Somebody found copies of International Wrestling Gazette from 1974, now avaiable

You know him as the brains behind the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, considered the No. 1 source of pro wrestling information in the world, with a subscriber base that includes many of the biggest names in wrestling, many of the major decision makers in wrestling in nearly every major company, all-time legends of the business as well as fans in more than 25 countries and all 50 states. You know him as the author of Tributes I & Tributes II. A fascinating book remembering some of the world’s greatest wrestlers presented in true sports journalism fashion. You know him as the host of Wrestling Observer Live, the most popular and insightful wrestling radio show once again on the airwaves every Sunday night. But before all that, Dave was a grade school student publishing “The California Wrestling Report”(available as “The Before They Were Stars” special)


After The California Wrestling Report Dave began to produce his newest project “International Wrestling Gazette”


Now available for a limited time, the first 5 issues of Dave’s International Wrestling Gazette. Journey back almost 40 years to read the early work of today’s most respected wrestling journalist. Your collections won’t be complete without these rare and hard to find editions. All 5 issues (January, February, March, April & May 1974) total 141 pages in all, are available to readers for only $75. Canada/US add $10 for postage. Overseas orders please add $20 for airmail postage. All payments must be in U.S. funds. (Due to the extreme age of the publications, there are a few pages that do not reproduce that well and I have reproduced the best I can from the copies I received)


Order yours today from:

Grant Zwarych

151 Hart Ave

Peterborough, Ont

K9J 5C5

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