UFC fighter Del Rosario on death's door

In a correction to an earlier post, UFC heavyweight fighter Shane Del Rosario has not passed away, but he has no brain activity.

He is on life support.  Doctors are waiting until tomorrow to see if he responids to treatment, which at this point he has not responded to.

Manager John House told Ariel Helwani that "There is a very, very, very slim chance"  he survives and doctors have told friends and family to say goodbyes.

The death was reported after a post by trainer Colin Oyama one hour ago where he wrote, "The Del Rosario family and I, and all of our family, teammates and friends thank everyone for their prayers and support.  God has a different path for Shane to take and instead has chosen to take him away from us to be with is forefathers in heaven.  Yet through all of this, our faith in God remains unwavering."

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