong victory leading to him challenging Cena at Survivor Series. This match was clearly showcasing Sandow but Santino still got to do some of his spots. He taunted Sandow at the outset and did some comedy. Sandow cut him off, pummeled him, threw him out of the ring and rammed him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Santino made a comeback that led into the diving headbutt that set up the emergence of the cobra. Sandow blocked the cobra strike and hit the full nelson slam (called “You’re Welcome”) for the pin.

Triple H clarifies the stipulation for the TLC unification match. In the weekly sit down interview, HHH addressed the upcoming TLC main event which is WWE champion vs. world champion. The TLC match with John Cena vs. Randy Orton will determine an undisputed champion. So, the match is indeed a unification match. While the stipulation is grand, the storyline so far setting up this match is somewhat weak and the announcement of the stipulation on Monday seemed rushed like it came out of nowhere.

Kofi Kingston beat Fandango (with Summer Rae) via pinfall. This was a rematch from the closing match on last week’s episode. In the previous match, Fandango won after Miz distracted Kingston. Alex Riley replaced Miz on commentary for this episode so Miz was absent from the show. The current program with Miz and Kofi may continue but nothing was alluded to on this show. Kofi and Fandango did some chain wrestling at the start and Kofi got in several creative nearfalls. Fandango blocked a monkey flip and attempted his own but Kingston landed on his feet and gave Fandango a monkey flip. Kofi did a few leap frogs before getting sent through the ropes to the floor. Kofi sidestepped a plancha from Fandango then rolled back in the ring and did a dive over the ropes to the floor on to Fandango.

Following a commercial break, Fandango gained the advantage after shoving Kofi off the top rope and sending him tumbling to the outside. Fandango got heat on Kofi as the director repeatedly cut to a shot of Summer Raw at ringside cheering on her dancing partner. Fandango did a slingshot Sabu leg drop over the ropes. Eventually, Kofi made a comeback after countering a chinlock with a jawbreaker. Kofi did his spots leading to the boom drop. Kofi signaled for his finisher and Summer tried to distract him but failed as Fandango missed a charge into the corner. Kofi did a springboard crossbody off the top rope. Fandango landed a roundhouse kick and went to the top rope. Kofi crotched him on the turnbuckle and went for a superplex. Fandango blocked the superplex and used a sunset flip into a power bomb off the top. After going back to the top rope, Fandango missed the legdrop and Kofi hit trouble in paradise for the pin.

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