WWE promotes Stephanie McMahon, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios

WWE announced today that it has promoted Stephanie McMahon, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios to new positions.

Wilson's role as Chief Marketing Officer has been changed to Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer.  She will oversee all company revenue streams and consumer products. She will continue to oversee sponsorship sales, PPV, new business, marketing, and corporate communications as well as be a key player in launching the WWE network next year.

Barrios, the Chief Financial Officer, is now Chief Strategy and Financial Officer.  He will take over management of television operations while continuing managing financial planning and investor relations.

Barrios and Wilson will be in charge of negotiating the new television deals that come due in 2014, including Raw and Smackdown.

Stephanie McMahon's title has changed from EVP Creative to Chief Brand Officer.  Her role is to enhance the reputation of the WWE brand to advertisers, media, business partners and investors.  She will also be in charge of targeting marketing programs aimed at kids and mothers.

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