TOW Return of TV wrestling to Montreal report

By Celian Varini

TOW - Lutte Professionnelle - s01e01
(Top Of the World Pro Wrestling)
aired on 12/1/2013 on RDS2 in Canada. (taped 9/28/2013 in Montreal)
- Show opened with a tribute graphic for Mad Dog Vachon (1929 – 2013)
- They aired a nice video to celebrate the comeback of Quebec wrestling on TV, featuring all the biggest stars of the territory.
- Opening credits rolled.
- Raymond Rougeau & PCO opened up the show in front of the crowd, hyping up the show.
- Backstage, some girl tried to interview TOW champion Sylvain Grenier as he arrived in the arena, but he didn't say anything and just entered TOW president Marc Blondin's office. Marc Blondin took the mic instead and said that he will have a special announcement after the 1st match.
1) Mass Drustruction (Dru Onyx & Eric Mastrocola, with manager Joey Soprano) beat Sexxxy Eddie & Junior Lamoureux (1/2 Finals of the Tag Team Tournament) in 5:48 when Eric Mastrocola pinned Sexxxy Eddie after "La Tour de Destruction Massive".
Mass Drustruction are typical heavyweight heels with an Italian mafia manager, and Eddie & Lamoureux are playing escort boys, strippers, and they play up the fact that they're "single boys livin' the life!" on commentary.
- They aired a "don't try this at home" video.
- TOW President Marc Blondin said that after 25 years of absence, he was proud to bring Quebec wrestling back on TV. He announced that TOW signed Sylvain Grenier to an exclusive contract, and that he was his agent. Grenier will be in action tonight, and he will defend his title in 3 weeks against the winner of tonight's matchup between Franky TM & Marko Estrada.
2) "Surfer" Mitch Thompson & Volkano wrestled to a no-contest in 5:32
The announcers hyped up "La Vague Déferlante" during the match, which is Thompson's finisher (450° Splash) and as soon as he hit it, some guy with a hoodie came out of the crowd to attack Thompson. They recognized him as Alex Silva, who they said was not under contract to TOW, and lived in the USA.
Match was ruled a no-contest, which is quite unfair for Thompson since he should've won by DQ. Thompson is super slick and everything he did was super smooth. He really stood out.
- Backstage interviewer Melanie interviewed Joey Soprano & Mass Drustruction. This was the weakest part of the show. Melanie loooks good, but she's horrible in her role. She's pretty much Goldylocks from TNA, but worse, mugging for the camera with a put on smile.
Whole interview was cartoony. Dru Onyx was good on the mic.
3) Tank beat Booglie in 6:18 with the Tankster.
I was told this was a "dark match" that wasn't supposed to air, but was shown for timing reasons. I guess it would've been better to leave that one "in the vault" though. Loads of botches, but the announcers covered the up by saying that Booglie was wrestling bare-feet, so he had trouble finding his footing on the ring.
Tank is a short & thick bald veteran, Booglie is a skinny wrestler doing a Mowgli from the Jungle Book gimmick. Finish was great as Tank used the Tankster (Bam Bam Bigelow's Greetings from Asbury Park) and seemed like he killed poor Booglie.
- They hyped up the Generation Y Vs Billy Gibson & Jean-Frais semi-finals for next week, and said that the finals VS Mass Drustruction for the tag team titles will be in 2 weeks.
4) TOW champion, Sylvain Grenier beat Chakal with the Rock Bottom in a non-title match in 6:47
PCO revealed that Sly had an upper-body injury, and could be in trouble in this match. They hyped up Sly as an international Supermodel and former world champion in WWE. They said he was trained by Dory Funk Jr., Rocky Johnson & The Rock.
- In a backstage promo, Franky TM said that his dream was to be a pro wrestler and he started at 16 years old as a skinny weakling to get where he is today through hard work. He wants to be on top of Quebec wrestling and said it was just a matter of time that he gets Sly's belt. Good intense promo.
- Marko Estrada got in the ring for the main event. They announced Franky TM but he didn't show up. They went to the back to Melanie with Franky TM, who was writhing in pain on the floor. She explained that the lights when off in the back, and when they came back on Frankie was on the floor. She called for an ambulance.
This was beyond horrible. Frankie was good, but Melanie... oh my god. Schoolplay level of acting.

Back in the arena, a masked giant had entered the ring, they said it was Darkko. They hyped him up and said that we'll know more of what to do after the break.
5) Darkko (with manager Joey Soprano) beat Marko Estrada in 2:45 with a Chokeslam.
They said that Franky TM was in an ambulance and confirmed that TOW President Marc Blondin ordered Darkko to take his place in the main event. Darkko is a Kane-like 6'10'' giant all in black. After the match, Sylvain Grenier came out and the show ended with a face off with the champion Sly from the ramp, and the giant Darkko in the ring.

- Show was real fun, 1h that flew by. The guys all have different looks, they play up the main eventers big, seems like good fun and the crowd is great.
Looks and feels way better than the ROH weekly show, even though the in-ring work isn't as good.
The letter K seems to be what the letter Z was in the 90's, as we had 5 guys with a stylized K in their name instead of the standard C.
Backstage segments were horrible, and at some point the show seems like a parody of 90's wrestling, but it was full of heart, and for a first try was really a fun show. I’m actually left with a feeling of wanting to see more, which is kinda rare these days…

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